Reality Shift

I spoke too soon with my last article. It looks like the military is turning Capitol Hill into a prison camp. There is no way they need tens of thousands of soldiers to guard the kiddie sniffing puppet against patriots. The soldiers could guard against 100,000 fully armed people organized at a level that the Right is incapable of. [UPDATE: 65,000 troops plus missile launchers. The media is saying they are for us, as if the 6th was worse than 9/11. Bullshit. This is for an imminent false flag or Chinese attempt to back up their puppet. Buckle up! Save your data!] Democrats are very twitchy, saying that the troops should be disarmed and politically vetted, and legislators should work from home. If they skip the inauguration then they will be seen as fearful and illegitimate, if nobody goes to Congress there is no quorum, but anyone who goes must be worried about getting back out. There are some old Q posts that foreshadow this situation. He turned their meme magic and hubris against them. The DC owl, a symbol of the moloch cultists who rule from the shadows, is now in a cage and will “sing”. There is talk of show trials, taped confessions with links sent out over the emergency broadcast network.

Or maybe it’s yet another false flag setup or pacification psyop and we’re all about to spiral even further down into commie hell. An honest assessment of recent history would show this to still be the most likely outcome. I am seeing Q people talk about Trump secretly remaining President while Biden is in the White House. This is ridiculous. Way too risky. If Biden gets in then we know it’s all over.

We are about to open the box on Schrodinger’s President. We might be in for the biggest Philip K Dick reality shift in living memory.

Let me teach you a neat little magick trick which, if it works, could be used as a Hail Mary pass. This has been a splinter in my mind for 25 years. I posted it on /pol/ and /x/ in October 2016 but got no traction with it. Can’t find the link but still have the image and text for the post. I wrote it at a time when the Deep State had just spent years trying to pick a fight with Russia.

The gist of the trick is this: Suppose you somehow obtain a genuine vision of the future. Let’s say you see a tree in your backyard, same branch structure, but decades older. Then you resolve that if WWIII happens, you will cut down that tree. The observed Universe must be self-consistent, so in making this promise, you can actually increase the chance of peace!

Here is a worked-through example and a FAQ:

The branching Universe-tree is symbolized by Yggdrasil, the World Tree.

This diagram represents a probability tree of possible futures. Suppose that you are an exceptionally talented psychic with a hit rate of 80%. There is a 20% chance that you are wrong, or just plain nuts. Suppose that the natural probability of WWIII is 50%. Suppose that, if WWIII does break out, you will have a natural 25% chance of being killed. Maybe your job often requires you to visit a nearby city? Your overall natural chance of being killed is 50% * 25% = 12.5%.

Now you resolve that if war breaks out, you will cut down the tree at your first opportunity- assuming you are alive. If you are dead the tree will remain standing, and your vision will come true. If there is no war, you will not cut down the tree, and your vision will come true. But what if war breaks out and you cut down the tree? How does the Universe resolve this time paradox?

The observed Universe must be self-consistent. Look at the futures represented by the uppermost branches of the tree. You don’t know which future you will find yourself in, but you do know that it won’t be the red future, because it is inconsistent. Only the green timelines are viable. The branch you end up on will be random but the odds of ending up there will be proportional to the thickness of the branch, which you can calculate. It turns that if you are determined to force a time paradox (which is impossible), you can actually increase the chance of peace! With the red branch eliminated, the other branches have greater shares of the future. This is a form of quantum reality control. You can use it to wish for all sorts of stuff, including things that are unrelated to the original vision and things that you would otherwise have no control over!

Now, what do you wish for? Epic wikileak? Trump wins and makes peace with Russia? Hillary steals it and is such a traitorous criminal that there is a revolution, all the globalists and warmongers are hanged, and the left is disgraced for generations? Europe deports the Muslims? A return to honest money after the economic collapse? A return to 1950s morality? Life extension technology? Interstellar humans? Contact with benevolent aliens? All the Cabal’s secrets exposed, and they are hunted down like the terrorists they are? With the Cabal purged from power, all of our dreams will be much easier to manifest.

Q: How does one obtain a vision of the future and know that it is real?
A: No clue. Ask a shaman / yogi / psychic / Project Looking Glass insider. I have heard that Angels can give extremely vivid, stable, prophetic dreams that easily remain in memory upon waking. They would provide good Cabal-proofing too. I don’t actually know anything about it though. I have never had a vision from them. This whole thing is a Hail Mary pass to anyone who might run with it. I’m just a basement-dweller who doesn’t want to see the world consumed by war, tyranny, rapefugees and systemic fraud. Laugh at my feeble attempt to fight the Cabal with half-assed magick but it’s all I’ve got.

Q: Will visualizations, rituals, sigils, meditation, prayer, or psychedelics help to amplify the effect? Is this time paradox stuff any better than attempting quantum reality control by esoteric means?
A: Maybe. I don’t know enough to say; it would just be a lot of handwaving speculation and New Age fruit loopery. Others have explained it better than me. You will have to try your own methods. If you have interesting results, how about coming back here and telling about it?

Q: Do those inconsistent branches represent real universes that are actually destroyed?
A: They probably never existed in the first place. I think time itself is an illusion. Think of the multiverse as a braided stream, with a boulder in one branch representing a paradox. It causes more “reality” to flow through the other branches. I think it’s called unitary evolution.

Q: Can I change my mind later?
A: Yes. Suppose the war happens but the Cabal is utterly defeated, we get a bunch of secret technology, and we go back to having nation-states that actually care about their own people. You might accept this Pyrrhic victory.

Q: That example diagram says I am guaranteed to die if the vision is true, and war breaks out, and I try to cut down the tree. What if I lose my nerve, knowing that some disaster will prevent me from forcing the paradox?
A: Then you were doomed to fail from the beginning because you are a pussy. Or maybe you were doomed to fail because you had no free will in the first place.

Q: Can I wish for unlimited wishes?
A: No. Doing so would only amplify the probability that the vision was wrong in the first place, or that you will be foiled by some kind of Twelve Monkeys fuckup. Keep in mind that if you are the kind of person who would push your luck after some success, it is likely that some disaster will cut you down sooner rather than later. Draw the probability trees and you will see.

Q: In the example, the overall chance of peace goes from 50% to 71% and my own overall chance of dying goes from 12.5% to 18%. I don’t like those odds. Is there any way to get more bang for my buck?
A: If you can find a way to bind your own fate to the fate of the tree, you could actually improve your own overall chance of survival while also increasing the chance of peace. For example, you could bury some herbicide in a corked bottle. If you die, you will fail to replace the cork, and the tree will be poisoned when the cork decomposes. Draw the corresponding probability tree. It’s more complicated but it works. Note that not all visions will have an easy “dead man’s switch” like this.

Q: Can the impossible become possible?
A: No. You cannot force something that would never happen naturally. The closer some probability is to 0% or 100%, the harder it is to change. Therefore, it is best to spend your “magic points” on important, relatively likely events such as stopping WWIII, rather than spending them on narrow, highly unlikely events such as winning the lottery.

Q: Can I wish that everything just gets better, the financial system stabilizes, the Constitution is respected, everyone starts being nice again and I get to collect my benefits while sucking my thumb in my safe space?
A: Wish for this and you will fail, because it would never happen naturally. See above. The bloodthirsty satanic elites will never reform. The financial system will never stabilize because it is a giant Ponzi scheme. There is no future that does not involve chaos. The question is what kind of chaos will it be, and what comes next. Will it be the puppetmasters’ fake “order out of chaos” leading to the world financial dictatorship, or will it be organic, grassroots chaos that moves faster than their committees, and brings their downfall?

Q: Wasn’t nuclear war and worldwide dictatorship already forseen thousands of years ago? Daniel, Ezekiel, Jesus, and St. John said a lot about it. How could you hope to negate what they have seen?
A: It certainly looks like these are real prophecies which are coming true. However, it might be possible delay them to some future date. It could also be that the Cabal is trying to play out the Book of Revelation from the devil’s side. They work on timescales of hundreds or even thousands of years. They are known to worship lucifer and moloch. They say lucifer isn’t the devil but we know better. The devil has many names, and ye shall know them by their fruits, etc.

Q: Even if we could stave off Judgement Day, why bother? Don’t we deserve it?
A: Yes. But God is merciful.

Q: How can major events exist in a quantum superposition? Doesn’t quantum mechanics only allow microscopic objects to exist in multiple states at once?
A: Experimentally, yes. But since quantum mechanics is a mathematical law of nature, it should apply to everything. We just have not been able to resolve these effects for large objects. I favor the many-worlds interpretation in which the wavefunction never collapses even for large objects. Instead, observers get a better idea about which of the infinite universes they are in.

Q: As if it wasn’t crazy enough to have one universe created out of nothing, now you say there are an infinite number of them? The Fed is jealous.
A. I think that the Universe is a vast mathematical structure with no real physical existence. Physics isn’t just described by math, physics IS math. Math has its own Platonic existence which is independent of anything else. The multiverse proceeds naturally from this conclusion. Note that I am not talking about a simulation here. The parallel universes are just different solutions to the underlying equations.

Q: What would happen if thousands of people try to force time paradoxes? How to reconcile all the conflicts?
A: The visions would get less accurate. Or the visions would not be provided to those who would misuse them. Or the visions might get scrambled by the multiverse, in which case you can throw this whole idea out the window. Or circumstances would prevent any conflicts of will. The reality-warpers would effectively develop a hive mind. Or the cosmos might be able to handle a little scar tissue. Perhaps the scar would be humans going extinct. Extinction is better than the hell planet the Cabal has planned for us, so why not flip the tables and let the chips fall where they may?

Q: Wouldn’t this piss off God, the devil, and every extradimensional entity in the multiverse? They would see us as monkeys playing with nukes.
A: That’s a distinct possibility, but the easiest way to stop us would be to not give us the visions in the first place. Since God is the emergent mind of the entire multiverse (IMHO), He should have control over this.

Q: What if you unleash a horde of chronomancers and they create so many shifting realities that it becomes impossible to keep track of the truth? What if truth itself gets entangled with so many plots and counterplots that it becomes unobservable and amorphous? It will be total chaos!
A: Sounds like it’s already happening. Actually, I don’t think it works this way but if it does, let’s see the globalist puppetmasters and the sheeple try to handle a bad case of temporal schizophrenia. Bring it!

Q: If this works at all, won’t the Universe stop you from spamming it on the internet?
A: Let’s find out.

There was a time, decades ago, when the Universe gave me an opportunity to play this card but I discarded it because I was a rationalist with little faith. Now the magic is lost in an inaccessible timeline. I am sorry. To everyone. Maybe someone else out there has a vision they can leverage.

Back to 2021. The things to “wish” for right now are mass arrests and mass disclosure of the establishment’s crimes. For mass arrests to be effective, they would have to include all the high ranking puppets, including Joe Biden. He cannot be allowed to become President. He could do a lot of damage with executive orders in just one week. Ideally I would like to see an interim military government run by someone like General Flynn.

Any serious disclosure would need to include the coronavirus origins and agenda, 9/11, pedophilia blackmail rings, split personality mind control and the cults and intelligence agencies that run these operations. Some documents from the Ghislaine Maxwell case are due to be unsealed tomorrow. She might be one of many star witnesses, possibly including some surprises like George W. Bush. The NSA has petabytes of information that they don’t need to get through the courts.

Huge bonus points for some cool UFO tech and a Pleiadian breakaway civilization. It’s looking like the only way we will get off this rock is if it already happened 13,000 years ago.

If this Hail Mary fails, and if we end up in the gulag for antisemitism, I promise to wear my underwear on my head to show that I am the crazy retard who led you down this rabbithole. Tell me I owe you a bug burger.

The Republic is dead

This is the new model of “democracy”: Kick out the observers and steal the elections in the middle of the night. This pattern was most obvious in the corrupt Democrat-run cities that dominate Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Georgia. Mail-in ballots are the cover story. Real mail-in ballots have a Trump/Biden ratio that is steady but not too steady, they have votes for other offices besides President, they have mathematical tells such as following Benford’s Law and they have physical tells such as creases. The fraud is blatantly obvious to anyone who cares to look, and yet everyone in a suit is bending over backwards to pretend it didn’t happen. 63 court cases dismissed.

Even I was shocked by the extent of the backstabbing and election fraud. I was going to post a complete list but it became an impossible task. By now I’m sure you have all read about it elsewhere so I won’t waste limited time. I was also shocked by how quickly our overlords are moving forward with the NWO agenda. Their most effective strategies are all slow: Frog boiling, financialization, globalization, dysgenics, destruction of the family, blackmail rings, cultivating narratives. I thought they would try to get things back to some semblance of normalcy as they quietly purge all patriots from the government, then sometime later this year they would stage a false flag like Covid-21 or a giant mass shooting to lead us into the next phase of the totalitarian nightmare. There must be too few patriots in the government to matter.

One of Trump’s great failures is letting swamp creatures like Jared Kushner and Mitch McConnell influence his hiring. He should have listened to Bannon but they squeezed him out. Another failure is putting undue faith in the law and its acolytes such as Jeff Sessions. The Constitution is “a goddamned piece of paper”, as Bush Jr. would say. What is written on that paper is much less important than who interprets it.

We can see this most recently with all three of Trump’s Supreme Court justices refusing to hear the Texas case, which was based on firm Constitutional ground, and would have allowed the fraud to be aired in court via the discovery process. If states are allowed to ignore Supreme Court orders and their own laws in order to steal national elections, then America is no better than a banana republic. America is arguably worse than a banana republic because most banana republics require in-person paper ballots and voter ID, but as with the law, the votes are less important than who counts the votes. Joseph Stalin and the Democrats agree on this. If riggers are allowed to kick out observers and count harvested ballots in the middle of the night, and if a shadowy cabal can use election machines can fudge the count from command centers in Europe, then Communist rule is assured. Trump even knew about a certain Dominion “bug” months in advance. His naivete may have doomed us all.

Part of Q’s plan was that the courts would have to prove themselves to be compromised before the military could do their job for them. It’s a good plan in principle. If the military was on Trump’s side, and if he had Caesar’s balls, then he could put these pharisees in their place, but much of the top brass has come out against Trump. I suspect they are compromised. The stuff about his erratic leadership is probably a cover story even though it is true.

I can forgive Trump for his handling of Covid-19 because the virus turned out to be less deadly than expected, thanks to anti-inflammatory treatments and asymptomatic cases. Covid-1984 is the deadlier virus. Also, let’s not forget that the Democrats called Trump’s travel ban racist, then Democratic governors deliberately put Covid patients in nursing homes to stack up more bodies and make Trump look bad.

I can forgive him for not invoking the Insurrection Act against Antifa and BLM, because they were alienating normies in an election year, and a crackdown would have led to an attempted Soros color revolution. But in retrospect, Trump should have cracked down because a lot of innocent people lost their businesses and the establishment just stole the election anyway.

I can somewhat forgive Trump for pandering to blacks. I, too, made the mistake of thinking that blacks might start to get on the Trump train because it was in their rational self-interest to do so. Alas, ~91% chose to remain on the mental plantation of welfare and PC grievance-mongering. Biden is the architect of the racist 1994 crime bill and Kamala Harris is a fake black who used the California prison system as a form of slavery for black stoners, giving them long sentences and even keeping them past their time. Trump gave black people jobs and sentencing reform. He still only gained ~3% of the black vote vs. 2016. 3% of 12% of the electorate is 0.36%. This paltry gain is surely less than his losses from inner city ballot harvesters and whites who stayed home because they felt neglected. Blacks as a whole will always be a golem against us.

I can somewhat forgive Trump for sucking up to Israel, because he never gave them the wars they wanted.

So brave. These worms also bravely take bribes to send us to die for Israel.

I might be able to forgive Trump for calling the MAGA crowd to Washington and then throwing them under the bus if it was part of some some desperate last move like getting the National Guard in place for a countercoup (fat chance). We don’t know the whole story of what happened on the 6th. Most likely, it is over for him. He should have crossed the Rubicon when he had the chance. He should have declassified all the dirt when he had the chance. He should have pushed to open some sealed indictments before they are flushed down the memory hole. He should have stood up for his base. As a prerequisite to all of this, he should have purged Obama’s military brass and re-hired those who Obama purged for saying they wouldn’t fire on Americans. I want to believe in some kind of Sun Tzu extradimensional chess but the situation looks terrible.

Trump now finds that he is just a man who chose his friends poorly, and he is reaping the rewards for that. He hasn’t been seen for almost a week. He will be impeached in absentia, stripped of his Secret Service detail, banned from running again (as if it matters), banned from Twitter, and effectively banned from starting his own media company as the full-court press of technocratic censorship continues. His reputation with his supporters will be destroyed and then he will probably be killed. The only hopes are that his concession speech might have been deepfaked, Nancy Pelosi is panicking, and she and Joe Biden seem to be in hiding. We will know more when Trump speaks today in Alamo, TX. He is still Schrodinger’s President but his half life is short. Pray.

The silver lining is that the Right is being cured of its optics-cucking and its illusions about the law, and much of this is a result of the Trump trolling the establishment into taking their masks off. This will be the only part of his legacy that they won’t be able to take away.

In the long run, Civic Nationalism is dead. Libertarianism is dead. The Republican Party will soon be moribund at the national level. The leadership will try to turn the GOP into a clapping gallery for the GloboHomo Party. The best Republicans will be blackballed, the worst will be primaried for backstabbing Trump but their replacements will be marginalized. The Democratic Party will be dead after they massively overplay their hand, but they will drag us through hell first. Nationalism and real populism will survive at the local level. We will see the emergence of third position parties resembling Sinn Fein as it becomes increasingly obvious that America is occupied territory.

The Right won’t need to worry about winning another national election again, because we won’t, unless it’s a fake conservative like Mitt Romney. Expect open borders, amnesty, statehood for DC and Puerto Rico, and an end to the Electoral College, just in case voting machines aren’t enough to secure the rule of the Uniparty.

We will have little to lose. Soon we won’t need to worry about losing our jobs and our bank accounts, because we are going to lose them anyway. Cancel culture, the Great Reset and selling out to China will guarantee this. We will be forced to scrape by outside the system.

We won’t get complacent with false hopes of a military coup, Trump crossing the Rubicon or Q pulling a rabbit out of a hat.

We won’t have false hopes that lawful restraint will gain us justice within the system. We will know that even if we do everything right, the system will still crush us if we lift a finger to defend ourselves against their streetfighters. Therefore it is better for them to fear coming to our areas (useful idiots and their pets will be bussed here with promises of loot).

Cop worship will decrease. People are realizing that the cops are effectively on Antifa’s side, because they protect Antifa from us, but with George Soros controlling the DAs there is a policy of catch and release. Also, a lot of cops who were on our side quit last year.

If our people are allowed into the capitol again, most of them won’t behave like tourists.

We won’t need to tiptoe around the feelings of the TV zombies, because they will hate us no matter what we do. The media will make mountains out of molehills. Even if we do nothing, some patsy or Antifa infiltrator will do it for us.

Conservative grassroots networks will grow and coalesce rapidly. People are fed up. People who might not otherwise be friends are becoming friends. These networks will be important during the dark winter. The left, in their infinite hubris, think they can keep the right atomized by ramping up the censorship, Stasi tactics and white man hate.

Alternatives to Big Tech will become more popular. Section 230 may still be repealed, but only the alternative sites will face liability problems, therefore complete decentralization will be the only viable strategy.

Centrists and cuckservative normies are going to be forced to our side because the left always purity spirals. One small slight to their feelings and the mob will try to ruin your life. The trigger could be an eight year old social media comment that was within the Overton window at the time. There could be a misunderstanding, a vendetta, a rumor, or a bad algorithm. It doesn’t matter. To question the mob is to risk being next. Sooner or later they will come for everyone, even themselves. If commie history is any guide, then Antifa and establishment Democrats will turn on each other.

The right will drop the “lose with honor” moral attachments of boomer cuckservatism. Losing means dying in the camps. There is no point in dealing fairly with a sworn enemy who uses our morality against us while they themselves have none.

For all these reasons, the Republic is dead, and many people will go down with it. Foreign powers (especially China) will squabble over the carcass, power vacuums will open up, WWIII is possible. I wish it didn’t have to come to this. The main reason why I trusted Q for over a year was because he seemed to have the only plausible plan that didn’t involve rivers of innocent blood. This plan failed because Trump underestimated evil’s reach. We now face gulags or civil war. Those who don’t secede will get stuck with any national debt that isn’t inflated away, all the Federal regulations, and any surviving useless eaters.

God help us if Q and Trump were part of a psyop all along. Project Zephyr is a chilling conspiracy about a plot to use internet gatekeepers to collect all patriots’ information and exterminate 15 million of us during a series of planned power outages.

Election predictions

Grey states are states that Trump should win but fraud is guaranteed. Other somewhat fraud-friendly states are Wisconsin, Nevada, Michigan and Florida. I think there will be a few surprises like Oregon. People out West know that Antifa started the fires with the blessing of commie DAs.

By all rights, Trump should win. People are getting sick of the Left’s bullshit. Unfortunately, as America devolves into a third world country, objective morality and rule of law are being replaced with shameless political tribalism.

AFTER the 2018 election, the Democrats somehow managed to win about 12-19 House seats and 2-3 Senate seats, depending on how you count. Nobody went to jail. Nobody cared. This time, they won’t even try to be discreet. They will let the media and corrupt prosecutors cover for them. One can only hope that Trump has a real 5-10% lead in order to overcome the fraud. This is also the margin that the media has been giving Biden.

The setup is obvious. The Democrats and their media toadies have been using fake polls to prepare the narrative that Trump is going to lose. They will steal the election after the fact by making fake mail-in ballots for everyone who didn’t vote. It’s easiest to do this in Pennsylvania and North Carolina, because the mail in ballots don’t require signatures or postmarks or receipt by election day. Other states have more stringent rules but are still open to fraud, i.e. fake postmarks or subjective signature comparisons by commie plants.

Election fraud is effectively legal, as long as you’re a commie, but this display is illegal.

Here is the election fraud thus far:

  • Military ballots were found thrown away in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.
  • BLM and Antifa are attacking white voters in North Carolina. Complete reversal of the KKK days.
  • Would-be mayor Zul Mohammad was arrested for 109 counts of vote fraud. The big surprise is that he was arrested!
  • Ballot harvesting in Minnesota
  • Hacker 4chan found out that it’s easy to change or invalidate people’s ballots in Oregon, Washington, Alaska and of course Broward County.
  • Voter registration exceeds population in 353 counties.
  • Illegal immigrants being bussed around to vote multiple times
  • Guy editing mail-in votes in Maryland
  • A Biden staffer in Texas got caught trying to make 700,000 fake votes.
  • Complaining about this latest coup can be hazardous to your health.
  • Voting machines are down in Scranton and Spalding County, PA. Republican areas.
  • The dead are voting in Michigan.

I’m sure other stuff will pop up. Some of it will go to the Supreme Court. If Trump voters overwhelm the fraud with sheer volume (I think it will), then rumor has it that he will immediately fire Bob Barr and Chris Wray. Biden will refuse to concede while accusing Trump of stealing the election. Riots and civil war will follow.

October surprises

By now you have all heard about Hunter Biden’s laptop(s). You will be hearing a lot more about it. This will be a Chinese water torture of leaks, with juicy drips every day to keep it in the news, and allow the talking heads to lie and dissemble enough to discredit themselves. The official story is that Hunter Biden dropped his laptop off to be repaired but he smoked so much meth he forgot to pick it up, so according to contract it became property of the repair guy, who rummaged through it, and he passed it to the FBI and later to Rudy Giuliani. The repair guy has a “medical condition” which caused him to not recognize Hunter Biden.

This seems like a cover story. The truth might be that the Chinese gave Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden three hard drives’ worth of blackmail material to encourage them to get Trump out by any means necessary. A Chinese billionaire who is an enemy of Xi Jinping gave copies to the DOJ but Democratic toadies buried it. The billionaire then gave copies to Trump via Giuliani. Maybe BOTH these stories are true! [UPDATE: Now it’s three laptops. Three laptops, three hard drives.]

Contents of the first hard drive / laptop, plus leaked messages:

  • Brutal pedo tapes, made with the blessing of the Chinese Communist Party, to cement their alliance with the Democrats and hold their feet to the fire. [UPDATE: No confirmation that it’s Joe in the tapes. We would need an explanation for Joe’s blackmail tapes being on Hunter’s laptop. Maybe Hunter stole the laptops. Q implied that the Chinese mailed the files to Hunter, who deliberately left the laptop with the Trump-supporting repair guy as a way to get revenge on his pedo dad. Hunter doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who would be into little Chinese girls anyway. That’s Joe. Hunter seems like he would be into strippers with big fake tits.]
  • A $4.5 billion dirty business deal as the payoff
  • Previous dirty business deals in China, Ukraine, and Khazakhstan
  • An organizational chart of the Burisma Holdings corruption, in which Hunter got a $50k/month do-nothing job on the board in exchange for Joe not holding up a billion dollars of aid. Joe got a kickback. He bragged about getting the Ukrainian prosecutor fired for investigating this. Trump got impeached in the House for following up on this. They called it Quid Pro Quo. The Left always projects.
  • Proof that the FBI had exculpatory evidence that they withheld from the impeachment investigation
  • Conversations and documents that make it clear that Joe knew of and approved of his son’s influence peddling. Joe has previously denied everything. The media covered for him.
  • Dirt on other Democrats including Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein and others, and on some Republicans. Pervasive corruption.
  • Pictures of the Bidens and cronies out playing golf
  • Hunter’s drama queen rants from rehab
  • Court dramas with his stripper girlfriend
  • Pictures of Hunter with a meth pipe in his mouth
  • Assorted sex tapes, dick pics, sniffing coke off an ass, etc.
  • [UPDATE 2: Something about Hunter walking around naked smoking crack while facetiming his 14 year old niece / stepdaughter.

The Chinese water torture has begun. Read this archived link for a brief description of the Chinese government plan to blackmail Western politicians and get them to help destroy America. The page includes a link to a video of Hunter smoking crack while a girl of unknown age (Natalie Biden?) massages his feet. The video is poor quality and has little blackmail value by itself. The original site is being updated every hour with more degeneracy and corruption…

And it’s a bunch of dick pics, hookers, crack, and suggestive pics of his teenage niece Natalie and her friends. Joe knew knew Hunter was horning in on them and did nothing. He tried to cover it up. This is further proof he is unfit to be President.

We will probably find out more about this and about Natalie. There are 25,000 files of sleaze. Hunter is a shameless degenerate. He can’t take a dump without taking a naked pic with his unflushed trophy. Women eat him up because he’s a piece of shit. The supposedly smart and classy Hallie Biden knew what Hunter was when she started cheating on Beau Biden with him. She knew she was giving her daughter a pervy crackhead UncleDaddy. If she threw his dick pic collection in the water it’s only because she didn’t want the world to know that she thought higher social status and vagina tingles from Hunter justified setting up her own daughter for a life of scumbags and heroin. Islam is right about women.

…I am getting sick of seeing Hunter’s dick all over 4chan. The election is in one week, with more votes being cast every day, and there’s still no Creepy Joe sex tape. Nothing about Chinese blackmail involving little girls. I hope we get proof. The media is studiously ignoring this stuff for now, including the corruption, which should be much bigger news than Hunter’s dick. Maybe the leakers thought the degeneracy is the only way to attract normies to the bigger stories and force the media to cover them. It’s not working. Release the damn Kraken already.

The second hard drive supposedly contains dirt on Michael Bloomberg plus information about the hidden American wealth of Chinese oligarchs, and Chinese plans to take over America and the UN. There is a lot of infighting in the CCP right now so it looks like these plans will be undone by one of China’s periods of chaos. The leaks might partly be about which group of Chinese billionaires will be allowed to safely store their wealth in America during the chaos, and which group will have their wealth confiscated.

The third hard drive contains information about a bioweapon, presumably the coronavirus. The Chinese and the Democrats have used the virus to crush small businesses, steal the election, consolidate power, and consolidate wealth (via massive bailouts and the further concentration of retail into the hands of Wal-Mart and Amazon). They used various tricks to prop up the COVID-19 death rate so they can keep everyone scared and blame the pandemic on Trump, while ignoring the fact that the Democrats called Trump a racist for banning flights from China.

Dems defaulted on pensions, freed up dole money, made dead voters, blamed Trump

Trump will make the next debate about Joe’s sordid past. The media will try to censor him. They will have a Baghdad Bob moment. They will do everything they can to make it look like Joe is still a viable candidate instead of a corrupt, senile old pedophile who got his dirty laundry aired. They have been pushing fake polls to cover up fraud with the mail-in ballots. Look at the huge Trump rallies while Biden can’t draw crowds at all. His dementia is so bad he often forgets which office he is running for. He stays in his basement to avoid gaffes, while the media campaigns for him.

Google manipulates the search engine results to favor Biden. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have been ramping up the censorship. Biden and Soros crony Anna Makanju is running Facebook’s effort to “ensure election integrity”. Anything to keep the masses ignorant for a few more weeks. The censors are going to get their Section 230 protection revoked after Trump wins in a landslide. Fraudulent ballots created AFTER the election will be rejected by the new 5-4 conservative Supreme Court (Roberts is compromised). It’s going to be a shitshow bigger than the 2000 election. Then the purge can begin in earnest. This could be the end of the Democrats, the CCP, the media, the WHO, Bill Gates, and Chinese infiltration of our tech industry. This is big. This is going to spread.

Q is starting to look like he was right all along. He has been talking about all this stuff. “Hunters become the Hunted”, the election plot, the virus, China owning various Dems, everything. There have been intelligence hearings in Congress and in Europe. They’re afraid. Let’s hope Q is right about The Storm.

Storm clouds are gathering for Hillary Obama too. Apparently Bush decided that Osama bin Laden was more politically useful alive than dead, so he allowed him to escape to Iran. At first glance it seems to be an unlikely place because the Ayatollahs are Shiite and Bin Laden is Sunni, but they share two enemies: America and the Saudi royal family. Obama decided that Bin Laden was more politically useful dead than alive, and the Iranians said they would give him up, but Obama wanted to stage a bold raid right before the 2012 election. This gave the Iranians enough time to set up a body double in Pakistan. The SEALs realized they had been played, but Obama wanted to run with the story anyway, which is why we got that suspicious burial at sea.

This is why they killed Seal Team Six. They knew too much and they weren’t accepting payoffs via phony book deals. Hillary, as Secretary of State, arranged for stinger missiles to be sent to the Taliban to shoot down the SEAL helicopter. Ambassador Stevens found out about this (and her smuggling arms to ISIS in Syria) and therefore he had to die. Terrorists were allowed to attack him while Obama ordered extraction teams to stand down. The Iranians also kept proof of their switcheroo and used it to blackmail Obama for $150b in the form of the Iran nuclear deal.

If The Storm doesn’t happen then we will have a civil war next year. We desperately need real justice. No fall guys, no FBI coverups, no slaps on the wrist, no more trusting the plan. We need dump trucks full of heads. If we get a thorough purge then civil war may be delayed for a decade or two but it will not be prevented. Civic Nationalism will still cuck us because the Left’s pets vote commie 70% of the time regardless of any other considerations. Pandering by the right doesn’t help. Whatever we do, it won’t be enough, it will just be blood in the water. Working Whites will be forced to free ourselves from these insufferable parasites.

Now for October surprises from the Democrats.

The timing of Trump’s Coronavirus infection is suspicious. It would have been easy for them to infect someone close to him, or coof on a piece of paper that would be given to him. They wanted to give Dementia Joe an excuse to drop out of the remaining debates, and they wanted to create an excuse to use the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office. Pelosi’s screeching about it would be consistent with the timing of China’s blackmail. When that failed, some of the more unhinged blue checkmarks agitated to get rid of him for using foul language when threatening Iran.

We might see a last-ditch DNC attempt to get Biden to resign and then tell the voters and the Electoral College that a vote for Biden is a vote for Hillary. This would be hilarious and doomed to fail. Trump could declassify everything about the Russia hoax that Hillary and Obama organized. We might hear more about the recent ruling that the IRS covered up racketeering by the Clinton Foundation.

The Clintons and the Deep State are going to start whacking people again. When the mafia went down there were crazy distractions, restaurant shootings, bodies piling up. This is far bigger. Wars have been started over less. The swamp creatures will fight like cornered animals. They will try crazy Hail Mary passes. Avoid DC. You don’t want to be anywhere near the place if they decide to blow up all the evidence and fake their own deaths. You don’t want to be on the same plane as someone flying in to testify.

I am guessing that the first body to turn up will be Hunter’s. He has dropped off the map. If he turns up dead of an overdose he won’t testify against others, and Joe will get to cry about how he lost both his sons and it’s all Trump’s fault. Better yet, if Joe dies of COVID-related gunshot wounds they can blame Trump for coofing on him.

The repair guy is very worried about getting the Seth Rich treatment.

We will probably see a false flag shooting of BLM protesters. I’m surprised it hasn’t happened already. I think the CIA figured that in a country of 320m people and 400m guns, a real mass shooting was guaranteed, so they never bothered setting one up. They thought they could goad Trump into a harsh crackdown, which would have opened him up to a false flag shooting. This is standard color revolution bait. Trump was smart to not crack down more than he needed to. During the crackdown I also saw many shill attempts to bait Libertarians into defending ANTIFA from the cops. This was a setup for the media to rake them over the coals as “white supremacists” and sabotage the growing friendship between cops and militias. Nobody took the bait. All the unprovoked violence has been from the Left and this has been great for our cause. ANTIFA and BLM have been doing my job better than I can.

After the election we will see more riots. Biden will refuse to concede, insisting that the military should remove Trump from office. The Democrats will use every dirty trick in the book. They will game the Electoral College, they will accuse Trump of stealing the election, etc. All of this has been wargamed by John Podesta and Norm Eisen, who wrote the book on color revolutions. George Soros is also involved in the color revolution via his control of district attorneys who let arsonists free while prosecuting innocent people who dare to defend themselves. If the right did even 1% of what the left has been doing, there would be martial law already. Anarcho-tyranny is in full force. A conservative court won’t stop it. There are no paths that avoid violence.

Brace for impact. Network. Buy food, preps, and rural land. Back up your data on a USB stick, put it in a pill bottle, and wrap that with tinfoil. Time is short.

Lord of the Flies

All the riots are part of the latest commie coup attempt.  They will fail.  The riots have redpilled millions of Americans about race and about the fact that power comes from the barrel of a gun.

riots kang raz santa

Raz Simone, Kang of CHAZ.  This African warlord brought his unique brand of justice to the streets and earned the respect of 4chan after he staged a military coup against the tranny regime.  4chan had been trying to collapse the tranny regime by invading CHAZ with a proxy army of bums but Raz beat them to the punch.

The last three days have given us a hilarious fast-forward foreshadowing of the future that awaits us if (when?) America balkanizes down to the square mile. The CHAZ anarcho-communist “enclave” in Seattle has seen relatively little violence and destruction in comparison to the other riots, but it does show several ways in which the Left will inevitably come unglued.

CHAZ was born when cops abandoned a precinct station in a gay/furry neighborhood in Seattle.  Antifa took over the station, along with seven surrounding blocks, and declared it to be the Capital Hill Autonomous Zone.  The cops must have figured that since the voters and the mayor hate them so much, these clowns should get exactly what they want.  Let the commies LARP in their little utopia. Let them play out their delusions for the world to see.  Let everyone get sick of their shit.  CHAZ is not a real enclave, it’s more like Occupy.  It won’t last.  I’m watching this shifting story through the chaotic lens of 4chan, so take all this with a grain of salt.

riots kang raz pic pol infiltrator

4chan has an agent in every town.  The white guy is CHAZanon, a ballsy local resident who posts on /pol/.  His book collection confirms him as based and redpilled. It’s unlikely that Raz knew this when this picture was taken.

CHAZ started off under the guidance of a clique of trannies. They spewed a toxic cloud of weaponized soy estrogen to drive off a few gun-toting white males who were still stupid enough to believe that communism had anything to offer them. Then the leader of the trannies got metoo’d and talked about suicide but didn’t follow through. The power vacuum and lack of guns and muscle enabled a coup by Raz Simone, a homophobic local rapper who some are calling an ancap warlord. He and his armed homies are now the de facto police in the police-free autonomous zone. They don’t give a fuck about the triggered trannies and the trust-fund petty tyrant dogooders and all the clucking committees trying to take the guns. The homies are unaccountable and opaque. They are pimping, running protection rackets, and beating up taggers. No heads on sticks though, no torched businesses, and Raz will probably get more money from building his brand than from extortion. He’s not a real warlord.

The funniest thing about this is that the NPCs don’t know how to handle being cucked by a Based Black Man.  Some suck his big black cock, others tiptoe around the PC programming by whining that Raz is a capitalist oppressor because he turned some of his “rapping” money into AirBNB’s, others whine that he’s a strong proponent of the 2nd Amendment.  He’s a better gun salesman than Obama. June will have record gun sales thanks to Raz and crew.

4chan loves him.  They call him Kang Raz.  Seattle deserves to be ruled by him. The best redpills are suppositories and Raz is dealing to pathetic hipsters by beating them and stealing their their protest, which is fitting, because Antifa has been trying to steal the limelight from BLM.  BLM has been fighting Antifa in multiple cities.  I hope Raz somehow manages to expand his turf or inspire others, even if he is just another cog in the machine as some suggest. [UPDATE:  BLM is backed by a tangled web of globocommie NGOs and swamp creatures including the Clintons, George Soros, and the Weather Underground.  4chan is tracing the connections here.]

riots antifa cucked

If commies read their own history they would know that the useful-idiot intellectual bourgeoisie always gets purged after they have outlived their usefulness.  In Europe, Muslims are being set up to pull the trigger.  In America, gangbangers will do it.  Antifa will never see it coming.  They’re so dumb they think they’re the rebels even though George Soros funds them and the media and courts cover for them.

Next up:  NYC?  maybe the C.H.U.D (Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers) will emerge from a cesspool of madcow pink slime and radioactive tranny hormones in the secret tunnels which connect the Bloomingdale Insane Asylum to the Columbia University sociology department.  This is the toxic grotto where Obama spent his lost years becoming a Manchurian Candidate.  The C.H.U.D. will take over the subways.  Bill de Blasio will tolerate them.  They will eat him and every other suit who lacks the prescience to escape from New York.  When the C.H.U.D starve they will devour each other, the Black Hebrew Israelites and the Nation of Islam will eat the survivors and also extract reparations from the Jewish slumlords before turning on each other. Anyone who escapes to New Jersey will be slaughtered by the Morlocks, who will be white nationalist bikers from the abandoned coal mines of Pennsylvania.

riot garden

The commies assure us they can grow food just as well as they can manage the economy and promote social harmony.  Here they showcase their agricultural skills with an urban farm. I want to see where this will go if they were truly autonomous, i.e. unable to rely on Capitalism for seedlings, potting mix, donated and dumpster dived snacks, and electricity.  [UPDATE:  The LARP Garden is now segregated.  Blacks and indigenous only! Also, CHAZ is now CHOP, which stands for Crack, Heroin, Opiates and Pills.  People were mocking CHAZ for pretending to be an autonomous zone while being hopelessly dependent on the outside world for food and drug money. UPDATE 2:  A crazy homeless person occupied and destroyed the garden.]

 [UPDATE: A Mexican tried to get his reparations by stealing from white-owned Car Tender Autoshop and trying to burn it down.  When the racist owner tried to reclaim the reparations, an angry mob freed the peaceful protester and peacefully attacked the shop owner.  Among the mob was Phoenix Jones, formerly a member of the Seattle Superheroes, a team of non-binary social justice vigilantes.  Phoenix has now become a supervillain who attacks women and seeks to carve out his own personal drug empire in the peoples’ republic formerly known as CHAZ. He still considers himself to be a superhero.

The auto shop owner and his family are now defending their business with AR-15s because cops won’t go there. I think they should secede and become the Car Tender Autoshop Autonomous Zone. It will be a business-friendly oligarchy inspired by Augusto Pinochet. There will be a strong border. Any incursions will be considered an act of war. It’s unlikely that CTAAZ can hold out for long, so they will need allies. How about Rorschach from the Watchmen? It would also be natural for CTAAZ to join an emerging alliance of bikers who are planning to give the spoiled brats something to REALLY cry about on the Fourth of July. CTAAZ could sweeten the deal with free mechanical services for the bikers and a military base in the main office.

Meanwhile, fights are escalating as commies vigorously compete in the Oppression Olympics, the Parasite Olympics and of course the Special Olympics.  Here’s a founding document from the gaggle of pretentious freaks who LARP as a government

We will form a unique system called the Conflict Resolution Advisory Council.

    1. We hold a community democratic vote to appoint three people to the Council. To eliminate prejudice, we elect one Black man, one Black woman, and one white woman. Each person should undergo at least one 45 minute sensitivity and political training session which we can help organize.

    2. Whenever there is an internal conflict in the Zone, it will be put to the Council. Both people will have an opportunity to present their side of the story to the Council to review.


Edit 1: After receiving feedback about inclusiveness we shall include in the council one Black man, one Black woman, one trans Black person, one non-binary Black person, and one white woman (5 4 people).

Edit 2: On more feedback we will add to the Council 1 Asian non-male, 1 Native American non-male, and 1 Latinx non-male, and then 4 additional Black men and women to balance it out. In total there are 3 + 4 + 4 = 11 members.

Edit 3: We’ve received some feedback about including disabledpersons (mental and physical) and homelesspersons on the Council. 20% or 40% of the Council should be persons with lived experience of disability. At least 10% should be experiencing involuntary homelessness.

Edit 4: We realize LGBTQIA communities are being under-represented in the Council so far and are working on proposals to rectify this. The final composition of the balanced Council will likely include 10-50% people who identify as LGBTQIA.

Edit 5: We have agreed to add 3 more seats, two of which are to give a voice to the disadvantaged LGBTQIA community, and one to give children equal representation and fairness. The new seats include one for a LGBTQI-identifying Black disabledperson, one for a LGBTQI-identifying Black homelessperson, and one for a non-white or mixed race child between the ages of 8 and 15.

Edit 6: There have been further concerns raised over the efficacy of the Council to deal with disputes between children, as children are currently not adequately represented. In light of the feedback, we will add child safety training programs to the onboarding session and add one additional seat for another non-white or mixed race child between the ages of 8 and 15 (preferably disabled).

Edit 7: We’ve heard your concerns about the Asian non-male seat representing all Asian subgroups as if they are a monolithic identity. That wasn’t our intention. We will replace the Asian non-male seat with 12 mini-seats for each of the following Asian non-male identities: Chinese, Filipino, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, Cambodian, Taiwanese, Malaysian, Mongolian, Okinawan, Singaporean, and wildcard (any Asian identity, except Korean-American). The mini-seats will collectively hold the voting power of one seat. 

Edit 8: We’ve been told that our Council under-represents those with a criminal record or incarceration experience, as white culture allows people to suffer a particular disadvantage because of past convictions. The Council will mandate that more than 25% of its members must have a violent criminal history with previous or current incarceration experience.

Edit 9: Some women have expressed to us that they wouldn’t feel comfortable presenting a case involving a sexual offence to a Council that is partly made up of criminals with a history of committing sexual offences. We are placing a cap of 50% on the proportion of Council members who have performed one or more premeditated sexual assaults or rapes in the preceding twelve months. Homelesspersons and disabledpersons are exempt from this cap.

In a rare moment of self-awareness, they took down the page when they realized they were trolling themselves more effectively than 4chan could troll them.  4chan saved the edits for posterity.

UPDATE 2: Local rapper ‘Lil Mob” was killed in a possibly gang-related shooting.  An angry mob kept the cops away and the medics wouldn’t go in without police protection.  Raz blamed white people.  The victim bled out while surrounded by BLM graffiti on every surface.  The words were hollow.  The truth is that black lives only matter when a death can be exploited for money or political gain. A black person is ~9x more likely to be killed by another black person than by a white person, and ~25x more likely to be killed by another black person than to be killed by a cop while unarmed. The cop statistic is from a lefty source so treat the 25x ratio as a lower bound. On the right-wing side, if we take all “resisting arrest” and “assaulting an officer” allegations seriously (I don’t), then the number of perfectly cooperative dindunuffins murdered by American cops over the course of a year will be less than the body count from one bad day of gang violence in Chicago. Those bad days are getting much worse.  Nationwide, black-on-black violence has more than doubled now that cops are staying home. Race-hustling black leaders turn a blind eye to this because they have a vested interest in keeping their people in a state of permanent grievance.  Furthermore, there are millions of black slaves in Africa and the Middle East.  There are open-air slave markets in Tripoli.  Nobody cares because there are no white people to browbeat.

UPDATE 3:  Four shootings now. The worthless hippy-dippy mayor of Seattle has had enough of this “summer of love” and is now nicely asking them to leave. The place seems to be emptying out.  It’s not clear whether this is due to fear of people on the outside or fear of people on the inside.

UPDATE 4:  A hard core remains.  There have been five shootings. Total casualties are two are dead, two critically injured, two will recover.  Details are sketchy but it appears that all the victims are black, and all the shooters must have been non-white because people are covering for them.

A mob showed up at the mayor’s house.  She is outraged, absolutely outraged, that her virtue signaling came to nothing and now she has to deal with the smelly, dangerous lunatics she invited to Seattle.  Where are the cops?

UPDATE 5:  The cops are finally taking back the neighborhood. The latest shooting victim was an black teenager killed by CHAZ security in a case of mistaken identity.  This “peaceful protest” is ending with an innocent unarmed black teenager killed by black goons who were the closest thing to cops in the Clown Honking Anarchy Zone.  Commies are trying to put a positive spin on everything. After three short weeks, we have reached the final stage of Communism:  Historical revision.  The cycle is almost complete.  It will come full circle with “Real anarcho-communism hasn’t been tried!”

UPDATE 6: Anarcho-communism is being tried again near City Hall in New York. I called it. It’s in NYC because Mayor Bill de Blasio has a long history of supporting disastrous lefty policies such as abolishing bail for assaults, putting COVID-19 patients in nursing homes, running a sanctuary city, and defunding the police by $1 Billion during a crime wave. Commie vermin always attack those who they believe are weak enough to be bullied into submission.  Conversely, they fear the scent of testosterone.

Glitches in the Fear Matrix

coronavirus pushback

The establishment’s initial response to Covid-19 was two months of coverups and gross incompetence, to the extent that one could be forgiven for thinking that they spread it on purpose.  Now in true 1984 style, they have deftly shifted the narrative to stampede us into accepting a permanent state of emergency, totalitarian social and economic controls, censorship, outrageous bailouts, destruction of small businesses, commie terror famines, election fraud, war with China, and a vaccine.  Bill Gates wants to force us to get a mark that will serve as proof of vaccine.  Commie governors have decided that they like their new dictatorial powers and they won’t give them up without a fight.  It’s coming.  Western governments’ cures are worse than the disease and this will lead to long-overdue revolts.  I will try to write about all this later but I am busy with gardening and other stuff.  This is the dry season for blogging.  But there is something I have to write about now.

Remember the simulation which was used to stampede us into lockdown? Imperial College just released the code.  It’s bloated, poorly organized, poorly documented, and has few self-checks.  The code for handling inputs makes me want to tear my eyes out.  Overall, CovidSim looks like the kind of program that will turn out to be infested with bugs. This is my professional opinion based on twelve years’ worth of jobs that involved heavy simulation programming, plus an hour of gawking at CovidSim.  Microsoft had a big-name consultant put lipstick on this pig, but according to another programmer, “the damage from over a decade of amateur hobby programming is so extensive that even Microsoft were unable to make it run right“.  The notorious hacker 4chan has chimed in with a thread full of arcane mockery.

We are not allowed to see the original code.  We will never be able to replicate the original results because the program gives significantly different results each time it is run, even when it is given the same random number seed.  This is a symptom of bugs.  There could be race conditions, i.e. multiple threads tripping over shared data, or there could be pointer bugs, or both.  Pointer bugs are common in sloppy C code.  They cause serious data-scrambling.

For background:  Using random numbers is not suspicious.  If I was an epidemiologist I would write a Monte Carlo simulation to model the inherent randomness of the pandemic. I would sample human behavior and viral spread from shifting probability distributions, I would do multiple runs with different random number seeds, etc.  I would use random numbers everywhere.  But I would make sure I could repeat my results.  This is possible because computer-generated random numbers aren’t truly random, but they do have the statistical properties of randomness if you use a good random number generator.

Prof. Neil Ferguson used a custom random number generator.  4chan thought this was hilarious, because whenever someone tries to reinvent the wheel in Rube Goldberg style, bugs creep in. Custom RNGs are fiddly and these days they are not worth the time and risk for small gains, but this was not always the case. There was a time before 4chan was born when custom RNGs could be justified.  Compilers used to come with bad random number generators. Ferguson used a variant of a better RNG which was discovered by L’Ecuyer in 1988. Variants floated around in textbooks for years and Ferguson may have used one of these, plus a little bit of extra code to manage random number seeds across multiple threads at a time when parallel computing libraries weren’t widely available. Maybe it’s a good RNG, maybe it isn’t, I’m not going to waste more time chasing this thing.  I’m a bit more concerned about how the original simulation programmers sampled random numbers from probability distributions. They copied thousands of lines of indigestible spaghetti code from math journals of the 70s-80s. This was the way to do things at the time.  This was for the part of the algorithm where scarce CPU cycles had to be saved at any cost.  There WILL be bugs.  Modern math libraries implement these functions much more reliably, but tearing out rand.cpp was one of those tediuos back-burner jobs that never got done, and now Ferguson is caught with his pants down.  One can only hope that any bugs serious enough to affect the conclusions would have been caught decades ago.

Coronavirus code fortran

Some fossilized code from CovidSim’s rand.cpp.  This is what told us to stop the world. This particular snippet is probably not as bad as it looks but here’s my rotten tomato anyway:  “Hello 1984 Neil, this is 2020 Neil.  I’m writing a Fear Matrix.  It’s to help Bill Gates use genetically engineered airborne batshit-AIDS to summon the devil and fight President Trump and his army of autistic Nazi clown-fetishists…  It’s complicated. Just trust me.  Anyways the random number stuff alone is 2400 lines long and it needs to run with GWBasic on a Commodore 64… Look, can you please send the Commodore 64 through the wormhole before Mom throws it out?  Also send that big box of tangled of in-series Christmas lights (GOTOs), the alphabet blocks (meaningless short variable names), and my rock collection (hardcoded constants).  It’s all for Big Science.  The future depends on it.  BTW, don’t smoke synthetic weed when it comes out.  It will fuck both of us.  Trust me.”

When confronted about bugs, Ferguson essentially said “Don’t worry, the bugs will average out after enough runs, and anyways they are going to be less important than all the inputs we’ll get wrong and all the social effects which are impossible to simulate, but everyone should trust us because we’re experts. So can we just get a global police state before everyone dies, plus some more money to keep working on our code? Please think of the children!” I’ve seen this attitude before. I don’t think he’s a cultist or anything sinister. I think he’s just another egghead lost in his ivory tower.  [UPDATE: Ferguson’s research is funded by an alphabet soup of fake-humanitarian NGOs that serve as fronts for Bill Gates and other vaccine-pushing globalist technocrats.  They’re all as thick as thieves.  Read this.  The rabbit hole is deep.]

coronavirus UK vaccine scam

Here’s the crux of the issue.  Even pointer bugs are a minor hazard when compared to the real danger of trusting simulations by anointed “experts”:  Their simulations are often built on false assumptions and oversimplifications which lead to politically pre-ordained results, i.e. assume that regulations have no side effects, assume most public officials aren’t driven by greed and powerlust, assume central banks can print meat, assume people are interchangeable economic units, assume commies won’t let drug dealers out of jail in order to lock up hairdressers and fine them $7000 if they refuse to apologize to a judge, etc.  Absurd assumptions are the best because they tend to be politically sacrosanct, so academic toadies build them into their simulations without even mentioning them, and the entire establishment runs cover. The simulations always have more switches and dials than a 747 cockpit, thus giving policy-makers the illusion of control (CovidSim is no exception). The more inputs, the easier it is to get the desired output, while covering up the fact that the inputs are highly uncertain and the simulation’s foundation is built on sand.

Ferguson spent the last 20 years using this simulation to model epidemics including foot and mouth disease, mad cow disease, swine flu, SARS, MERS, Ebola and Zika.  His predictions were spectacularly wrong.  In 2005 he predicted that up to 200 million people could be killed by an imminent bird flu pandemic.  He predicted that half a million people would die of COVID-19 in Britain and 2.2 million would die in America if governments did nothing. This has not happened because the disease is less dangerous than early reports suggested, and because fear leads to voluntary social distancing which leads to reduced spread. A disease can flatten its own curve.  This seems to be what has happened in Britain, America, and Sweden.  Ferguson admitted that something like this could happen but since he had no way to model it, he gave the government the do-nothing numbers and everyone repeated them. Meanwhile, he was ignoring his own lockdown advice to sleep with his polyamorous girlfriend who is a professional left-wing activist and a public advocate of social distancing.  Ferguson has since resigned over this.

Britain and America had lockdowns while Sweden famously did not. Somewhere in my notes I have a snarky comment about how the Islamo-Feminist Rape Caliphate of Sweden must have decided that it would be racist to place any restrictions on the New Swedes, and it would also be good to get rid of the deplorable Old Swedes who reminisce about Old Sweden while taking up public housing space which is needed for New Swedes. I should have known something else was going on when the media showed sudden concern for the Old Swedes. It looks like Sweden will pull through this with much less economic damage and not many more COVID-19 deaths than Britain. They will live to pay for their own ethnic replacement another day.

Know what this reminds me of?  Global Warming.  Agenda 21.  Hockey stick graphs.  Bug burgers.  Al Gore doing a speaking tour in his private jet.  The Patriot Act.  See something, say something.  Crash of ’08.  Nobody could have forseen.  We have to pass it to see what’s in it.  I’ll tell you what’s in it.  This smells like the biggest Shit Sandwich the NWO has ever stomped down our throats.

I’m not saying the virus is just a flu.  I don’t trust the California antibody studies which said 98% of people are asymptomatic.  The rate of positive tests was within the margin of error of the test itself, i.e. the test was statistically useless.  Maybe it was detecting false positives from the other coronaviruses which cause colds.  COVID-19 is most definitely NOT a cold, it can be a debilitating or deadly illness, but the government “cure” is obviously part of a NWO agenda which overall is worse than the disease.  Time to open up.  Let those who are paranoid be paranoid.  Report the number of infections in each town so people can social distance accordingly.  Let those who want to work take their chances.  Encourage mask use.  Provide protection and testing so people can work safely.  Stop paying people more to sit at home than to work.  End the lockdowns which are harming small businesses while Wall Street slurps at the public slop trough.  Research prophylactic treatment.  Throw the kitchen sink at the virus, i.e. hydroxychloroquine + azithromycin + zinc + aspirin + ivermectin + Vit. C + Vit. D + quercitin + blood thinners, then pare back to the combo that works best.  If lockdowns go on too long then opioids and tooth abscesses will kill more people than the virus.

Recall power-mad vindictive governors like Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan, who used her emergency powers as a political bludgeon.  She banned sale of seeds and gardening supplies, but allowed sales of weed and lottery tickets.  She threatened to punish doctors who prescribed hydroxychloroquine because Orange Man Bad.   Things have gotten so crazy that the Michigan Militia had an armed protest at the capital.  Beneath the surface, people are organizing.  This is good news.

The globalists became so arrogant they got sloppy. People are waking up.  There are millions of capable people who would go along to get along, as long as the system kept them comfortable, but now they are suddenly thrown into a world of uncertainty and they can see that inequality isn’t what the Left says it is.  These capable people feel like their futures have been stolen from them and they are very pissed off.  I can tell from my web traffic that huge numbers people spent March and April sitting at home researching conspiracy theories. They weren’t just reading about the coronavirus, they were reading about the entire power structure.  The globalists think we’re so dumb that it doesn’t matter if some of us notice their scams, because the brainwashed masses outvote us or narc on us.  Maybe the globalists are right about this.  But another part of the dynamic is that they are so arrogant that they think they understand how the world works.  They think they can control every knob that matters.  They think their edicts become reality.  They surround themselves with yes-men and thus become blind.  They forgot the first rule of running a cult:  Never drink your own kool-aid.

Hacker 4chan sums it up:

TL; DR: The predictive models being used are about as accurate as reading the future in the entrails of a goat…

The ultimate redpill is that the people in charge ARE malicious, but their constant incompetence and ability to fuck things up on a regular basis are what allow what freedoms we do possess to continue to be enjoyed. The malevolent spectre that hangs over humanity would already be absolutely dominant instead of 95% dominant if it wasn’t for human error. If it wasn’t for them fucking up there wouldn’t be any knowledge of them.


The Lessons of Lewiston, Maine

Here’s a depressing case study on how Somalis ruined an old mill town in Maine. They were initially enticed in by white liberals who apparently thought that the reason their kids kept moving away was because they craved the excitement and new ideas that only Diversity can bring. The bug chasing council deliberately pozzed their town with the NWO’s favorite biological weapon: A tribe of 68 IQ pirates with most able-bodied adults unemployed, up to 8 kids each (all at taxpayer expense), and a religion that tells them we owe them everything. Now mobs of gimmiegrant robbers have taken over the streets, the Diversity money-grubbing industry has taken over the government and is plundering the white taxpayers, and things will only get worse until collapse and civil war… which shouldn’t be too far off now.

They all have to go back.

Hommunism News

(source) Lewiston, Maine shows us two things: how quickly populations can change and why change matters.  In 2000, it was a sleepy, 95-percent white, mill town of fewer than 35,000 people. By 2010 it was only 86 percent white. This was almost entirely due to the arrival of Africans – mostly Somalis – who raised the black population from 1.07 percent to 8.67 percent in just 10 years. Africans have probably had a more dramatic and disturbing effect on Lewiston than virtually anything else in its entire history. Their arrival made a few headlines in the early 2000s, but has since been largely forgotten. Here is a timeline of what happened, drawing from local news stories and the American Renaissance archive.

January 2000: Some time this spring about 30 refugees from the West African country of Togo will arrive in this overwhelmingly white community. No one knows if…

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The pussy bubble is popping

I am hearing anecdotal reports that women are becoming more approachable and they are swiping right more often on Tinder.  It’s because they’re scared, they didn’t prepare, they tend to live paycheck to paycheck, and they tend to have bullshit jobs.

I do not disparage nurses.  In the world war which is raging right now, the Marines are women. But Nursing is one of the few strongly female-dominated fields I can think of that isn’t heavy on bullshit.

David Graeber defined a bullshit job as a job which is pointless and therefore soul-sucking.  A job which the puppetmasters created for social engineering purposes or simply to gobble up peoples’ money and mental resources. Examples include administration, retail, HR, PR, marketing, law, services, Diversity, academia, etc. These jobs tend to provide money and status in inverse proportion to their usefulness:

in our society, there seems a general rule that, the more obviously one’s work benefits other people, the less one is likely to be paid for it. Again, an objective measure is hard to find, but one easy way to get a sense is to ask: what would happen were this entire class of people to simply disappear? Say what you like about nurses, garbage collectors, or mechanics, it’s obvious that were they to vanish in a puff of smoke, the results would be immediate and catastrophic. A world without teachers or dock-workers would soon be in trouble, and even one without science fiction writers or ska musicians would clearly be a lesser place. It’s not entirely clear how humanity would suffer were all private equity CEOs, lobbyists, PR researchers, actuaries, telemarketers, bailiffs or legal consultants to similarly vanish. (Many suspect it might markedly improve.)

The “best” bullshit jobs tend to be dominated by men but most of them below the top tier are filled by women.  I have previously speculated that the reason why women are preferred for such jobs is because the puppetmasters want to trick “smart” women into throwing away their genes in order to make money for the system, and one way to do this is to inflate their egos so much that they think no man is good enough for them. The puppetmasters must also appreciate female tendencies toward conformity, collectivism, ease of brainwashing, and sympathy for the undeserving.

The lockdowns have exposed essential truths:  The people who keep civilization running are mostly men.  The people who grow the food are mostly men.  The people who can glimpse the future are mostly men.  The people who fend off the zombies are mostly men.  It would really suck to be a catlady in a Zombie Apocalypse.  Older women will feel a great disturbance in the Force because 2/3 of the COVID-19 deaths are men.  Expect a lot of narcissistic hand-wringing along the lines of “Most casualties of war are men; women are the worst affected”.

When people do go back to work, the virus will have sucked up all the oxygen.  Bullshit jobs will be seen as decadent luxuries that our civilization can no longer afford.  Jobs will be more results oriented, with less tolerance for gossip, SJW bullshit, and sponging off co-workers.  A lot of women who were laid off during this time might not get their jobs back.  Moms will be forced to stay at home and care for the children while the men go to work because their jobs are actually useful.  Single women will try to attach themselves to men, and they might find that few men are willing to provide for them if they have toxic personalities or if they can’t bring something useful to the table (i.e. fertile eggs).

I will not be seeking women during this crisis. Most of them are worse than useless. They are liabilities. The system rewards their worst behavior. I know there is a good chance that a woman will just be after my stash. As soon as I leave for a day she will call up one of her druggie exes who just got out of jail and they will clean me out, or maybe she will have me jailed on a bullshit DV charge. Trying to get my stuff back legally, or even get back into my house, will be considered a civil matter (i.e. the courts will be closed for me) but bullshit DV charges will still be taken seriously because that’s a criminal matter.

The well is poisoned. I will not drink from it. Go eat your Gucci bags, you dumb twats!

feminist gasses herself

[UPDATE:  Three weeks into lockdowns and divorce rates are up 50%.  In the pre-Corona era, women would cash in their marriages for fun and prizes. This new surge of divorces seems to be driven by men.  They are taking advantage of plunging asset values to get out cheaply, and they are probably sick of being cooped up with wives who drive them nuts.

UPDATE 2:  There has been a 40% surge in domestic abuse calls during the lockdown, with 20% of Sacramento women being abused right now, according to Commie BS News.  It’s the usual Believe All Waaaaaahmen garbage. I’ll give you DV case statistics fresh from my ass, which is a much more accurate source than the Fake News Media:

10% A REAL abuser (one of her druggie exes) just got let out of jail due to coronavirus and these two decided to relieve her beta chump of all his preps.  For this, they needed to get him kicked out of his own house.

20% Husband wouldn’t clean the curtains three times a week so the wife decided to cash in her marriage for fun and prizes, and false accusations are a great way to get full custody of the kids and use them to extort their father.  Also, she couldn’t bear the thought of not cheating on her husband during the lockdown.

10% Druggie couple whose drugs were cut off and they both went mental together.  It was a real fight, but it was really a victimless crime.

10% Mouthy bitch carped about stupid crap for three weeks straight, the man smacked her fat gob, but he didn’t have a license because he’s not a Muslim.

20% She flew into a jealous rage because he glanced at the checkout girl’s cleavage.  She couldn’t accept that this is a reflex programmed by millions of years of evolution.  She started wailing on him in the parking lot, and cops arrested him even though it was clear he never even fought back.

20% Her man is a natural-born violent psychopath… and that’s why she loves him.  She didn’t even call the cops.  The neighbors did that.

10% The man is a good guy who tried to do right but was screwed at every turn, he finally snapped due to financial pressures (in which she played a major role), he yelled at her / hurt her feewings, and she turned this into the worst crime EVER

So glad I’m riding out the Zombie Apocalypse with a MALE friend who is a decent human being.]

Flatten the economy

Covid-19 was destined to become a pandemic as early as mid-January, when China was still covering up the outbreak in the interests of “social harmony“.  A few weeks later, Wuhan looked post-apocalyptic.  Anyone with more awareness than a goldfish should have known there was a good chance of such scenes being repeated worldwide.

Most people don’t have more awareness than a goldfish.  This is by design.  One would think that governments would have more awareness than a goldfish, and realize that they need to protect their people.  Not out of any sense of moral or civic duty- they scoff at such naive plebeian notions- but one would expect them to realize that total systemic collapse is not in their interest, and there are some easy precautions which will lessen the impact.

The easiest thing to do is to go on TV and tell people that they will need to stock up, avoid unnecessary outings, wear masks, and cultivate OCD.  It’s also relatively easy for a government to close borders, ramp up testing ability, order PPE for healthcare workers, improve early contact tracing, and quarantine early cases and suspected cases.  These early efforts would have had the greatest lifesaving returns.  Western governments and the WHO had about six weeks during which a proactive response might have stalled exponential liftoff for one month, which would have had same effect as bringing summer forward by one month and accelerating all virus research by one month. Think of how many lives could have been saved in the late stages of the pandemic if our leaders weren’t enthralled to Wall Street.

Ongoing basic precautions can also reduce the exponential growth rate, encourage the virus to evolve into a less deadly form, and spread out the healthcare burden in a way that saves the most lives.  Hence the “flatten the curve” meme.  The principle is sound, but it requires the healthcare system to have excess capacity which isn’t there.  Think of what fraction of the average human life is spent in intensive care, and then imagine 20% of the population needing intensive care at the same time.  The curve would need to be flattened with a DECADE of social distancing.

coronavirus flatten curve

The red peak above the line represents the number of people who will die if Sars-CoV-2 is allowed to burn through the population quickly.  The flattened curve doesn’t consider negative short term effects like the decline of healthcare capacity due to supply chain failures and nurses getting sick, and it doesn’t consider positive long term effects like building more hospitals and finding more effective treatments.

Social distancing cannot be maintained this long, but whenever we let up, the virus will come back with another wave.  The rumor is that this is happening in China. The West now faces the same quandary as the Chinese:  Allow millions of people to die from the virus, or permanently cripple the economy and also risk famine.

I would put people before the economy.  I am doing my part to flatten the curve by practicing social distancing, even though I don’t hold out much hope for this strategy in the West.  Curve flattening works best in a country with high IQ, high social cohesion and a free and vigorous testing regime.  For example, see the curves for South Korea, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan.  Taiwan fought it reasonably well by doing the exact opposite of the Chinese.  Compare these high functioning societies to the West with its parasite wars, Idiocracy, destruction of the family, and its China-like policy of “don’t test, don’t tell“.

coronavirus deaths chart

Note that this is a log plot so the situation is much worse than it appears.  A straight line on a log plot represents an exponential curve.  Don’t believe any numbers out of China or Iran.

The “herd immunity” talk from Britain really shows what their anarcho-tyrannical government thinks about their own people.  They want all the plebs to get it quickly.  The elites want to hunker down and then re-emerge when the surviving plebs can’t spread it.  We don’t know whether herd immunity is even possible with this virus, since it can come back for a second round of infection, and the second round is worse.

The elites also want to keep the masses as unprepared as possible so that as the crisis accelerates the people will get desperate, and thus be easier to control with tyrannical ‘solutions’.  They think this will stave off collapse.  It won’t, but they will still try.  Tyrannical solutions are being rolled out everywhere in the West.  The purpose is not to protect the people, but to put the capstone on the NWO.  Bill Gates is attempting to implement the Mark of the Beast.  Bill loves vaccines, depopulation, technocracy, and globalism.  He was suspiciously prescient about this pandemic.  The timing was also rather suspicious with regards to the China trade war and Fed having to do covert bailouts via the repo market.  The Great Global Ponzi was about to collapse and now the puppetmasters have a scapegoat.  How convenient.  I am trying to write more about these subjects but the news moves so quickly.

coronavirus bill gates mark of beast

Until recently, I thought we wouldn’t see the Mark of the Beast until the occult puppetmasters establish world Communism and a world fiat currency for daily transactions.  Then they would starve everyone, and bring out an implanted chip that would function as a combination bank account, rations card and Social Credit system. Deplorables would need to be able to live as hunter-gatherers.

Gates’s plan is even worse. They will have a vaccine with serious “bugs”.  Proof of vaccination will be the mark, and it will be required for any transaction or public service, even though this would not be necessary if the vaccine worked as advertised. They will say dumb white Christians are ruining the worldwide effort to stop the virus. We will public enemy #1.  Hordes of hungry NPCs and their third world pets will hunt us to the ends of the Earth.

[UPDATE: Microsoft recently advertised their new virtual reality system with the help of Marina Abramovic, the notorious spirit-cooking satanist from the Podesta emails.  There is no way to dismiss this as a PR gaffe.  It must be an advertisement to the Illuminati and all evil occultists riding on their coat-tails. Bill Gates just showed that he will be an enforcer for the satanic world government.]

P.S.  Several people have told me that the virus is being hyped by the media in order to push this NWO agenda.  There is definitely an agenda being pushed but there is no way all those hospital videos were faked.  There is no way all the apocalyptic videos out of China were faked.  In the aftermath of the first wave, Chinese companies dropped 21 million people due to nonpayment.  Chinese mobile phones are much more integrated into peoples’ lives. Having one would be even more important during a lockdown.  I suspect a good portion of these people are dead. The threat of the virus is real.  But remember, the virus is nothing compared to what the NWO has in store for us.


Coronavirus coverups

The virus is unstoppable. This is an approximate snapshot as of March 3: There are cases in 75 countries.  South Korea, Italy, Iran, Japan, Germany, France, and Spain have exponential liftoff.  The engines are lit in America.  It’s surely spreading in many other places. There’s no way Cambodia has only one case. There’s no way Indonesia has only two cases.  There’s no way all of Sub-Saharan Africa has only two cases.  Expect low competence, high corruption countries like these to burst onto the scene suddenly. Others will surely follow.  This is what happens when the virus is allowed to spread undetected.

Coronavirus worldwide exponential better

It will be interesting to see if Singapore can beat it.  I don’t think they can, but they are an interesting case.  They have community transmission in a city but with an important advantage:  A government that is competent, AND dictatorial, AND cares about its people.  A government must have all three characteristics in order to stop a highly contagious disease in its early stages.  Steamy climate and low pollution will probably also help Singapore.

Contrast Singapore to China, where the government is only semi-competent and doesn’t care about its people.  Their draconian quarantines have only delayed the inevitable. They know this.  They have shifted their efforts towards trying to get people back to work, fudging infection numbers and productivity numbers (including deliberately wasting electricity), suppressing all news, and cremating bodies.  Now that the virus is far beyond any possibility of containment in China, their dictatorship only makes things worse.

Rich Chinese are escaping to the West. There are still direct flights. Where flights have been stopped, they fly to Southeast Asia and then to the West. Nobody is quarantined.  Nobody cares.  When people are known to be sick, containment efforts range from dangerously retarded to non-existentGross incompetence abounds.

Western governments hate their own people, and they are only competent and dictatorial in the worst ways: Protecting elite power, plundering the populace and waging race war against them.  They have spent four generations growing a permanent underclass to wield as a zombie horde against the dwindling white middle class. The underclass must be fed and babysat and medicated OR ELSE.

This year is going to be an absolute shitshow.  Here are a few appetizers:

In America:

Nurgle California

Until this week, the CDC said there was no community transmission because they refused tests for cases that might have come from community transmission.  Recent genetic tests show that the virus was spreading undetected in Washington State for 6 weeks.  There are currently 31 known cases and nine deaths.  The high fatality rate comes from the virus burning through a nursing home.  Community spread is likely in San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, Long Island and probably other places. Expect a huge spike in cases over the next few weeks.

After Japanese bureaucrats made an absolute mess of the Diamond Princess outbreak, the State Department decided to evacuate 14 people who tested positive at the last minute on the same flight as people who tested negative.  11 of these other passengers have now tested positive.  They might have seeded the San Francisco outbreak.  Wait until it gets into the homeless population.  They will probably start coughing on small business owners as a method of robbery.  They will not be punished for this.

Here’s a uniquely American way to cover up cases and encourage spreading: Sic our predatory health care system on people. Smack them with huge surprise bills for a hospital visit.  Even a brief ambulance ride costs thousands of dollars in America.  Insurance companies will be hopelessly swamped or they will declare force majeure so every working chump who needs weeks of intensive care will get a million dollar bill.  Middle class people will drop in the streets for fear of medical bankruptcy.  Of course druggies, dole bludgers and illegal immigrants will get everything for free.  They will get most of the medical care.

Trump made Mike Pence the head of the Coronavirus Task Force.  The most important job of the task force is to control the media narrative.  Pence’s office can veto all media appearances by health professionals.  Pence’s main medical qualification is covering up an AIDS epidemic in Indiana.  There are other dubious things he did as governor there. Pence said that according to the government’s “best estimate”, the coronavirus threat remains low. He added MNUCHIN to the virus task force.  Mnuchin is a Goldman Sachs alumnus who is currently Treasury Secretary.

Jerome Adams, the Surgeon General, said people shouldn’t buy masks, cleaning supplies or extra food.  That means BUY WHILE YOU STILL CAN.  Masks have been in shortage for weeks.  Basic prepping goods are developing shortages now.

Coronavirus surgeon general masks

The doublethink is strong with this one.

Trump could lose the election over all this (if the Deep State doesn’t get rid of him by infecting him… his germophobia must be in high gear right now).  He will be held accountable for the actions of Pence, the Surgeon General, the State Department and the CDC.  He will be held accountable for telling us it will be over by April and the mortality rate is less than 1% so we should keep going to work.  He will be held accountable for saying it’s a good time to buy stocks while the elite dump their shares, stuff their private jets with gold and art, and bug out to New Zealand.  This is Trump’s Katrina.  We might dump him for a President who wants to invite in the entire third world and give them free health care.  Leftists in the bureaucracy seem to understand this.  They are deftly shifting the narrative from “travel bans and quarantines are racist” to Orange Man Bad.  They are spreading Fake News about Trump calling the virus a hoax.  They have also figured out that they can declare a state of emergency, demand billions of dollars of Federal funds, squander most of it on crony-socialist boondoggles and handouts for their pets, and anyone who calls them out is a monster. Spreading the virus serves the Left’s interests as long as the entire system doesn’t collapse, but I think it will collapse.

America’s economy is heavily dependent on retail, restaurants, services, and paper-shuffling in megacorp cube farms.  These businesses will be disrupted because employees are likely to get sick or decide it’s not worth risking their lives for minimum wage.  Productive industries will have layoffs due to heavy reliance on China.  Car manufacturers, electronics manufacturers, and pharmaceutical companies are already cutting production due to supply chain problems.  Most people live paycheck to paycheck.  They will default on rents and debts.  The effects will ripple through the economy.  This is going to be worse than the Crash of ’08.  Bailouts will follow, then hyperinflation, then collapse of the welfare state, then chimpouts, then a crackdown, then our cold civil war will go hot.

In South Korea:

Coronavirus cult

Shincheonji Church of Jesus.  “Jesus” is the cult leader.  Will he heal all his disciples by giving them the Breath of Life?  If it doesn’t work, wait three days and try again!  Their behavior in the midst of an outbreak shows cluelessness worthy of a collective Darwin Award.

Most of South Korea’s thousands of cases come from a woman who was in contact with 4,475 members of a touchy-feely cult. She refused tests, saying that since she hadn’t been to China she must have just had a cold.  The cult  has 245,000 members in South Korea and an outpost in Wuhan.  Members have now scattered.  90,000 cult members are unaccounted for.  Many are calling this a “death cult”.  I don’t think they actually are, I think they are just dangerously naive.  The South Korean government has been competent and transparent, with better testing than anyone else, but they lack the authority which would have been necessary to stop the outbreak in its early stages.  It’s too late now.  Millions of innocent Koreans will suffer.   [UPDATE:  Maybe they have a chance of beating it with vigorous testing.  This is another country to watch. UPDATE 2:  Their strategy seems to be working, but was set back by another church which infected 46 people by spraying saltwater deep down parishioners’ throats without disinfecting the bottle.]

In Italy:

Italy has ~50% more deaths than any country outside of china more deaths than the rest of the world outside of China, with an 8% case fatality rate in Lombardy, and ~9x more serious cases than any country outside of China.  It’s not clear whether this is due to an under-reporting of mild cases, or a mutation which spawned a more aggressive strain.  One of their first patients is a 38 year old Italian marathon runner and soccer player with no prior health problems.  He’s still in intensive care.  We should not be under any illusions that the virus is just a flu unless you’re old, unhealthy, or Asian.

[UPDATE:  Maybe it’s not a mutation, maybe it’s GloboHomo Inc. ruining everything it touches.  John Mark has a video on why Italy is having such trouble.  It’s a combination of the Chinese being allowed to take over the fashion industry for the “Made in Italy” label, plus Italy has the oldest population in Europe.  Italy began its exponential rocket ride shortly after all the travelers came back from Chinese New Year.  John also raises an interesting point about how the Left spent decades pushing unions and regulations so hard that Big Business pushed back with globalization and mass immigration, and now the Left is using immigrants to enslave the white working class, and the parasitic elite are laughing all the way to the bank.  You won’t hear this from the media.]

As recently as two weeks ago, leftist Italian politicians and talking heads were on TV whining about how quarantining travelers from China was “racist and unfounded fearmongering”. The governor of Tuscany said “it’s fascist to even talk about quarantine”.  Leftist activists, Asian associations and local government officials organized Hug your Local Asian events.

Coronavirus welcome

Now there are thousands of reported cases.  There are probably tens of thousands of actual cases because Italy hasn’t been testing contacts even if they are symptomatic.  Italy has one of the fastest exponential growth rates, and they spread the virus to 30 other countries11 municipalities most of northern Italy all of Italy is under quarantine.  Virtue signaling is all fun and games until someone loses a lung, then leftists turn into fascists when they realize there might be personal consequences for their actions. Leftism is the real death cult.

[UPDATE: (((Nicola Zingaretti))), a leftist party leader who participated in this virtue signaling, is infected!]

Even the Pope is not immune to this insanity. He has some kind of bug after touching crowds of people unprotected. He already has only one lung so I don’t think any amount of baby blood will save him, and God won’t protect him either. Francis is the first Jesuit Pope. They’re like the Vatican’s CIA, with all the hidden evil that implies. A Jesuit founded the Bavarian Illuminati. Pope Francis put the capstone on the Church’s transformation into a den of pedophiles, satanists, Marxists, rapefugee welcomers, and world government proponents. The entire Vatican deserves an Old Testament smiting. It would be fitting for the Pope to be the first major public figure to be killed by the virus.

Vatican snake 2

This is the Pope’s audience hall.  It was completed in 1971.  The Pope sits where the snake’s tongue comes out, i.e. he’s the false prophet.  Behind the Pope is a monstrous statue which they claim represents Jesus rising from a nuke crater, but it looks more like a snake-man rising from Hell.  The whole scene is an exercise in satanic inversion and Illuminati predictive programming.  The fact that this blasphemous thing exists, and is not considered newsworthy, should show you that the Vatican and the media are thoroughly corrupted.

In Iran:

Iran’s epidemic exploded out of nowhere, fueled by a combination of official coverups and people kissing and licking religious shrines.

Four senior Iranian officials have been infected. One died. The Ayatollah has probably been exposed. 23 members of Parliament are infected. Here’s the deputy health minister coughing and sweating during a press conference downplaying the virus. The real body count is in the hundreds, which would correspond to up to ~10,000 infected unless this is a particularly aggressive strain released by the usual suspects.

I’m starting to wonder if this disease won’t just kill globalism, but kill the globalists themselves.  They tend to be old, well connected, constantly traveling and meeting with travelers.  One can hope.

[UPDATE:  Oy Vey!  AIPAC has been exposed.  Who is going to agitate for war with Iran now?  “More than 18,000 people from all 50 states, over 275 synagogue delegations, thousands of students from 630 campuses, and more than two-thirds of the members of Congress attended the conference.”  Yeshiva University has cancelled classes.

CPAC has been exposed.  President Trump shook hands with someone who was exposed.

The virus has infected two Eurocrats in Brussels.  Committee hearings are cancelled for three weeks.  Greta Thunberg still gets to hold press conferences though.

UK health minister Nadine Dorries just tested positive.  She started experiencing symptoms FOUR DAYS AGO and has had contact with hundreds of people since then, including Boris Johnson. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH I HOPE THE QUEEN GETS IT NEXT- I hear this Frankenvirus has some snake virus genes so maybe the Queen can catch it!]

Also In Britain:

Two baggage handlers at Heathrow Airport have tested positive.

Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, says there’s no risk of catching the virus on public transportation. It would be Islamophobic not to trust him. Let’s show solidarity by declaring that Fridays are Handrail-Licking Day. Anyone who doesn’t participate is a racist.

The NHS has a policy of only testing those who have had contact with a confirmed case, and only confirming by testing.  Problem solved… until next month, when the hospitals will be overwhelmed.

The World Health Organization:

The head of the WHO is Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus of Ethiopia.  He would not have gotten the job if he was not corrupt.  He covered up three cholera epidemics in Ethiopia. He is being bribed by two powerful interest groups who want to downplay the Coronavirus pandemic.

The first is a group of (((investors))) who don’t want the WHO to declare a pandemic because doing so would trigger non-payment of pandemic bonds which they bought from the World Bank.  The bonds have highly complex repayment criteria and a 13% interest rate.  Obviously the buyers decided to game the repayment criteria by bribing Tedros, World Health be damned.

China is obviously pushing this too.  Bribing Tedros would be very cheap for them, plus they can threaten to withhold their WHO funding, thereby gaining leverage over the WHO. China built Ethiopia’s Bole International Airport on credit.  It’s China’s gateway to Africa.  They will gain permanent control of the airport if Ethiopia misses a few payments.  China is actually counting on this, and sooner or later they will get it.  In the short term, they can threaten Ethiopia’s economy if Tedros goes off script.

Coronavirus WHO

This whole situation is a good example of how China is taking over Africa: Bribe the leaders, get them to run up irresponsible debts, trigger defaults, control all resources and infrastructure, and don’t take crap from anyone.  Africans don’t know how screwed they are.  The new imperialists don’t suffer from political correctness or pathological altruism.