Some people did something

Notre Dame meme


Notre Dame has been burned so badly that the entire roof has melted, but the vaulted ceiling held in most places.  The destruction could have been much worse.  It will be much worse, if the West doesn’t collectively repent its sins and leave the PC suicide cult.

This iconic cathedral is 856 years old.  It was a 6-generation labor of love, with skilled craftsmanship handed down from father to son, and it was a center of religious life in Paris during the 633 years when Jesus actually meant something to them. It survived innumerable wars, and looting and vandalism by the Cult of Reason during the French Revolution, but will it survive the Cult of PC Globalism and their marauding hordes?

The ashes still smouder and already there are questions:

Have Muslims been trying to one-up each other after it became clear that the French will not prosecute all but the most serious attacks on churches? There have been an average of three church attacks PER DAY– fires, burglaries, statues demolished, excrement smeared, a priest killed, the Cross desecrated, etc. Notre Dame has been targeted just recently.

Did Muslims increase church attacks after Macron diverted police to the Yellow Vests?

The cathedral was being renovated.  A large amount of art and sculpture was removed over the last few days.  Father Frederic says that most of the art and religious relics were saved.  This is great news, but is it standard practice to clear everything out before renovating the roof of a cathedral?  If not, who ordered the removal?  Was any gold removed from the basement?  Unfortunately, carvings and stained glass windows will be lost.  Notre Dame was an art museum in and of itself.

Notre Dame rose window

Some of the Rose Windows were lost.

Notre Dame Ornate

The entire cathedral was full of ornate carvings.  Some of them must have been lost.

Notre Dame cross 2

The Cross is still there.  The structure is still there.  A lot of renovation will be necessary to restore the cathedral to its former beauty.  This is a metaphor for Western civilization.

The firefighters took an hour to show up.  Did they need sensitivity training so that Muslim firefighters would not get triggered by the crosses in the cathedral?

The chief architect says it’s hard to set fire to huge oak beams. So how did the fire start?

Did a diversity hire “accidentally” leave a cigarette near a pile of thinner-soaked rags? Or slip a delayed incendiary device up in the rafters? There are no cameras up there.

NPC News had an article about two separate fires . This is consistent with other reports that there were two separate fire alarms, with the first fire failing to spread.  So why did Paris prosecutor Remy Heitz come out and say there was no reason to suspect arson? Did he fail to prosecute arson at other churches? This has got to be the most politicized job in the world right now.  I wonder what kind of dirt THEY have on him.

Was there a secret plan to turn Notre Dame into a mosque? It is standard practice for Muslims to destroy and take over holy sites in all lands they invade.  Leftist media is already gloating about this possibility.

Is it good news that billionaire are pitching in hundreds of millions of dollars each to help restore Notre Dame?  How often has billionaire humanitarianism turned out to be a facade?  Will there be strings attached, like tranny bathrooms, or Gucci bags sold from the alcoves?

There was a fire at the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem at the same time. Was it children playing, or SOMEONE trying to start a holy war?

Is it a coincidence that Macron was scheduled to unveil “profound changes” in a long-awaited response to the Yellow Vests?

What was this guy doing?

false-flag-suspect-notre-dame 2

Someone who looks like a bearded Black Muslim in a yellow vest was spotted walking around the upper structure during the fire.  You know what that means. Time to lock up all the evil cathedral-burning Nazis!

Even if it was a genuine accident, nobody will believe the official story because Macron is a traitorous sellout and Rothschild toady who welcomes the rape of his own country at the hands of Muslim invaders.  Therefore he deserves all the blame he will get for this.  I’m surprised that worm still draws breath.  His Pretorian Guard must hate him.  At this point, anyone who kills him after covertly signaling the attack in advance would be able to collect a fortune in donated cryptocurrency.

The underlying cause is the cultural rot which grew from the hundreds of years of general faggotry that were the inevitable result of the French losing all their real men in war. In the sneering postmodern dystopia which emerged from the vacuum, they think they need to snuff out masculinity, Christianity, whiteness, etc, but they need these things more than ever.  They need Charles the Hammer. Pray that he can still be raised from the genetic cesspool. God Save France.  But God will abandon them to their sins and their pet head-choppers if they don’t return to Him.


The feast of moloch

moloch is an ancient demon-god who promises wealth and power in exchange for first-born baby boys (although, in a pinch, he also takes aborted fetuses and children in general).  The Old Testament history books sometimes sound like an inter-dimensional proxy war against moloch.  His cult was a recurring problem among the leadership of ancient Israel.  Why did they worship moloch even though they knew that God commanded them to kill those who do it?  It turns out moloch’s promise is real because, at the very least, the cult of moloch lets ambitious people prove that they are evil enough and compromised enough to wield power ruthlessly.  It’s satanically inverted virtue signaling.  And it’s still going on today.  moloch is one of the major gods in the Illuminati pantheon.

Bohemian grove owl

The Cremation of Care ceremony in Bohemian Grove, site of much depravity.  In ancient times, moloch would have been a giant bull-headed statue with a belly furnace for babies.

The Feast of Moloch occurs on April 19-20.  Sacrifices are most effective if performed on these days, especially if the sacrifice can be done as a false flag which increases the power of the Illuminati.  Here are suspicious tragedies which might fit the bill:

Ludlow massacre, April 20, 1914.  John D. Rockefeller got the National Guard to attack 1200 of his striking workers and their families, shooting them and burning their tents.  55 women and children died by fire.  The men retaliated with the Colorado Coal Field War which killed approximately 75 people and was used as an excuse to restrict gun rights.

The Holocaust.  This is a huge can of worms which I have not had the time to disentangle.  Suffice to say that I think that much like global warming, the truth has been twisted and exaggerated to serve an agenda.  Consider that Hitler might have rebelled against the rest of the NWO (see comments below).  The moloch angle is that Hitler was born on April 20 and this might be one of the reasons why occultists had an early interest in him.  moloch doesn’t seem like a Thule Society thing but they drew heavily on the ideas of Helena Blavatsky, who was a luciferian, so I don’t know.  Prime suspect puppetmasters are the Jesuits and the Rothschilds.  Pick and choose information from these sources- they’re a bit dodgy.

CSA siege, April 19, 1985.  300 Feds were prepared to attack them but they surrendered.  Was this supposed to end like Waco?  Some of the same people were involved.

Waco massacre, April 19, 1993.  The Branch Davidians only acted in self-defense.  The Feds deliberately started the fire which killed 76 people.  The two-month siege and media spectacle (with its carefully chosen end date) was used to justify tighter Federal restrictions on assault rifles.

Oklahoma City bombing, April 19, 1995. Supposedly a revenge attack for Waco, this false flag led to a dead baby on the cover of Time magazine.  The militia movement was crippled for a generation.

Columbine school shooting, April 20, 1999.  They intended to blow up the school, and the aftermath led to schools being used to condition people to the prison/police state, and the cops might have had a dark involvement in this, but I am going to leave moloch out of it.  The victims were too old for his taste.

Deepwater Horizon explosion, April 20, 2010.  This is on the conspiracy radar due to Rothschild and Royal Family ownership plus Halliburton’s tangential involvement.  However, none of these things are unusual, there were no children present (that we know of), and the incident doesn’t fit the pattern of the others.  The date is a coincidence IMHO.

The Feast of Moloch is part of a larger spring season of sacrifice and fortuitous dates.  For example, the wiccan / pagan holiday of Beltane (May 1) is also Commie Day, the birthday of the modern Illuminati, the day the Nazis were defeated, and the day most of Eastern Europe joined the EU.

moloch season of sacrifice

If there are any major happenings over the next month, the first question (as always) should be “who benefits?”  The Commie faction of the cabal is on the ropes right now so it would be a good time for a false flag.

Chaos strategies for 2020

Joker money

I love Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar. I want 50 more of them.

During their three months in the House, I have heard more gripes about the Loony Left than I heard all last year.  Redpill receptivity has increased.  Someone who used to extoll the wonders of Brown Socialism has not mentioned it recently. I thank AOC and Ilhan Omar for this.

AOC is a narcissistic, out of touch millenial who thinks her BU economics degree makes her a genius.  They taught her that money printing solves everything, so she might as well print $93 trillion for socialist boondoggles.  She says illegal immigrants are her constituents.  She is under four separate ethics investigations.  She scared Amazon away from her state.  The New York Democrats are talking about gerrymandering her out of her district.  It won’t matter.  She’s a replaceable puppet.

Ilhan Omar causes pearl-clutching on both sides of the aisle simply by telling the truth about Israel’s rampant bribery and war-hypnosis, and Obama‘s warmongering.  Other politicians have a hard time challenging her because she has a whopping THREE victim points. It’s amazing that they can break through the PC programming enough to challenge her at all.  They never challenge her about having more sympathy for ISIS terrorists than Americans, and they never say anything about her district being America’s #1 spot for welfare fraud being used to fund terrorism, because anyone who complains about such things is a bigot.  The only reason Omar gets called out is because she triggers the (((Special People))).

Trump Israel

Our government will give Israel at least $38 billion for security, including a wall.  The (((media))) has not complained about this.  However, spending $5 billion on our own wall was so controversial that it was worth a month-long government shutdown plus extra shrieks of racism.

AOC and Ilhan Omar aren’t even real politicians- they are actressesThey auditioned for the role.  They are joined by five others like them in Congress, including one who is a literal actress.  Their campaigns were managed by a bunch of very media-savvy Communist revolutionaries and Bernie veterans called the Justice Democrats.  When AOC appears to be as dumb as a bag of hammers, it’s because she’s talking off-script.  When she proposes a communist monstrosity like the Green New Deal, someone else wrote it.  She’s just an actress.  The Justice Democrats are the director.  Soros is the producer.  The UN is the executive producer.  This site breaks it all down.

The Communists want to use the primaries to purge the last vestiges of quasi-sanity from the Democratic Party and turn America into a totalitarian dictatorship with open borders and race-based reparations for the entire world. They have a disproportionate fondness for Muslims.

muslim welfare

Here’s an accelerationist Chaos Strategy for 2020:

If you’re a conservative in a consistently blue district or a red district without a close RINO/MAGA battle, then register as a Democrat and vote for the biggest lunatic who might win the primary, especially if that lunatic is endorsed by the Justice Democrats.  Their candidates will get the rocket boost that comes from having puppetmaster.  You won’t need to give any money.  Soros will have great data analytics which will tell him exactly how much money it will take to get his puppets into office.  Let him spend his money.  You provide your vote and maybe some votes from your conservative friends.

Would you rather have an establishment Democrat who acts sane but votes with the crazies 80% of the time?  Would you rather have a phony like Mitt Romney who pretends to be on your side but votes with the globalists every time his vote matters?  These are the other options in a blue district.  IMHO it would be better to have a loony commie who wakes people up.  Who knows, you might get lucky and have a patriot beat the commie.  A safe blue district might have 40% red thrown in to reduce the number of red districts elsewhere.  That 40% could push a patriot over the top if the Democrats run a lunatic in a year that will see a backlash against lunatics if Trump actually drains the swamp.

I want daily ANTIFA chimpouts on the floor of the House. I want daily foaming-at-the-mouth hatred against white people, and against America in general, from those sworn to uphold our values.  I want close votes decided by Muslim vs. Jew gladiator battles on the floor of the House.  I want C-SPAN to be funnier than the Jerry Springer Show. I want demands for 110% taxation, reparations, open borders, child trannies, and jail for microaggressions against protected classes. I want normies to be terrified. I want business owners to fear losing everything. I want virtue signalers to realize that the time is soon coming when they won’t be able to cuck anymore, won’t be able to hide in their gated communities, won’t have the protection of the system, etc. I want Jews and Democrats to fear that their pet underclass will rip them from their positions of privilege and devour them. I want money grubbers to realize that their bank accounts are just digits on a screen that will go blank if they keep pushing PC insanity.

The puppetmasters depend on millions of useful idiots and middle managers to do their dirty work for them.  They set up social and institutional incentives which lead to inertia.  It’s hard to change anything until some bean counter somewhere realizes that his gravy train might get derailed.  We must bait the left into inspiring this fear.  They have great institutional power but they lack self-awareness, common decency, restraint, and even a basic understanding of reality.  These weaknesses will be their undoing, one way or another.


If you don’t like this, you’re a racist.

Here are Chaos Strategies planned by Democrats. I endorse the first two:

  • A new legal witch hunt over Trump’s taxes. This will work as well as Mueller.
  • Register as Republicans to vote for Mitt Romney in the primary.  This won’t work, but it will make it easier for us to vote for the craziest Dems.
  • Allow felons, 16 year olds, and illegals to vote legally.
  • Do an end run around the Electoral College by getting states to bind electors to the popular vote. This would mean the swingiest swing states might as well be blue, cities would have increased influence and increased vote fraud, and if the election is close enough for a national recount there might be enough chaos to start a civil war.
  • Pass state laws to grab the guns of law-abiding people so they will be unable to resist the Left’s enforcers (including MS-13). Make sure violent illegal aliens are not deported when they try to buy guns.  This shows the Democrats’ priorities.
  • Stop Trump from making citizenship a census question.  This would give blue states more electoral votes and more representatives in later elections.
  • Invite in as much of the third world as they can.
Caravan transported by Mexican govt

The Mexican government is escorting caravans to the border. 100,000 people crossed in March alone.  This is higher than at any time during the Obama administration.

I’m getting off the Trump train.

He just cucked on immigration again.  He gave Mexico 1 year to get its act together or he will start taxing cars.  What a joke.  He should send the Army to close the border right now.  This would also be a great way to renegotiate NAFTA, as he promised to do.  Over the last few months I have become increasingly blackpilled about Trump. It looks more and more like his whole Law Cuck thing is an act to cover up his allegiance to the Neocon/Zionist faction of the NWO.  He’s had multiple chances to pull an Andrew Jackson, i.e. send the Army and challenge the Court to send its own army to stop him.  Trump is no Andrew Jackson.  He’s Obama for white people. Larryzb and Pale Buffalo deserve credit for saying it first.

Trump said he wants plenty of immigration as long as it’s legal. Right now the biggest legal scam is that if they claim asylum, then we release them into the country to work and collect welfare while they wait for a distant court date that they will never show up for. Asylum seekers don’t even show up in the illegal immigration totals because the process is technically legal.  This is one of many ways in which white people are lulled to sleep with fake statistics so we don’t realize we are becoming hated minorities in the countries our ancestors built.

It’s a system made to be abused.  Trump complains about it, but he allows himself to be cucked by any judge with an axe to grind.  This is probably because he listens to Jared Kushner, the Neocons, and assorted Chamber of Commerce Cuckservatives. A Guatemalan human trafficker claims it has never been easier to smuggle people into America, especially if they have children in tow (often as props / trafficking victims).

There will be 30,000 extra “seasonal” guest worker visas because the economy is improving. Business leaders are clamoring for more H1b’s and Trump seems to be listening. Meanwhile, Straight White Males go to the back of the bus when applying for good jobs. Why should we care about Trump’s economy when it’s not really for us? We would be better off with a collapsed economy, because the invasion would stop and we would have a chance to purge all our civilizational rot. We are going to have to fight Trump’s economy. Varg has the right idea. White people should find creative ways to go on welfare if possible and use the money to prepare for the collapse.  Just be careful not to let welfare drain your soul. We are not content to be human yeast.

I’m tentatively endorsing Andrew Yang. I have no illusions about Universal Basic Income being a good thing, in fact I am counting on it being a disaster, but once it’s established it will be popular enough that the technocrats will have a financial incentive to end mass immigration.  I think Yang would surround himself with people who would  figure this out.  He hasn’t gone off the deep end with the social justice cult.  He does support the Green New Deal, but so do I, for accelerationist reasons.  He proposes geoengineering which would exacerbate cooling from the grand solar minimum and cause food shortages. His VAT tax and carbon tax are bad ideas that won’t go away until the system collapses, but that’s the entire point, so who cares?

Virgin Trump Chad Yang

Screenshot (350)

Here’s the Asian Capitalists’ take on Yang and why he has more of 4chan’s mental market share than Trump. Note that some of the memes are a shill campaign, some of them are organic.  Here’s another good video where these guys explain the looming choice between the Four Corners of political dystopias: Absolutism (Communism or Fascism) vs. Anarchy (welfare-fuelled Zombie Apocalypse or BitCoin-fuelled killer robots).

I will switch to Kamala Harris if she goes crazy enough to inspire the military coup which should have happened after the bailouts or 9/11.  I will get back on the Trump train if he stops Law Cucking to activist judges, Mexicans, Guatemalans, the migrant welfare mafia, the endless anti-white inquisition, Javanka, and the rest of the swamp. Now that trust is low, he will have to work harder to prove he’s not a cuckservative. Firing Kirstjen Nielsen was a hopeful step, as is shifting the balance of the 9th Circuit Court and purging the government’s HR department, plus a flurry of small victories like stopping taxpayer funded mortgages for illegal aliens (WTF- this program was Sweden tier cuckery).  These reforms are a small fraction of what is needed.

Barring a spectacular purge from Trump, we need to find creative ways to pour gasoline on the funeral pyre of Western civilization, because burning it down looks like the only way to save it. The entire establishment hates us and wants to replace us with third world ingrates who are easier to manipulate. Arm yourselves. The Second Civil War could be a horrible slaughter to echo through the ages.

nuke clown

Heads must roll

Trump V My Turn

Robert Mueller has finally given up his witch hunt.  He had his report nearly finished eight months ago, but he wanted to drag it out so the Democrats could win the mid-term elections.  He used the extra time to harass Trump’s family, bust Michael Cohen for hoarding taxicab medallions, pretend it’s illegal to pay blackmail to a porn star, send more muscle to grab Roger Stone for BS process crimes than they supposedly sent to capture Bin Laden, etc.  Everyone hoped that the constant dunning and subpoenas and foaming hatred would cripple Trump politically and crush his spirit.  They underestimated him.  Attacks make him stronger.  It’s well past time for him to get revenge.  The kid gloves must come off.  Restraint will not gain him any political points with anyone who matters.  The left and the Deep State will try to destroy him no matter what he does.  The right would see restraint as proof that he is a puppet of the neocon/zionist faction of the NWO.  The independents would see restraint as just another double standard of a hopelessly corrupt system.  Anyone with any power would see restraint as proof that Trump is a mere speed bump in front of the Cabal steamroller so it’s foolish to stand with him.

Trump needs to bring down a purge worthy of Stalin. He can start by declassifying the FISA warrant and the OIG report. These will reveal that the Democrats and the Deep State manufactured fake evidence of collusion to submit to the FISA court in hopes that spying on Trump and his campaign would yield some kind of viable dirt. When that failed, they trotted out the fake Steele dossier right before the 2016 election. When that failed, they started the Russia investigation in hopes of tricking Trump into ‘obstructing’ their investigation into the hoax crime which they framed him for. Investigating Russian collusion was never the purpose because everyone knew it was a hoax. Some of Mueller’s own crew are connected to Joseph Mifsud, the fake Russian agent who tried to frame Trump with the help of the CIA and British intelligence.

Mueller himself was to deliver a sample of American uranium to the Russians so that Hillary could collude with Russia to take 20% of our uranium, in exchange for kickbacks, and possibly as a pass-through to Iran and North Korea.  The FBI and DOJ looked the other way while Hillary and Obama committed many serious crimes of this magnitude.  That’s why the entire establishment says Orange Man Bad.  They don’t want any of this stuff coming out.  They really, really don’t want the pedo stuff and the WWIII plot coming out or they will be more reviled than the Nazis.  Trump could make it a slow drip over six years, with hundreds of thousands of arrests.  If we don’t get disclosure and justice on this scale then I will consider Trump to be a failure regardless of anything else he might do.

16 year plan to destroy America

Every day they walk free is a national disgrace.

If we do get disclosure and justice, imagine all the kegs full of delicious liberal tears!  They cannot ever admit their deranged crusade is flawed in any way. Look how they handled the Mueller news in the only way they know:  They doubled down on stupid. “Orange Man cheats at golf! Mueller must be compromised by Russia!  Barr is owned by Trump, and therefore Russia!  He’s going to spend the next two weeks redacting all the most damaging stuff from the Mueller report!  It’s all a big conspiracy!  It must be true because a Russian hooker promised a collusion tape if Mueller pulled strings to get her out of jail in Thailand!”

Pencil-Neck Adam Schiff seems to think they can still get Trump for obstructing investigations of his associates.  This is a lie.  Trump asked to know about any illegal dealings by his associates, and he can’t obstruct investigations which even the FBI admits he didn’t know about at the time.  Schiff might soon be out due to his constant leaks and lies.  Black Conservative Patriot has a good video about this, plus imminent perp walks for Comey, Lynch, Brennan, Strzok, Page, and other officials who organized the frame-up on behalf of Obama and Hillary.

Rachel Maddow broke down in tears. She was the main talking head pushing Trump-Russia. She devoted over half her show to this conspiracy theory. Now her ratings have plummeted, along with MSNBC and CNN in general. Sean Hannity is calling down fire and brimstone on them. How times change. I’m old enough to remember when Fox blamed Saddam for 9/11 and MSNBC was a voice of (relative) sanity.


Some on the left are saying “It’s time to move on”. NO. You don’t get to attempt a coup, lie to Congress and the courts, ruin two years of a presidency, incite invaders and rampaging mobs, and increase tensions with a nuclear power and expect to walk away because “mistakes were made, get over it Bad Orange Baby”. This is treason. HEADS MUST ROLL.  The purge must extend throughout the institutions, including media, justice, Big Tech, Wall Street, NGOs, and big-city DA offices.

There has not been true rule of law in America for generations. A lawless parasitic elite, their enforcers, and a lawless parasitic underclass plunder law-abiding Middle America with impunity. They use the law as a weapon to oppress honest, hardworking people, and destroy those who try to change the system. Anyone who obeys the letter of the law is a cuck who is destroying the country. Disobedience is a patriotic duty. If Trump doesn’t disprove this, all hell will break loose in 2020.


God’s shotgun

12,900 years ago, fragments of a giant comet stuck the North American ice cap and wiped out part of the advanced civilization known as Atlantis. I will be making multiple posts about Atlantis and its survivors.  This post is mainly about the impacts.

Carolina bays ellipseThe Atlantic coastal plain from New Jersey to Texas is peppered with half a million shallow, boggy depressions called Carolina bays.  Similar features are found in Nebraska, where they are called rainwater basins.  They are always ellipses with the same aspect ratio, and they are always aligned with their neighbors, although their orientation varies by region.  Ordinary earth processes cannot explain this pattern.  The bays have overlapping raised rims and ragged outside edges characteristic of impact craters, but these are not impacts from space. Space impacts have very high velocities which cause explosive vaporization and high-pressure shock waves.  The telltale signs of a space impact are shatter cones, shocked quartz, nano-diamonds, circular craters, and the presence of iridium (an element so rare, it’s out of this world).  Carolina bays do not have these signs.

Carolina bays Saginaw bay

The bays are secondary impacts from huge chunks of ice ejected by primary impacts on the Laurentide ice sheet.  The bays’ long axes converge on Saginaw Bay, Michigan and parts of southern Canada.  13,000 years ago, these areas were covered with kilometers of ice.

The shapes and locations of the bays are consistent with a continent-wide saturation bombing by chunks of ice up to a few hundred meters wide, traveling at 3-4 km/s (6700-8900 miles/hr).  The world’s most epic hailstorm wiped out the large mammals of North America and the Clovis hunter-gatherers.  Everything east of the Rockies was devastated.  The reason we don’t see Carolina bays everywhere is because they only formed in areas with deep silty/sandy soil and a high water table, so that the earthquakes from the impacts caused enough liquefaction for splat-marks to be preserved. A key prediction of this hypothesis would be inverted sediment layers under the far ends of the rims.  Carbon dating doesn’t mean much because it tells us when the soil formed, not when the ice bombardment rearranged the landscape.

The ice sheets had been melting due to 1800 years of warming climate.  To the west of the impacts, there was an enormous meltwater lake called Lake Agassiz.  An impact near Hudson Bay could have ejected so much ice that Lake Agassiz drained into Hudson Bay and disrupted the Gulf Stream, causing a 1200-year return to Ice Age conditions known as the Younger Dryas.

Here are other possible impacts within historical memory:

  • Bloody Creek, Nova Scotia.  This is either a 400m crater about as old as the Younger Dryas, or it’s the bottom of a much larger, older crater that eroded.
  • Two large craters (30km and 37km) were recently found near Hiawatha, Greenland.  They’re not dated yet, but they look geologically young.  They could be from the same time as the North American impacts.
  • 8km crater near Iturralde, Bolivia.  28,000 BC – 9000 BC.
  • Pacific Ocean, ~9300 BC (speculative, crater not found). This would be a good way to end the Younger Dryas and cause a lot of flooding, especially if the tsunami swept away large amounts of Antarctic ice.
  • 29km crater in the southern Indian Ocean, ~2500 BC
  • Sodom, Jordan.  Yes, it’s that Sodom.  Destroyed ~1700 BC
  • A spectacular near miss in 1486 BC inspired cults all around the world
  • An 18km crater and a 12km crater in the Gulf of Carpintaria, Australia, 536 AD
  • 20km crater near Stewart Island, New Zealand, late 1400s
  • Tunguska, Siberia, 1908.  This was a small one that didn’t even make it to the ground, but its explosion was 1000 times more powerful than the nuke which destroyed Hiroshima.

There may have been other impacts.  Comets are seen as harbingers of doom by every ancient culture.  This site has a treasure trove of links on the subject.

Crater-counting astronomers say there should not be this many impacts of such size within such a short time.  They say such a run of bad luck is nearly impossible. But what if all these impacts came from the same source?

Comet jupiter

Jupiter usually protects the inner solar system from comets. It ejects most of them into interstellar space, and eats most others. Jupiter eats thousands of times more comets than Earth does. A comet will not survive a close encounter with Jupiter- it will be shredded by Jupiter’s strong gravity. In 1992, Jupiter shredded comet Shoemaker-Levy 9.  All the fragments hit Jupiter two years later. If Shoemaker-Levy 9 had been going a bit faster, its fragments might have streamed into the inner solar system!

There is evidence that something like this actually happened.  The Taurid meteor stream is thought to be the remains of a giant comet, ~100km wide, which entered the solar system sometime during the late Pleistocene.  The orbits of the Taurids suggest that their parent body had an orbit-shrinking encounter with Jupiter at some point.  Fragmentation might have occurred during that encounter or at a later date.  The beginning of the Younger Dryas is marked by a thin layer of soot, charcoal, nanodiamonds, microspherules, iridium, fullerenes containing extraterrestrial helium-3, and… moon dust. The moon dust proves there wasn’t just one object, but a swarm.  Many large chunks should still remain within the Taurid meteor stream. These chunks would be dark, because their surface ice has evaporated.  Three big ones might have have hit us within the last 5000 years.


A comparison of ancient flood myths to the Biblical story (which was based on the Epic of Gilgamesh).  It’s worth noting that the Bible’s long period of rain, and its recognition that the rain was not sufficient to produce the flood, are both consistent with an impact.  A detailed list of flood myths can be found here.  There were actually multiple floods corresponding to multiple impacts and/or glacial lake drainings. A single lake draining gives a few meters at most.  The total sea level rise was 125 meters.  The overtopping of the Black Sea in 5600 BC must have had a special influence on the mythology of the Near East.

All over the world, there are stories of a lost golden age, destruction from the sky, floods, and civilization-bringers.  12,900 years ago, Earth was just coming out of the last Ice Age, so most people were still hunter-gatherers adapted to harsh climates but unsuited to city life. The Atlanteans had explored the world but had not expanded much beyond the coasts, which left them vulnerable to flooding.  I will hazard a guess that their capital was in the Cyclades.  Plato says it went down in 9600 BC, which corresponds exactly to Meltwater Pulse 1B at the end of the Younger Dryas.  7000 years later, The Minoan eruption destroyed what was left of their capital.

Graham Hancock makes a lot of interesting connections in this lecture.  I think the stories of Noah, Atlantis, the Annunaki, and the Book of Enoch could all be tied together under the framework of an advanced civilization which was destroyed at the end of the last Ice Age.  Obviously not all details can be reconciled, i.e. I think the asteroid belt is as old as astronomers say it is, and the Annunaki are not actually from Nibiru- they are from Atlantis.

Screenshot (347)

Graham Hancock’s Plato slide made readable.  Atlantis’s moral trajectory sounds familiar.  I wonder how many of God’s shotgun pellets are still out there?  Will Giant Meteor win the only vote that matters?

Stay tuned for more about the long-skulled survivors and their technology.

Christchurch looks like a false flag

New Zealand is back in the news again.  They punch above their weight.

A week ago, Brenton Tarrant massacred 50 Muslims at a mosque in Christchurch.  He livestreamed it on Facebook and left behind a manifesto that was a mixture of white nationalism and troll memes. His stated goals were to pour gasoline on the West’s slow-burning race war, avenge European deaths at the hands of Muslims, and trigger a gun crackdown and subsequent civil war in America.  He triggered a worldwide feeding frenzy.

The official story smells like a Gladio-style false flag.  I don’t know the full story, and we may never know the full story, because there have been many very suspicious shootings where the whole truth has never come out:  Parkland, Vegas, Sandy Hook, the Pulse nightclub shooting, the Bataclan nightclub shooting, the Batman shooting, and Presidential shootings all the way back to JFK.  These are just the ones that come to mind.  There are many others.

To keep up with this story as it evolves, watch the Vinny Eastwood Show.  He’s New Zealand’s #1 alternative reporter. He has been censored in the middle of his livestream so he must be on to something.  Here he interviews false flag expert Ole Dammergard, who traced the Cabal slug trails weaving through some of the major Islamic terror attacks in Europe.  Here he interviews Kurt Haskell, who deconstructed the underwear bomber false flag.  Kurt has a list of 41 red flags to look for in association with false flag attacks.  Real attacks should have few if any of these red flags.  The Christchurch shooting has 18 of Kurt’s red flags.

Here are the suspicious things I have collected thus far:

Deep State background activity:

  • John Podesta went to NZ and met with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern 5 days before the shooting.  He called NZ “A big juicy target” for election hacking and “weaponized fake news” from hacked information.
  • Jacinda is a commie with ties to the UN and other globalists and commies. She got a scholarship from the Masons. She helped cover up a masonic / police child abuse scandal in the UK.
Screenshot (346)

Jacinda Ardern’s five-year plan.

  • The Strzok transcripts were just released, showing how the DOJ let Hillary off for running a secret documents yard sale disguised as a deliberately insecure email server.  A distraction was needed.
  • Last week was a very bad news week for the Democrats.  There were TWELVE happenings, any one of which might have been Scandal of the Year in a more civilized era.
  • Q says this week will be even worse for them.  If so, it will be Spygate related.  We could see the end of the Russia investigation, declassification of the FISA warrant or the OIG report, and indictments of McCabe, Comey, Brennan, Lynch, Yates, and Clapper. Fingers crossed.  Q really needs to deliver something big, or people will start saying REEEEEE! THERE IS NO REVOLUTION, IT’S JUST A TURF WAR WITHIN THE NWO, AND Q IS A PSYOP TO STOP WHITE PEOPLE FROM CHIMPING OUT WHILE THE INVASION RAMPS UP.
  • Israel did 100 airstrikes on Gaza during the media frenzy.
  • Students from Parkland visited Christchurch 8 months ago for discussions on how to keep a youth movement going. Expect an astroturfed anti-gun / pro-socialism / pro-immigration movement to pop up.
  • NZ is a member of the Five Eyes intelligence-sharing network but they are so infested with Illuminati and Chinese that there is talk of kicking them out of the network.  Q has been calling out Five Eyes recently. They aided the Deep State coup attempt against Trump.
  • NZ is the favored bug-out location for those who want to ride out WWIII aboveground.  It’s a suspected bug-out location for Hillary and perhaps Obama if Trump ever tries to bring them to justice.  The Rothschilds already have a presence there.  This is why it is important to disarm Kiwis.
  • The previous prime minister, John Key, was a puppet who sold out New Zealand to Wall Street and China.  He resigned after a suspicious meeting with John Kerry.  The meeting was right after Kerry went to Antarctica as the 2016 exit polls started coming in, and right before NZ’s last big earthquake.
  • NZ continues to give money to the Clinton Foundation.
  • NZ is often a guinea pig for NWO social engineering.
  • NZ PAYS to import pet refugees, and puts them straight on the dole.
  • NZ’s main newspaper is a clone of the Washington Compost.
  • Two years ago, Benjamin Netanyahu threatened war with New Zealand if they voted in favor of sanctions against them.
  • NZ has a vibrant criminal underworld.  Polynesian gangs run the cities, Masons run the small towns, Triads do huge meth deals in the casino in the middle of Auckland.  Auckland is a drugged-out multicultural dystopia known as Sodom of the South Seas.

Tarrant’s Manifesto:

  • Tarrant spent two years with the 8chan Nazis, he wrote a 74-page manifesto about mass immigration and white genocide, and he somehow forgot to mention the Jews’ leading role in it.

Jews mass immigration

  • He mostly blamed conservatives and capitalists. They are part of the problem, but they’re not the top of the pyramid.
  • He claimed to be an eco-fascist whose values were best reflected by China (a polluted crony capitalist / neoliberal dystopia, but hey, at least they harvest the organs of their religious minorities)
  • “Hurrr durrr I’m just an average working class unedumacated white guy who can’t spell even in Microsoft Werd.”  This is a meme in and of itself.
  • Still smart enough to make money from Bitconnect before it imploded
  • He gave a shout-out to Candace Owens, a black Trump supporter.  He said she was even more violent and extreme than he is.  This is not true at all.  I think he was trying to give her a Kiss of Death.  Same thing for PewDiePie, who he mentioned at the beginning of his video.
  • He gave Trump a quasi Kiss of Death.  The media took the bait.  Don’t expect them to report that real fascists hate Trump even though this has been obvious for years.
  • I’m surprised he didn’t give Christians a Kiss of Death. (OK, maybe a peck on the cheek)


  • Streamed on Facebook a day after Facebook was down for a day and everyone was fiending for a fix.  Maybe the weaponized Fake News hacking was Facebook making sure they could protect the livestream and trace its viewers?
  • Why don’t we see blood, bullet holes and spent shell casings everywhere?
  • Why did he throw a gun on the ground outside his car?
  • Why didn’t he check the back area or the the rooms branching off the hallway?
  • Why didn’t the Muslims try to escape out the back?
  • Tarrant was strangely unemotional, as if he had done it before.  His victims were strangely unemotional.  They just piled up in the corners waiting to die.  The few pedestrians were unemotional.  The survivors were unemotional.  Was this a drill?  Was it a hoax? The question must be asked.  I don’t know the answer at this point.


  • Visits to Pakistan, North Korea and Israel.
  • Possibly associated with the group that raided the North Korean embassy in Spain? Was that a CIA attempt to derail the peace process?
NZ shooter pakistan

Just an average white nationalist who loves Pakistan, North Korea, Israel and China. Nothing to see here.


  • It’s hard to get guns in New Zealand. It would be even harder for a tourist to get guns. There’s a long process. The police do a thorough check and interview.
  • Unless of course you are one of their favored underworld criminals, then the police will give you guns with the serial numbers shaved off, so that the political criminals can whine about all the guns.  Remember Fast and Furious?
  • Buying that many guns should have raised suspicions.
  • He had police issue guns and armor.  No serial numbers.
  • I suspect the police (many of them Masons) expedited the process for Tarrant and maybe supplied him to make it appear that the problem is that guns are technically legal. The NWO wants decent law-abiding people to be helpless.
  • The police had shooter training nearby at the same time.  Classic false flag sign.
  • Cops were just a few blocks away but it took them 20 minutes to arrive.  It didn’t take them much longer than that to lock down the entire city.
  • The man they brought to court does not look like the man in the video.

NZ shooting police

Look at these disgusting cucks.  Look at the pristine carpet and walls.  WTF.


  • Jacinda said “New Zealand gun laws will change”.  She was more interested in talking about all the guns than about the victims.  Parlaiment had hundreds of pages of anti-gun laws ready to go, much like the Patriot Act after 9/11.
  • American media are acting like it happened here.  Commie News Newtork has nonstop coverage blaming Trump, and their already abysmal ratings are down by double digits.  AOC blamed the NRA, which isn’t even in New Zealand.
  • No mention about an armed guard stopping an attempted shooting at another mosque. Multiple shooters?
  • Police are threatening up to 10 years in jail for anyone who downloads or shares the video.  One person has already been arrested.  There must be important clues in the video.
  • Q implies Tarrant got MK-ULTRA’d by a shrink, and someone paid for his travel to the Middle East (Bitconnect would have been a good way to do that). Turns out the Sandy Hook shooter’s shrink, Dr. Paul Fox, escaped to New Zealand to dodge charges of sexually abusing his zombified patients.  He also destroyed Adam Lanza’s psychiatric records.
  • There is a push to censor 8chan, 4chan, Voat, and ZeroHedge. New Zealand and Australia are already censoring them; the UK will likely follow. These four sites have been leading the people-powered efforts to expose the Cabal. Q currently lives on 8chan. The media says that automatically makes him a Nazi. They don’t tell us that anyone can make his own board on 8chan, and Q got trolled off 4chan for NOT being a Nazi. ZeroHedge is mostly libertarians. They are targeted because of their history of exposing systemic financial corruption. Voat is like Reddit but with less censorship. They are targeted because they have a major pedo-ring research center and a normie-friendly Q board full of Reddit refugees. 4chan is targeted because it is the trolls’ home planet.
  • JIDF has been busy.  Good thing someone archived this.
  • I think THEY are trying to keep everyone off the Q boards because he is about to be proven right about Spygate. There is no talk of censoring Facebook.
  • White Nationalism is starting to feel like Islamic Terrorism before the PC Left started making excuses for it.
  • Expect New Zealand to be the next country to be ruined by Muslims.

New Zealand momo muslim suicide challenge

This is just the beginning.

Muslims are talking about revenge attacks on whites.  This shows another goal of the Cabal: Divide and conquer.  The neocon / masonic / MIC factions of the Cabal would like to kick off WWIII with a European civil war against Muslims.  We are going to see more attacks, both real and manufactured on both sides, and with most of the real ones by Muslims.

Ebba Ackerlund 2

This is what happens if you try to become a “humanitarian superpower”, or if you let feminists run your government.

There is no reasoning with them, there is only jihad. Jihad by fighting, by taking over institutions or by having babies at our expense. They call it the infidel tax.  We call it welfare.  They think we owe it to them just because they’re Muslims and we’re not.  They will never admit that the shooting (if done by a real white nationalist) is revenge for all the shootings and Truck of Peace attacks in Europe. They invade, they kill, they act like victims if the locals defend themselves or are insufficiently generous. This has happened many times throughout history.  And before anyone says this is revenge for them being bombed in their own lands: Most of the rapefugees in Europe aren’t even from Syria, they are from Africa, most of them wouldn’t be in Europe if there was no welfare, and the Swedes never bombed anyone.  They have been more benevolent than any other people in Europe. To Muslims, benevolence is blood in the water.

The media will never admit any of this because they are controlled by the same tribe that is using Muslims as shock troops of the New World Order.  At the time of the Christchurch shooting, Muslims were busy slaughtering 120 Christians in Nigeria, including 37 in a church.  There was no reporting on this.  There was no reporting on any of the 70 other Muslim attacks in March.

NZ shooter march madness

freedom of speech under attack

Larry just wrote a good article on our clown world where the truth is anti-semitic. I think this is a great wedge issue against Democrats. Use their PC programming against them. Let Black Muslims speak the truth. Anyone who has a problem with that is a racist who doesn’t respect the cultural history of the Religion of Peace. I think any of our partisans in a deep blue district should switch to Democrats and vote for clones of Ilhan Omar and AOC as part of a Chaos Strategy for 2020. Worst case outcome, you get a lunatic instead of a RINO. What would be better for white people? Think about it. It’s time for white people to start playing this game as well as Jews do.

Check out this doublespeak: Nancy Pelosi made excuses for Ilhan Omar and then called Republicans xenophobic just one minute later.


Subtitle: The Truth is “anti-Semitic”

Elected representatives from both major US political parties are falling all over themselves to condemn and attempt to officially censor the words of Ilhan Omar.  In the past week, another blogger I know of had her Twitter account closed, and others have had their Facebook (FB) pages taken down and their individual FB account suspended for 30 days.  What did these events have in common, you may ask?  (Why should we care? – will be dealt with below.)  Criticism of Jews, or in one case, the mere questioning of the official history of the 20th century and bringing to light important, but taboo facts, was sufficient to provoke condemnation or closing of social media accounts, and FB pages being taken down.  We also read recently of more books being banned by Amazon so that sales of such books are prohibited even by its Marketplace Sellers. …

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