Starve the Beast

To all you good little white male wageslaves with taxes on your mind, consider this:

  • Is the swamp still as overflowing as ever? Are the swamp monsters untouchable?
  • Is there a shadow government? Is it ruled by satanists who want to establish a worldwide dictatorship? Do they see white males as the most likely fly in the ointment? Do they want whites to pay for their own destruction?
  • Does the middle class have a higher tax burden than billionaires and their pet underclass?
  • Do illegal immigrants have more rights than you?
  • Are you a second class serf in your own land?
  • Are you expected to delay or forgo having children while paying Somalis to have eight?
  • Is marriage like giving a flamethrower to a spoiled, mentally ill toddler?
  • Are you systematically discriminated against in employment, domestic disputes, college admissions, tax policy, and access to advocacy groups?
  • Does it seem like everyone else has a retinue of professional excuse-makers making excuses for them, and blaming every failing on you?
  • Did the Fed just print another half a trillion dollars and shovel it to the banks?
  • Did the government spend $6 trillion fighting wars for Israel, $35 billion for border security for Israel, pallets of cash for Iran, etc., but the government struggles to come up with $5 billion to defend you from an invasion from fucking Guatemala?
  • Did Epstein work for Mossad?  Did they fake his death and break him out of jail?  Did the FBI cover it up?
  • Is the Finders cult still out there?  Did the FBI cover it up?
  • After Michael Aquino schismed the church of satan because they weren’t evil enough, was he made a colonel in charge of the Army’s psychological warfare program, and was he given an entire daycare center full of servicemembers’ kids to fiddle?  Did the FBI cover it all up?
  • Are blackmailed pedophiles a significant fraction of politicians on both sides?
  • Did Hillary collude with Russia, sell national secrets to China, murder Ambassador Stevens, supply ISIS, try to start WWIII, embezzle billions of dollars from the Haiti earthquake fund, help abduct 33 Haitian children for walnut sauce, and does the FBI continue to cover it all up?
  • Was the head of ISIS allowed to enter America and kill 58 people as a distraction during a failed assassination attempt against the Saudi crown prince?  Was the patsy, Stephen Paddock, actually an arms dealer who was working for the Feds until he was double-crossed by traitors in the government?  Did the FBI cover it all up?
  • Did the Democratic establishment steal the 2016 primary from Bernie Sanders, murder the whistleblower, blame the Russians for the leaks, and frame Trump for colluding with Russia? Did the FBI cover it all up?
  • Did the shadow government attempt to steal the 2016 election and then attempt multiple legal coups against a duly elected president and get away with all of it?
  • Did Andrew McCabe just get let off?
  • Did Trump, our last hope of legal change, still sell us out to a slightly different group of oligarchs?
  • Is Qanon a trick to make us go quietly to the abattoir?
  • Did the FBI just declare that they will treat white supremacists as an extreme terror threat?  Note that the FBI doesn’t distinguish between white nationalists and white supremacists.  To them, and to the rest of the establishment, white people who don’t embrace serfdom and extinction are white supremacists.
  • Do the Feds still jail people for weed?
  • Has the entire legal system become a tool of oppression?

If the answer to ANY of these questions is yes, then tax avoidance is your patriotic duty! Good thing audits are at a four-decade low. There were only 636 criminal indictments for tax evasion in 2018. Half of all audits involve suspicious claims of the Earned Income Tax Credit. Many audits were flagged by an automatic trigger so if you can avoid these triggers you will most likely be fine. Complex stuff like partnerships, S corporations, and small business deductions are hard to audit. Cash under the table is hard to audit. Check out this article with many useful tips for tiptoeing around the IRS.

Black welfare chart

Taxes are the main driver of these racial budgetary impacts. The major welfare programs are considered. The study did not consider other expenses such as useless affirmative action employees, grants for “nonprofits” and other special programs which mainly benefit minorities, state and local programs, and extra spending on police and prisons. The study did not consider that the numbers don’t balance, therefore the national debt is increasing, and this debt must ultimately be inflated away, which will steal from savers, who are mostly white.

Welfare cliffCivic Nationalists, cuckservatives and capitalists will not fix things.

These people are either actively involved in looting the white middle class, or they are too comfortable and cowardly to speak up.  They think they can hide in their gated communities while benefiting from cheap labor.  Their little walls won’t protect them when the lights go out and the digits they spent their lives chasing become worthless.  These clueless boomers will be raided shortly after the barbarian hordes run out of city-dwelling white liberals to plunder.

Libertarians will not fix things.

Their little party has been crashed by hippies, assorted degenerates, and delusional anarcho-capitalists who think Somalia is secretly a utopia. Their last presidential candidate was a globalist stooge.

Libertarianism brings freedom and prosperity in the short term, but it ultimately sows the seeds of its own destruction: Libertarianism is a social construct which seems to only reach critical mass among white males. Libertarians apply the blessings of liberty to people who will then turn around and use corruption and collectivism to take over society. The libertarians don’t fight back because they see each person as an individual who must be given the benefit of the doubt. They tolerate capitalists who sell out the country. They tolerate social ills which lead to the destruction of a free society. They tolerate immigrants who vote commie every chance they get. Tolerance will be the death of Libertarians.

Libertarian Planet of the Apes

King George Bush II, a.k.a. Chimpy McClusterfuck, said that the Constitution is just a goddamn piece of paper.  He was right.  The Constitution’s only power comes from the hearts of a few honorable white men.  Liberia also had the U.S. Constitution.  It didn’t stop them from becoming one of the Four Horsemen of the African Apocalypse.

Libertarians do have some good ideas on how to fight back. The ones I like most are going Galt (i.e. dropping out of mainstream society) and using alternative currencies.

Silver is extraordinarily cheap.  For $20 you can buy a coin with more than your share of the world’s aboveground silver.  Since the silver market is a giant paper Ponzi scheme,  physical coins will contribute to a leveraged unwinding.  Wrecking the paper silver scam will wreck the paper gold scam which will wreck the paper dollar scam which will wreck the welfare scam which will wreck America which will wreck the world order that America enforces!

Expect gold to be the better monetary metal in the near term because Asians prefer it as a safety net, and because the electronics industry will have reduced demand for silver. DON’T chase palladium. Its main use is in catalytic converters. Auto manufacturing is about to crater due to the virus.

Cryptocurrencies might end up being the best thing created by Libertarians.  The “killer app” is evasion of capital controls.  Get cryptos by private sale if you are interested.  Get cash out at a BitCoin ATM.   Do test transactions because there is no customer service department to call if you lose coins.  Keep a separate computer running Linux and use a wallet like Exodus which will allow off-exchange trades between cryptocurrencies.  Keep your wallet files in multiple secure places.  Don’t keep wallet files at your house. Don’t use an exchange.  Exchanges have high fees, high risk of theft, and capital gains reporting (although if you live in a state with no income tax and you have no other on-books income, you should be able to get away with up to ~40,000/year of tax-free capital gains).  Check out next-generation cryptocurrencies like Monero, Zcash, Chainlink, Stellar, and BitCoin SV.  Don’t take my word for it; I haven’t done detailed research because I’m a metals-first Luddite.  Read coindesk for news about the main coins.  Read /biz/ for ideas about up and coming coins, but beware of pump-and-dumpers.

BitCoin is a good indicator of activity in the overall crypto market.  Its price looks like it’s making a cup and handle pattern, an ascending triangle, and a golden cross- all three chart patterns are bullish.  A block halving in May will be bullish.  Chinese trying to escape from their doomed currency will be bullish.

bitcoin chart 2

Source:  The long term BitCoin chart has even more insane whipsaws.  This thing is the Gom Jabbar of finance.  It went from $0.05 to $0.20 then crashed to $0.01.
It went from $0.50 to $32 then crashed to $2.
It went from $10 to $260 then crashed to $50.
It went from $100 to $1200 then crashed to $160.
It went from $500 to $20000 then crashed to $3200.

Crazy as it seems, cryptos might be a way to protect capital from parasites.  Those who keep their life’s effort within the system will increasingly see it devoured by inflation, capital controls, divorce, lawsuits, civil forfeiture, etc.  The plan is that most capital within the system will end up in the hands of the banking and government (((tribe))) and some will go to the tribes they use as middle managers, footsoldiers and pickpockets.  Most of the footsoldiers and pickpockets will squander their ill-gotten gains until the banking tribe has that money too.

We are transitioning to a third world kleptocracy.  A giant arena where tribes compete to milk the most out of others while giving nothing back.

Parasites have no gratitude to their hosts, no idea that their privilege is unearned, little concept of long-term consequences and no ability to restrain themselves even if they understand how screwed they will be if the host dies.  They do not respond to logic or moral arguments.  Feeding them only increases their numbers and makes them more aggressive.  See Seattle, or Europe.

Whites are maladapted to this world due to our general lawfulness, low tribalism, high empathy, high productivity, laissez-faire attitudes, and responsible childbearing.  Ironically, all these tendencies made our countries the most livable in the world when the populace was mostly white.  Now these traits are weaponized against us.  Most whites are chump tax donkeys or virtue signalling backstabbers, all working for the destruction of our people.

Voting by race

The power of tribalism can be seen in this chart.  Look at Asians.  They tend to make more money than whites, and they are harmed by university affirmative action policies, but most of them still voted for Hillary because she was the PC candidate.

This tilted tribal playing field extends to the personal level.  Non-whites don’t collect high rents from their young adult children and then buy RV’s. They don’t teach their children to hate their own people.  They don’t put other races before their own.   They are not above nepotism and gaming the system, including taking over entire institutions and using them for the narrow benefit of their own people; in fact they consider such actions to be moral.  Blacks and Muslims will even establish no-go zones where they set the rules, while still collecting benefits from the outside.

It’s a winning strategy for any tribe that can pull it off in a multicultural society.  Some tribes are relentlessly parasitic.  Their goal is to use the system to extract as much as possible from everyone else, while giving nothing back.  Generosity is a one-way street.  Whites need to wake up and learn how the world really works.  We need to:

  1. Stop allowing parasitic strategies to be used against us in our own countries.
  2. Milk the current system until it crashes.
  3. Socially engineer a return to traditionalism, including multi-generational households which share wealth, work, and knowledge. This would require rolling back ALL of feminism.
  4. Become unrepentant tribal nepotists ourselves.
  5. Stop being a multicultural society.

This is generally the order in which I would try to change things.  #1 is unquestionably moral.  #1 + #2 are relatively easy on the individual level but in the long run they would be ineffective without #3 and some combination of #4 + #5.  #4 + #5 + mass murder allowed us to conquer the world but personally, I don’t want to go there. For most of my life I only sought #1.  I simply wanted to be left alone. The last decade has proven it’s not possible without #2 + #3 and some of #4 + #5.

We are the only tribe that is not allowed to act like one.  There is a very real risk that we might become hated minorities scavenging for scraps amidst the ruins of the civilization our ancestors built, while a few wealthy Jews and Chinese jockey for dominance over a world of slaves selectively bred for stupidity.  One thing our Jewish and Chinese overlords will both agree on is that the West must be flooded with a billion Africans.

The solution can be seen in this flag.  It represents a transitional stage that our people must pass through now that every non-tribal ideology has failed.  This is going to be harsh medicine.  I leave the interpretation of this flag to my astute readers.


Trump wins Iowa

Election season is off to a good start.  Here’s an overview of the Iowa circus:

Trump Iowa tweet

The Iowa caucus results were tabulated by an app that was written by a company called Shadow, which was staffed by Hillary toadies, and funded by Buttigieg, Biden and George Soros.

The app threw security warnings, login credentials were given at the last minute, the app needed to be restarted whenever the the phone screen shut off, it was reporting the counts all wrong, and to the wrong people.

Buttigieg immediately declared victory.  Bernie said his own internal numbers showed him getting 40%. After two days of counting and recounting, Bernie is slightly losing to Buttigieg due to “delegate math”, which is opaque, but seems to mean that Buttigieg wins due to a confluence of rounding errors, suspicious coin tosses (remember when Hillary won six in  row?) and cascading of minor candidate votes.  Bernie had a 6-7% polling advantage over Buttigeig going into the caucus.

Iowa results

The crooked establishment has up to a ~5% edge in the average national election due to tricks like Delegate Math, superdelegates, undead voters, ballot stuffing, rigged voting machines, targeted purges of voter rolls etc.

The DNC claims the continuing holdups are due to “quality control”.  Is that’s Newspeak for Democrats being bad at math, or redistributing Bernie’s votes to someone who is less fortunate? I don’t know if they fudged the results but there is no reason to trust them.   The Democrats have proven time and time again that they are a Banana Republic party and they can’t be trusted to run a clean election because they can’t win on merit.  This whole thing smells like the superdelegates who snookered Bernie out of the nomination in 2016.  Leftists are eating each other on Twitter, saying the establishment is trying to steal the election from Bernie again.  They would rather steal it for Biden but part of that is stopping Bernie in any state where he might beat Buttigieg or Warren. This will ensure a brokered convention in which the establishment will choose the candidate.  The involvement of George Soros suggests that maybe the oligarchs have decided that Biden is no longer viable and Buttigieg is their next best pick.  An energetic young candidate who is coming out of nowhere with no ideas and no qualifications besides taking it up the butt. Where have we seen this before?  It’s the Obama model.  Buttigieg is a plant. [UPDATE: Looks like he won because he joined the Red Shoes Club.  That’s Illuminati code for someone who has sacrificed a child and allowed himself to be blackmailed.  Check out this video about the fraudulent Iowa caucus.  Buttigieg came out with red shoes and an evil grin.  The red shoes part starts at 2:25.  BTW the NH results just came in; he lost to Bernie by only 1% in a state where Bernie was expected to do well.  Bloomberg is the backup backup plan.  He is now trying to buy his way in via a brokered convention.]

Stalin vote

This whole debacle is going to bring more people to Bernie. I am calling him as the future rightful winner of the nomination.  Whether he gets it will depend on what dirty tricks the Democrats can pull at the DNC and at the convention.  I wonder if they will have anyone whacked this year?

The media dragged out the same tired old tropes:  Orange man bad.  Russian trolls bad. White man bad.  Apparently the main problem with Iowa is that it’s too white, and therefore it’s racist for Iowa to be the first state to vote.   Iowa needs to go to the back of the bus.  Minorities need to have more of a voice in choosing the candidate of the White Hating Party.

The media prepared an advance narrative about how important the LGBT vote is.  The fact is that they are a small minority, smaller than the number of blacks and Hispanics who will be put off by all the pandering. I suspect most blacks would rather stay home or vote for Trump than vote for a gay guy whose name reads like a gay sex toy.

Bernie is the ANTIFA favorite so if the establishment steals the primary from him again and throws the election to Trump,  the tantrums will be hilarious.  If they don’t screw Bernie, they will have to deal with an emerging bloc of moderates and rich Democrats who are threatening to vote for Trump.  The Democrats have ruined their brand so much that Bernie will lose and the tantrums will be hilarious.

Maybe I should prep for the virus by hoarding popcorn for this election season… nah, I would probably break all my fillings and die of a jaw abscess.

Here’s another win for Trump:  Nancy Pelosi tore up his State of the Union speech like a petulant child.  It was premeditated because she pre-tore it a little to make sure she had the strength to rip it. She is usually smart enough to understand bad optics. This incident, and the whole impeachment fiasco in general, makes me wonder again whether Trump secretly owns her for colluding with North Korea so now he’s getting her to blow up the Democratic Party from the inside.

Pelosi pre-ripped pages

Coronavirus is a bioweapon

This is a consolidation of updates to previous posts plus important new information.

The virus might be a bioweapon developed as a joint project between the MIC-aligned faction of the Deep State and the Wuhan Institute of Virology, especially its head, Prof. Shi Zengli.  Sir Adrian Bond laid out the evidence much better than I could. I encourage everyone to read this entire article even though it is long. Here is the conclusion:

All of the studies cited here appear related and interconnected, and considering the involvement of American defense agencies — in particular, the U.S. Defense Threat Reduction Agency which deals exclusively with matters pertaining to weapons of mass destruction and threat networks — there seems ample reason to be gravely concerned. And that concern remains whether there’s reason to suspect coronaviruses could be used by others as bioweapons of mass destruction, or that rogue, Deep State operatives within our own defense departments — colluding with Communists — are developing or have already developed a bioweapon of mass destruction.

In conclusion, though admittedly much investigation remains to be performed (especially into the numerous unanswered questions posed in this essay), it seems the likeliest source of origin for Coronavirus 2019-nCoV is the Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Further, it appears to me that, at best, there may be concerted efforts to conceal the precise nature of the virus, its source, and the parties responsible, or that, at worst, the dissemination of the epidemic coronavirus is intentional. Could the actual RNA genome source, sequencing and recombination of the coronavirus already be known, and could its vaccine have already been developed? Could it already be patented? Essentially, is this latest global pandemic threat a Communist cover-up, or a pandemic bioweapon of mass destruction developed by the global Deep State?

Supporting evidence is the fact that the business end of the virus, the spike glycoprotein, looks like a SARS glycoprotein tipped with four subunits which are found in HIV.  Bats don’t catch HIV.  In the unlikely case of an early victim having HIV, It would be highly unlikely for there to be a recombination event involving these four specific subunits and nothing else.  It is much more likely that these gene fragments were spliced in by Prof. Zengli, who is an expert in recombinant bat virus glycoproteins, as her many publications attest.  Check out this article for a good description of why the spike glycoprotein is so suspicious.


The spike glycoprotein attaches to ACE2 receptors in the human lung. East Asian men have more of these receptors than any other people. [UPDATE: This study was tiny; a larger study says excess ACE2 receptors might be due to lung injury from smoking, which is common among Chinese men.  I suspect pollution would have a similar effect on ACE2 receptors.  Start with high ACE2 receptors and the virus would get into a lung injury feedback loop.] This partially explains the high body count in China. Another possible explanation is that the Chinese are far enough along to experience the later stages of the disease.  The virus is reported to have two stages: the first stage is a mild flu-like illness; the second stage is the killer.  The hypothesis is that people reinfect themselves from their environment and then the virus uses antibodies from the previous infection to gain access to cells.  Prof. Zengli published a paper about antibody-dependent enhancement of coronavirus entry just as the virus began spreading in the market.

The HIV-1 sequences are small and the BLAST gene database is vast, so there are some lucky hits to random deep sea bacteria and stuff.  But HIV-1 is the only hit for all four spike subunits. Furthermore, the hits are at the nucleotide level, not the amino acid level.  Different combinations of nucleotides can code for the same amino acids in the glycoprotein. Therefore this is is not a case of convergent evolution.  The virus looks genetically engineered.

The release could have been a genuine accident.  I kind of think it was.  A Beijing lab leaked SARS four times.  Maybe the Wuhan lab did an experiment to see what would happen if they stuck a SARS protein on a bat virus and spiked it with HIV, and Chinese health+safety standards let the virus loose.

[UPDATE: The CCP has issued an order to “Strengthen laboratory management and resolutely put an end to the theft, leakage, and loss of pathogenic bacteria (poisons) and various samples…”   This is as close to a confession as we are going to get.  Also, the Wuhan lab has now been taken over by the military.]

Even if it was a deliberate release, I don’t think the Chinese government knew about it.  They would have known the virus could unleash their greatest fears:  Chaos, losing face, losing power, and bankruptcy.  It’s possible that both the Chinese and American establishments are controlled by the same shadowy puppetmasters.   Even so, I think the CCP would have stage-managed this better, i.e. they woul not have released it so close to the only level 4 biohazard lab in China. They would have released it Calcutta, and followed up two months later with releases in Lagos, a homeless camp in San Francisco, and a halal marketplace in Xinjiang.

There are some things that are suspicious about the timing of the release.  These could be coincidence:

  • Close enough to Chinese New Year for massive spreading and chaos, but not early  enough for the CCP to realize they needed to cancel holiday travel.
  • The seafood market looks like a convenient red herring. Patient Zero does not have any known connection to the seafood market.
  • The director of the World Health Emergencies Program just died.
  • A prominent virologist in Canada turned out to be a Chinese spy who stole Coronavirus samples for the Chinese bioweapons program last summer.  The scandal is connected to the Wuhan lab.
  • [UPDATE: Another Canadian scientist who was key to the investigation has dropped dead in Kenya. We need to see the genome of the Canadian virus.  Trudeau will probably block it because he’s a puppet of GloboHomo Inc.  Someone needs to leak the genome.]
  • Last October, there was an insider leak on 4chan about a genetically engineered stealth coronavirus in eastern Canada. Could have been a LARP (i.e. Fake News).
  • A few months ago, Bill Gates did a computer simulation of a coronavirus outbreak which killed 65 million people.  One of the conclusions of the study was that such a crisis could be used as an excuse to centralize authority and redistribute resources.  Bill Gates is a consummate globalist with particular interests in vaccines and population control.

I can only speculate about reasons for a possible deliberate release:

  • Prof. Zengli might secretly hate the CCP enough to be a double agent for the Americans.  This is unlikely because someone in her position would probably be very loyal, she would have known the truth would come out, she would have to be suicidal, and then the Americans’ money wouldn’t matter. IMHO it is much more likely that she was encouraged to develop these contacts in order to steal from the Americans, and the Deep State encouraged this because they are traitors.  China was supposed to be the next host for the parasitic global elite.
  • Someone else at the lab might have released the virus in order to “blow the whistle” in a way that couldn’t be ignored, and bring down the CCP before they could make the virus even worse. Still unlikely IMHO.
  • Zengli’s American contacts might have released their own virus, or the Canadian virus, to damage the CCP or even collapse China before their bioweapons program gets too advanced.
  • Maybe The Deep State is so desperate for an Orange Man removing, economic collapse blame-shifting, totalitarian excuse-mongering, vaccine pushing narrative that they are willing to kill hundreds of millions of people to get this narrative.
  • They might know that America is headed for a period of chaos during which China will make a grab for Africa, Australasia, Canada and America.  They might want to head this off by collapsing China in advance.
  • The puppetmasters want global depopulation anyway.  It’s the only way they can maintain their gluttonous lifestyles.  I just didn’t think they would do it until after they had used their third world hordes to collectively dumb us down enough to accept global Communism.
  • [UPDATE:  The virus may cause fertility problems in men because the ACE2 receptor is strongly expressed in the testes.  How convenient.  The elite will try to protect themselves and some of their favorite slave bulls, while free range humans dwindle off.  I doubt it will be completely effective.  Men produce A LOT of sperm.]
  • The puppetmasters might be trying to get China and America to fight each other with biological weapons, in the same way that they might have tried to start a nuclear war in which we would have been nuked with our own Uranium, and the media would have blamed Russia.
  • They know the financial system is a giant Ponzi scheme on the verge of implosion, and they need some way to shift the blame for the inevitable collapse.

Or maybe someone else did it.  Making a custom virus is surprisingly easy for skilled people with the right equipment. I’m surprised someone hasn’t done it already.  Worldwide, there must be hundreds of corporations, universities, small nations, alphabet agencies, etc. with the ability to do this. All you really need are a few bad actors with a motive.

Now for the coverup.

The lab is now claiming that the HIV-1 sequences match a bat virus they found in 2013, called BetaCoV/bat/Yunnan/RaTG13/1023, but they didn’t publish the genome of this virus until the day after the 2019-nCoV HIV-1 sequences were found.

The WHO has been praising the CCP and pretending their numbers can be trusted.  They marginalized Taiwanese experts because they didn’t want to offend China.  They didn’t want to shut down travel because it would be bad for commerce.  The creator of the bioweapons act says the WHO knows this is a bioweapon.  They are complicit in its spread.

Google Maps moved the location of the Wuhan Institute of Virology 21 miles south to make it farther from the seafood market.  The lab is now transplanted into a patch of forest.  This must have been due to pressure from the CCP.

Coronavirus lab google earth moved

This is from the long article by Sir Adrian Bond.

Sir Adrian Bond had his website deleted for publishing his conspiracy theory based on publicly available facts.

ZeroHedge thinks the scientist who caused the outbreak was Dr. Peng Zhou, leader of the bat virus infection and immunization group.  Leftist lickspittles at BuzzFeed reported ZeroHedge for doxxing and got them banned from Twitter.

[UPDATE: Now here’s a scary thought:  China has spent decades developing biological weapons in order to clear the world for colonization.  They consider getting rid of America to be particularly important for this plan.  If this was a false flag by the Deep State, or if the Chinese leaders know they are about to go down, why wouldn’t they release everything they have?  They must have plenty of viruses with affinity for whites.  They must have plenty of viruses for wheat and corn.

Check out this scary speech by former Chinese defense minister General Chi Haotian:

“Only by using non-destructive weapons that can kill many people will we be able to reserve America for ourselves.” The answer is found in biological weapons. “Of course,” he added, “we have not been idle, in the past years we have seized the opportunity to master weapons of this kind.”

The ruling Chinese Communist Party considers biological weapons to be the most important weapons for accomplishing their goal of “cleaning up America.” Chi credits Deng Xiaoping with putting biological weapons ahead of all other weapon systems in the Chinese arsenal: “When Comrade Xiaoping was still with us, the Party Central Committee had the perspicacity to make the right decision not to develop aircraft carrier groups and focus instead on developing lethal weapons that can eliminate mass populations of the enemy country.”

I encourage everyone to check this page for timely updates.

Here is a brief history of the American bioweapons program.]

And now for some good news, sort of.  Doctors in Thailand have cured an elderly patient in 48 hours using a combination of flu and AIDS drugs.  Chinese researchers Unfortnately, there is not enough production of AIDS drugs for the whole world to take them at once.  You can be sure that the Important People will get them.  Maybe that’s one way to figure out if the release was planned.  Find if anyone has been hoarding the cure, find if anyone has bought airline puts like they did before 9/11, etc. And see if Prof. Zengli disappears.  [UPDATE: British researchers say they have a vaccine which can be developed rapidly.  There are unconfirmed reports that Chinese researchers have a cure.  Existing antiviral drugs like Remdesivir and the old antimalarial drug chloroquine might also help.]

Zombie Apocalypse

INSANE news is tricking out of China.  I am just going to dump it all here because I don’t have time to process it beyond making proper links.  I haven’t checked any of these links.  Source: /pol/.  /pol/ is always right.  Now off to buy some preps.

China has a populace which is more homogeneous, obedient and responsible than the typical populace of Western cities.  Imagine what horrors there will be when Corona is running lose in the streets of LA.

China orders Mass Slaughter of all domestic pets

Scientists: 75,815 individuals have been infected in Wuhan as of Jan 25, 2020

r0 = 4.08  Each infection spawns 4.08 others on average.

Doctors arrested for revealing the truth

Wuhan mayor admitted that all suspected cases are infected, they just don’t have enough tests

Huanggang, a city of 6 million people near Wuhan, bans people from leaving their home in effort to stop coronavirus; 1 person per family can leave every other day to buy basic needs

CCP limited the use of testing kits to limit the confirmed cases
China faces shortage of testing kits
China turns patients away without testing due to shortages
China underreports number of infections and deaths

Woman fallen over dead from the flu (blood everywhere)

Local authorities welding a local shelter or hospital door full of dead/dying victims

Victims not going down quietly. Local authorities strugging to quarantine citizens, further spreading the flu

Even more victims dead

Tons of needed supplies supplied by the red cross not being used due to locals not trusting foreign aid!

Bodies piled up on the streets

Healthy 25 y/o man falls victim and suddenly dies

Dozens of bodybags lined up in a local park

Two healthy young males drop dead from the flu. Chaos ensues

Riots are beginning to occur

Local authorities are quarantining citizens by welding their apartment doors shut, leaving them to die alone so their death goes unreported (CCP suppressing the body count through this method)

Local hospitals overhelmed and cannot accept new patients

Some who are quarentined in hospitals are trying to escape, spreading the virus to more persons

Dead Cities

Sneak peak at what CCP isn’t telling us: There are thousands who have not been tested who have died. These deaths are not being counted! Those who are dying get transported from hospitals to crematoriums that are overwhelmed with corpses.

Authorities are murdering those who report on what is actually going on. The translation of this tweet states that two persons who reported on some potential sick neighbors were murdered by the authorities.

Repeating this warning from earlier posts:

The virus is part HIV. How did it hybridize? Bats don’t get AIDS. Snakes don’t get AIDS. If bat soup is an expensive delicacy, those who eat it probably don’t have AIDS. A BIOWEAPON IS THE MOST LIKELY EXPLANATION.

“We found 4 insertions in the spike glycoprotein (S) which are unique to the 2019-nCoV and are not present in other coronaviruses. Importantly, amino acid residues in all the 4 inserts have identity or similarity to those in the HIV-1…The finding of 4 unique inserts in the 2019-nCoV, all of which have identity /similarity to amino acid residues in key structural proteins of HIV-1 is unlikely to be fortuitous in nature. “


Coronavirus triumph of death


Well, that escalated quickly.

Coronavirus chart sars swine flu

Coronavirus is even more infections than it appears here, because it had only a one month lead time to the left of this graph, whereas SARS had four months of lead time.

Confirmed coronavirus infections are now at 7914, with 170 deaths.  The real numbers are higher because China.  These numbers continue to double every two days. In just a few weeks the virus has gone from a local bug to a pandemic the size of SARS.  If the pattern continues, there will be 8 million cases in 20 days.  8 billion cases in 40 days.

Don’t be fooled when the increase goes from exponential to linear as the virus saturates Chinese testing ability at 6000 tests/day.  This is already happening.  Don’t be get complacent if it tops off after China fills the 100,000 hospital beds they are frantically building.  This might happen next week.  Don’t get let your guard down if China descends into anarchy and stops reporting altogether.

By then, the rest of the world will be ramping up.  The rest of the world currently has about as many official cases as China had 20 days ago.  We could be 60 days from mayhem.  Aggressive quarantines will only delay the pandemic unless over 72% of all would-be infections can be thwarted.  Individual quarantines are unlikely to stop it because an infected person might cause two generations of infections before he even has symptoms.

The official fatality rate is low, but it’s still hard to know the real fatality rate due to a combination of rapid spread (which makes the real fatality rate higher because most cases are new), hospitals making up excuses not to count people, the Chinese government secretly cremating bodies and not adding them to the official body count, and some people are not sick enough to go to hospital (which makes the real fatality rate lower).  Nobody has died outside of China.  However, Chinese hospitals are full of people who are very sick and may have permanent lung damage. The number of people who have fully recovered is LESS than the number of people who have died.  Expect the severe pneumonia cases to start dying once hospitals are overwhelmed.  This has already happened in Wuhan.  One brave young man, Chen Qiushi, dodged the police to tell us how fucked everything is.  He’s sick.  He’s screwed one way or another.

Most of the dead are over 50 years old.  Most of the severe cases are over 40 years old. [UPDATE: The virus is now killing people in their 30s too.  This may be due to multi-stage infections in which the virus gets worse when it returns.] I have tried warning people about this in real life.  Generation X has been responsive.  Boomers, not so much.

One boomer got all triggered because I said the disease mostly killed old people. Another was annoyed that I had tried to puncture her bubble of serene ignorance. Another was too busy with minor home renovations to worry about anything else.  Another was receptive to stockpiling food, but put faith in her “strong immune system”. A boomer couple are not going to cancel their two planned winter vacations. Their entire worldview comes from TV and if the TV says everything is fine, these two will stand there like cows on the tracks. Others haven’t responded to my emails. Others were strangely blasé. I’m kind of known as That Crazy Conspiracy Guy so they might have tuned me out because of that. The best prepared boomer couple I know had gone as far as buying some masks but I’m pretty sure they were the wrong kind- surgical masks are mainly to protect others.  The CDC says N95 respirator masks are sufficient but there are better options.  You should have eye protection and  a snug fit around your face.

Coronavirus masks

Inexcusable failures abound.  Apparently all those earthen roadblocks in Wuhan are just to quarantine the little people.  Planes are still flying straight from Wuhan so that the Important People can lubricate the economy.  People are still coming from China to America.  The “screening procedures” are a thermal scan, but this is useless if someone doesn’t have a fever, and the virus is infectious before symptoms appear. Canada’s chief public health officer is from Hong Kong and she is recommending no restrictions on Chinese flying into Canada.  The Americans on the evacuation flight from Wuhan will be quarantined for 72 hours.  Not enough.  The WHO has lavished praise on the Chinese government.  They didn’t declare a global health emergency until human-to-human spreading was confirmed outside of China, and even now, they do not recommend limiting trade and travel. German police are forbidding airport workers from wearing masks because that would cause a panic. I am hearing reports of various Western hospitals covering up cases so as not to cause a panic.

The media is still mostly celebrity puff pieces and Impeach Orange Man.  They only had regular stories about the virus this week, with a few stories about the Americans who caught it, the evacuation flight, and how the virus might be bad for oil prices and how it might have caused the stock market a 2% sneeze.  This reminds me of Cold War Duck and Cover BS.  Government policy was to not even tell us if the nukes were flying so that the roads could be clear for the Important People to escape to their bunkers.

[UPDATE: CNN is tongue-in-cheek comparing the flu, which has a fatality rate of 0.1% and an R0 of 1.28, with Coronavirus which has a fatality rate of over 3% and an R0 of at least 2.5. Watch this video to see what these numbers mean. CNN also says the main problem in the battle against coronavirus is that Trump’s virus task force is too white. I think their coverage shows a conspiracy to allow the Important People to sell their investments and prepare. Apple is at all-time highs even though their factories are in cities that are shutting down. I hate the media so much. I hate Google and Wall Street. I want to sneeze on all the locks in their bathroom stalls.]

pepe bat soup 2

Here are the potential worst-case black swans I see from a pandemic:

The Chinese work in packed hives.  They could become too sick to keep their factories running.  These days everything is made in China or has parts made in China, and major companies try to have “just in time” inventory minimization systems.  There could be cascading supply chain disruptions everywhere.

[UPDATE: Over half of China is under lockdown, accounting for 80% of GDP, 90% of exports.  Supply disruptions are showing up in car manufacturing.  How many thousands Chinese parts would a typical car have?  This is going to be a nightmare.  Cars will have to be redesigned and retested.  Aircraft too.  Electronics.  Anything complex.

China dominates the market for pharmaceuticals and precursor chemicals.

China has a near monopoly on rare earths. These 17 elements are used in a variety of high tech applications, especially super magnets, green energy, lighting, and lasers.  Uranium and Thorium are found along with rare earths so the mine tailings must be treated as nuclear waste. China doesn’t care.  That’s why they have a monopoly.

Who run Bartertown?  Corona-chan runs Bartertown!]

Millions of American retail workers will decide that minimum wage isn’t worth the risk death or crippling lung injury.  They will stay home.  The economy will suffer.  They will stop paying rent, knowing that it might take landlords 6 months to evict them.  The dead will stop paying.  People might stop paying credit cards or even mortgages, knowing that possession will soon be 99% of the law.

There will be deflation at first, except in food and supplies, where there will be great inflation.  Deflation will work its way back to the banks, who will of course be bailed out again by the Fed.  Once faith in the currency is lost, inflation will snowball because people will dump all their money into physical goods.  The banksters will want us to forget this fact so they will blame the inflation on the pandemic, and they will be partially right.  Either way, the end result is inevitable:  Hyperinflation, then welfare state collapse, then Zombie Apocalypse.

Deutche Bank, already very sick, could be finished off by defaults.  This would trigger a chain reaction in the interest rate derivatives market, which is huge, crooked and opaque.  The effects would ripple through the financial system like a deadly plague.  Bailouts would destroy the value of the Euro, then the dollar.  Disruptions to Letters of Credit might exacerbate supply chain disruptions.

The stock market will crash by 75%, then soar to Zimbabwe levels, then it’s lights out.

[UPDATE:  Central banks can take us straight to Zimbabwe stage if they choose. China is injecting massive amounts of liquidity and banning selling in order to prevent a market crash (i.e. in order to ensure that the little people can’t pull their money out before the elite pull theirs out at the expense of savers).  The Fed will also have the Plunge Protection Team in place ready to do this.  Probably no crash.]

If coronavirus is bad enough, we might not even get to the Zimbabwe stage.  Financial contagion will be moot because the cubicles will be empty.  It took over a year for sub-prime to give us the Crash of ’08.  This virus won’t give us that much time.

Old silver coins will re-emerge as local currencies.  Being used as money again will give silver many times its current value.  There is only about one ounce of silver per person in the world right now and it costs less than $18/ounce.

Food production and delivery will break down.  In the cities, starvation, looting, murder, and infrastructure collapse will be rampant problems.  Secondary diseases like cholera and bacterial pneumonia will kill millions.

Millions of diabetics will die without their medicines.  The mentally ill will be forced to quit their pills cold turkey, which will make them go 10x crazier than they were before they started taking medication.

Hospitals will go bankrupt or become death traps.  Medical personnel will die too.  The entire health care system will break down.  Medical conditions that could be easily fixed will go untreated. Many will die for no good reason. Those who get coronavirus early on will delay treatment due to fear of America’s predatory and overpriced medical system.  It’s all very bullish for snake oil salesmen, coffin stocks and underfunded pensions.  Put that on CNBC.

The government will be incompetent and corrupt in its response (duh).  This will inspire hatred against them.  I don’t think they will be getting the country back after this thing blows over.  America will Balkanize.  The end of American hegemony will trigger wars all over the world.

The Chinese government will collapse.  They might be in for another warlords period.

Unpaid PLA soldiers might sell off the nukes.  They would have nothing to lose.  The Chinese leadership might even launch nukes if this is a bioweapon released by the Deep State.

India is doomed due to high population density and low sanitation.

Muslims will try to seize Europe outright.  They have already been stockpiling guns in mosque basements while the Europeans are disarmed.  Nobody dares to do anything about it because of political correctness.

In America, casualties will be highest among boomers (old and clueless), millennials (useless and clueless), city dwellers, the medicated, Hispanics living in packed houses, welfare recipients, those who work with the general public, and those dumb enough to go to FEMA camps.

Casualties will be lowest among Mormons (prepping is part of their religion), the Amish, rednecks, rural preppers, zoomers, tinfoilheads, wild men, and unemployed 4chan trolls.

Coronavirus mr clean

Feminisation leads to Third-Worldization

Larry led me to this great Hommunism News article with lots of references. Everything here is absolutely true, Understanding this is essential to understanding the alliance of parasites who are wrecking Western civilization. Women are a key bottleneck. They decide what the next generation will be like, or even if there will be a next generation, and they are failing in both respects. Part of this is because the Jews have brainwashed them against us and enticed them to throw away their good genes for money or fleeting vagina tingles. But the deeper truth is that women EVOLVED to betray us.

There are two broad reproductive strategies: r-selection and K-selection. K strategies are driven by competition over scarce resources. K tends to favor quality of offspring over quantity. K will save resources to make heavy investments in a few offspring to maximize their competitive advantage. K-selected species tend to have attentive parenting, high intelligence, and strong social organization. r favors quantity over quality. There is little or no parental investment, no consideration of the future, and no consideration of others. r strategies tend to evolve when resources are always abundant and predators or disease cause most of the selection pressure.

For example: The Japanese are strongly K-selected. Blacks are strongly r-selected. Whites are mostly K, some r.

The optimal female mating strategy is parasitic: They want to have sex with r-selected men and make K-selected men pay for the children. Women do this through infidelity, the divorce-industrial complex, and the welfare state. I have seen so many women reward bad men and hang good men out to dry, it is ridiculous. Women also sabotage their men to see if they are weak. Feminism is a giant Shit Test which white men have collectively failed. Therefore unmarried white women welcome invasion by a bunch of low IQ savages who won’t maintain the civilization that women depend on. Feminists welcome a patriarchal rape culture because their lizard brains secretly crave it, and in women, the vast processing power of their frontal lobes are dedicated to coming up with elaborate justifications for doing what their puny little lizard brains want.

I have noticed something else about the female lizard brain. It doesn’t understand market economics. A woman will gladly spend her best 20 years of fertility giving it up for free to scumbags and losers, but when it comes time to settle down, she tries to sell used goods at an outrageous price. She may have pages of criteria, most of them superficial, but you know she will be “just not haaaaaapy” if her man fails any of these: (1) He can’t be shorter than her, (2) He can’t make less money than her, (3) He can’t have less social status than her, (4) He can’t be less alpha than the most alpha man she had sex with, and (5) He can’t be less of a man than she is. (1) usually isn’t a problem, (5) shouldn’t be a problem but this is Clown World. The main problems are (2)-(4). The Jews have socially engineered our society so that these criteria are impossible to meet, because the few quality alphas who meet them will have their pick of younger women with less baggage. Therefore most women who don’t marry young will eventually end up alone.

Women divorce chart

Is it even worth trying to beat these odds? 70% of divorces are initiated by women.  False allegations, bitter custody battles and women brainwashing children to hate their fathers will be par for the course.  Single moms also make bad parents because responsibility is an alien concept to them, and if they go through men like toilet paper, one of them will be an abuser.

I’m also pretty sure the Jews deliberately use (2) and (3) to inflate the egos of semi-intelligent women to the point where they think they deserve a man who is one in a million, even though they themselves are liabilities.  They are tricked into becoming career women who throw away their genes in order to make money for the Jews and spend it on Jewish consumerism and Jewish taxes, which will be used to pay 68 IQ Somalis to have 8 kids.

The global elite are extreme K, but all their social engineering policies favor r, because they are trying to selectively breed a permanent underclass of short-sighted, selfish, easily duped human cattle. Modern women gladly play along because… most of them are short-sighted, selfish, easily duped human cattle. They will drag their people into the genetic sewer until their descendants devolve into sacrificial livestock for an ancient satanic cult. All for a few vagina tingles and social media likes. Supporting women’s suffrage was one of the most insidiously evil things the puppetmasters ever did.

Womens suffrage

When women are let loose to do as they please, away from the influences of men, they have not come up with a cornucopia of great inventions and discoveries.  Instead they have aborted tens of millions of infants, blamed all their problems on men, voted leftists into office, become excessively promiscuous, gotten worthless college degrees and demanded equally worthless make-work jobs, believed that wealth falls like manna from Heaven, come to believe marriage is temporary, destroyed children’s lives through easy divorce and single parenthood… and rationalized every bit of it – Bob Wallace (blog shoah’d)

The only way to fix this is to accelerate the collapse of civilization. The worse the collapse, the better. Think of it as civilizational keto. There will be many long term health benefits: A Darwinian purge of the r-selected parasites and their soy addled enablers, a reset of social engineering and human domestication projects, responsible k-selected men will be unshackled, resource scarcity will force women to rely on these men, there will be a general return to traditional values, and capitalists and cuckservatives will get a lesson they will not soon forget. Commies will get a big lesson too- we will feed them to their own pets- but if history is any guide, the Commies will soon forget their lesson.

Hommunism News

(source) Topics: In all feminist societies you have massive third-worldization, lowering of IQ | Barbarism is the last stage of feminism | The most successful women today are those with the weakest genes | Feminised groups will open their borders (and their legs) to everyone | Women – third worlder minority alliance | Suffrage coincided with more liberal voting patterns | Umarried women tend to vote for the left | Men evolved to protect the perimeter: Having women involved in decisions about the perimeter results in open borders, multiculture, diversity, “tolerance” | Women evolved to smooth things over with distant groups: Tend to vote for resource redistribution and being nice to everybody | If you want to destroy an ethnic group, simply increase female influence in that group

In all feminist countries, you have negative birth rates that could lead to the disappearance of the native population if…

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Coronavirus is worse than China admits

This will be short on facts because I don’t really know what’s going on.  Due to heavy censorship in China, we have to rely on grim internet leaks.  Here’s what is admitted:

coronavirus map feb

The virus is spreading quickly in China. There are cases in seven 17 21 25 other countries.

40 60 600 million people are under movement restrictions due to a coronavirus epidemic.  It is most likely a bat virus which jumped species in an unsanitary exotic meat market in Wuhan  bioweapon.  It is airborne, extremely contagious, and has an incubation period of up to two weeks 24 days.  The case fatality rate is at least a few percent 5%. Most of the fatalities are people over 50. The virus sometimes kills healthy people in their 30s.  The fatality rate is expected to rise due to most cases being in their early stages, and due to the fact that the epidemic itself is in its early stages and has not yet overwhelmed hospitals outside of Wuhan.  The virus is also mutating as it adapts to its new host.  Sometimes a virus becomes less deadly in order to increase its incubation period to further its spread, but the coronavirus incubation period is already long.  If it gets into a high density population like Bangladesh it is likely to become more deadly in order to increase its early infectiousness, even if it shortens the incubation period. Another coronavirus, SARS, started in a meat market in Guangdong and went on to infect at least 8098 people accross 17 countries. The official fatality rate was 9.6%.

[UPDATE: The official fatality rate is now up to 5% in Wuhan, and it seems many of the survivors may have long term lung damage. A Chinese nurse has given a plea for help, says the real number of infected was around 90,000 as of January 25.   This is going overwhelm hospitals and cause panic. The virus is also known to survive on surfaces for up to 24 hours 9 DAYS and can infect people when they touch their faces. There are stealth phases before AND AFTER the illness in which people are contagious without displaying symptoms or even testing positive.  Therefore airport screening is ineffective and case-by-case quarantines are very difficult because they must include the potentially exposed, which is always going to be a lot of people, given the incubation time. Planes are still flying out of Wuhan.  Apparently quarantines are for the little people.  Real people need to keep greasing the wheels of the economy.]

The Chinese government has a history of lying to maintain order and save face, until reality becomes undeniable, and then they have a massive tyrannical response.  With epidemics, a little tyranny goes a long way if applied early on, but this is not the Chinese way.  For example, at a time when 59 Coronavirus cases were officially known, the local government promoted “social harmony” with a 100,000-person communal meal where everyone ate from the same dishes together only 7km away from the meat market.

[UPDATE:  Authorities are now welding the doors of hospitals with dead and dying people inside, and welding people into their apartments with nothing to eat but their dead relatives.  The Army is taking the infected out of hospitals, never to be seen again.  These measures do wonders for the official body count.  Very socially harmonious!]

Chinese New Year is the biggest migration in the world.  Authorities neglected to shut down travel until it was already underway.  300,000 people left Wuhan by train the day before authorities acted.  Millions of people will be stuck in quarantined cities far from home.  Others are desperately trying to escape.  The army is blockading streets and dousing parts of Wuhan with chemicals.  Militias are burning the houses of those who run the meat markets.  Police are are rounding up truth tellers and people outside hospitals and shipping them off to places unknown.  Others are told they don’t have the virus even though symptoms match, and these people keep going around spreading it.  The doubling time is TWO DAYS in Wuhan.  [UPDATE: The doubling time is now maybe a week thanks to the blanket quarantine.  Hard to tell because the government is still lying about the numbers.]  People are dropping in the streets.  Rancid smells are coming from apartment buildings.  Most of this is unconfirmed, but remember, in China the truth is always much worse than the official story.

Coronavirus chart 2

The average number of new infections per case is 3.8  between 4.7 and 6.6, approximately 7, which is higher than SARS, and would lead to a global pandemic unless at least 72% 79% 86% of would-be infections can be thwarted. [UPDATE: China’s draconian quarantines have reduced the reproduction number to 3.4.  THE VIRUS IS UNSTOPPABLE.  IT WILL BE A RAGING WORLDWIDE PANDEMIC BY SPRING.]

In China there is the idea of the “Mandate of Heaven” in which disasters signal that a dynasty has lost the right to rule.  It’s not superstition.  Barbarians invade when the leaders are weak or treasonous.  Epidemics are exacerbated by poverty.  The 2008 Sichuan earthquake killed 70,000 people and left 5,000,000 homeless, mainly due to shoddy construction by corrupt contractors.  7,000 schoolrooms collapsed because Ministry of Education officials built the schools below standards and pocketed the savings.  The government’s response was to sic riot squads on parents and disappear those who reported about it.

The Mandate of Heaven is why the bureaucratic bugmen greatly fear losing face over disasters, and they are absolutely terrified of chaos, so they solve problems by shooting the messenger. This mentality ultimately brings about the things which they fear the most, but they lack the collective self-awareness which could prevent disaster.  This time, they might have screwed the whole world.  If the virus becomes a global pandemic it could easily kill over 100 million people, plus extra deaths from cascading chaos. Even if most people survive the virus, many will stay home rather than risk going to work.  There might be infrastructure failures.  The hit to the economy could trigger a financial collapse, then a welfare state collapse, then civil war.

Clown World ends here

The silver lining is that Western governments will lose the Mandate of Heaven if things get bad enough.  IMHO they already lost the Mandate of Heaven over 100 years ago when they sold it for the Mandate of Hell, and now they are frantically trying to finish dumbing us down and disarming us before all hell breaks loose.

Buy more ammo, some N95 respirators, gloves, water filters (in case power goes out), and food.  Mypatriotsupply is currently offering a special $100 discount on dried food.  Watch this video by Steve Turley and follow the link in the comment section.  It seems to be a unique link for each person so I’m not going to post ‘my’ link.  If you don’t trust the CDC’s respirator standards then buy goggles and go up to N99 with 0.1 micron filters.

[UPDATE: Masks are selling out

I got my food from mypatriotsupply and can confirm that it is securely packaged, the calories approximately add up, and the southwest rice is tasty.  The only issue is that the item with the $100 discount, the 4-week emergency food supply, is heavy on carbs. Carbs are easy to grow in the form of potatoes.  I suggest supplementing with a variety of protein dishes, plus some protein acquisition devices from your local sporting goods store,  plus vitamin pills and a few gallons of olive oil from your local hippie food store.  Chickens are good for converting deer ticks into perfect packages of amino acids and fats.  Protein cannot be digested unless some fat is also present. You will starve on a diet of rabbits.]

Just placed another order with mypatriotsupply.  The Turley discount is still there but I suspect it will not last long. Go buy some. I am not getting paid to write this.

UPDATE: The discount has now shifted to 40% off on a two-week food supply. Steve just mentioned this in a video in which he said that Coronavirus will kill China’s attempts at globalism.]

P.S. For the foodies I have seen coming through, the Chinese promoted bat-eating with a TV show called Beauties Eat Bats.  Here is a video of a Chinese cutie nibbling a bat in a fancy restaurant. This video has gone viral.  Bat Girl here might be the super-heroine who will save the world by bringing down Clown World- something even the President seems powerless to do.  Thanks, Bat Girl!

P.P.S.  There is conspiratorial talk about the virus being a weapon which escaped from a level 4 biohazard lab in Wuhan.  It’s the only facility in China that is equipped to handle the virus.  Three months ago, Bill Gates and the World Economic Forum did a pandemic simulation in which a coronavirus killed 65 million people.  The director of the World Health Organization’s health emergencies program just died.  I am going to call these things coincidences for now.  [UPDATE: DOH!  Should have kept my tinfoil hat tighter.  Diversity hires at a Canadian virus lab turned out to be agents working for the Chinese biological warfare program.  They shipped a coronavirus to China.   And the head of the Harvard Chemistry Department, Charles (((Lieber))), plus a BU researcher who was a lieutenant in the People’s Liberation Army, have been arrested for sending biological materials to China for money.  Isn’t diversity great?

UPDATE^2: The continuing updates to this article were becoming a speculative, shambolic mess.  I have deleted them and consolidated the important points here, along with important new information. 

The virus looks genetically engineered.  It has bits of HIV genes inserted.  The circumstances of its release are still not known.  If there are major developments in the bioweapon story I will update the new post.]