End the Fed

Gold dow chart historical

The Federal Reserve is one of the key institutions driving America to its doom.  Its insidious power is not widely understood. Most peoples’ eyes glaze over when hearing monetary theory.

  • There is nothing Federal about it.  It’s a privately owned corporation which answers to its shareholders- mainly the Rothschilds.
  • There are no reserves.
  • ALL the money is counterfeited by the Rothschilds and their lackeys.
  • The Rothschilds pickpocket all savers.  The dollar has lost 98% of its value since the creation of the Fed.
  • All taxpayers do real work to pay the Rothschilds interest on money they created out of nothing.
  • The Fed is the #1 enabler of big government spending.  The welfare state, the warfare state, the military-industrial complex, the prison-industrial complex, the overbearing bureaucracy, etc. would not exist if the government had to go out and rob taxpayers whenever some control freak dreams up a new way to increase government power.
  • By punishing savers, the Fed encourages the crass consumerism which is polluting our environment and our culture.
  • The Fed quietly acquired the Ft. Knox gold and leased/swapped it out.  I.e. they sold it to keep the price down, and thereby maintain the illusion that the dollar is money. They sent the gold via tunnel to JP Morgan’s vault which sits on the bedrock across the street from the Fed.  It was the greatest tunnel robbery in history, and it was all legal!
  • Another way they keep the price of gold down is by allowing each ounce of exchange-traded gold to be ‘owned’ several hundred times over.  If the music ever stops for this scam, only a small fraction of insiders will get real metal.
  • The puppetmasters have a love-hate relationship with gold. JP Morgan once said “Only Gold is money, everything else is credit”.  The aboveground supply of gold increases at less than 2% per year, which means gold has a very inelastic supply and demand curve.  It’s like naturally occuring money that even the miners can’t print to oblivion.  Unless you have more gold than you can carry, it is hard for the system to steal it from you.  THEY don’t want this fact to be widely known.
  • JP Morgan continues to manipulate prices downward by selling fake paper gold and hoarding real metals (particularly silver) for themselves.
  • In an inflationary environment, a no-interest long term loan might as well be a gift.  The Fed can funnel this money to companies that serve the social and political goals of the Rothschilds.
  • The chosen cronies get to spend the new money before anyone else, which means its value is not diluted by inflation.
  • Inflation is higher than anyone admits. I guess it’s about 8%. The government games the numbers by swapping out products in the index (veal -> steak -> hamburger -> pink slime), making “hedonic adjustments” (i.e better iphones imply less inflation), and suppressing inconvenient categories (like healthcare). Social Security pays less than it should, and the Fed gets to print more.
  • The Fed can manufacture bubbles and panics simply by controlling interest rates and the printing rate.  Insiders know when easy money is coming, so they can make fortunes by levering up.  They also know when the Fed will tighten, and they can sell to the little people before the crash (see chart above).
  • After the Crash of ’08, the Fed bailed out well-connected banks by buying their garbage mortgage securities at full price.  The bankers then paid themselves huge bonuses and bought up a bunch of real property, at pennies on the printed dollar, during bankruptcy sales that they themselves triggered!
  • After the Crash of ’08, the Fed shoveled $17 trillion to Rothschild-owned European banks.  And Nancy Pelosi would rather shut down the government than pay 0.029% of that to secure our border!
  • Here are the countries whose banking system isn’t controlled by the Rothschilds:  North Korea, Cuba, Iran, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, and some micro-states.  Looks like America has been acting as golem for the Rothschilds.


Interest rates can be a political tool.  Notice how they were at 0% for most of the Obama administration.  This is the financial equivalent of smoking crack.  Now the Fed is planning to trigger crack withdrawals. The media will blame everything on Trump.  See  this post from earlier this year.  Q just confirmed this conspiracy theory.  He says Trump is going to restructure the Fed before they can pull it off!

Wayne Jett has a deep two-part interview about all this.  Part 1 is about the Federal Reserve.  Part 2 is about the synagogue of satan running everything, and the plan to bring them down.  Jett broadly endorses Q and the Plan to Save the World.  He says everyone will be shocked and transformed when the satan stuff comes out.  He says the last of the gold was legally stolen during the Clinton Administration but Trump has now stolen it back.  He says Kim used to be a puppet but Trump cut his strings.  I discussed this previously.  Basically, the puppetmasters know the entire financial system is a doomed Ponzi scheme because they made it that way.  They were planning to blow it up- literally!  Nuclear war would have provided a convenient explanation for the Federal Reserve Note returning to its natural value of zero.  Nuclear war would have wiped out hundreds of millions of white Christians.  Nuclear war would have inspired everyone else to beg for world government.

Q federal reserve

How could Trump end the Fed? 

He could get Congress to repeal the Federal Reserve Act and claw back any of our gold still physically at the Fed, regardless of any encumbrances.  This would require both houses of Congress to be firmly controlled by patriots.  In other words, it can’t happen before 2021 and it will become less and less likely as the years drag on.

He could send the Marines to sack the Fed, give them an audit worthy of Robert Mueller, and when the missing gold and missing trillions are revealed he could disband them by executive order and dare anyone to challenge him.  This is risky.  The Deep State could make it blow up in his face.

He could replace the Board of Governors.  This might be the plan.  Trump is allowed to fire people with cause. I’m sure Q can find a cause.  These people chose a career where exotic vices are necessary for advancement.

What would happen to the money after ending the Fed?

I hear from a trustworthy source that Rand Paul has Trump’s ear.  He will be pushing for a return to the gold standard.

The problem is that even if we have all the gold in Ft. Knox, the Fed has created so much funny money that gold would need to be over $50,000/oz to back it all, depending on how you add up the money supply (I used M2).

There is no way for the Marines to re-rehypothecate enough Rothschild gold to back the dollar at current prices.  The metal doesn’t exist. The only ways to fully back the dollar are to greatly increase the price of gold by being a buyer at that price, or severely cut back the money supply.  Increasing the price of gold that much would cause hyper-inflation in other goods.  Cutting the money supply would require drastic measures, like nationalizing the entire banking system, confiscating the accounts of the cabal and anyone who has ever worked for them, and repudiating most of the national debt.  Trump won’t do this. I wish he was this much of a bull in a china shop, but he isn’t.

I think Trump is going to go for Greenbacks, i.e. interest-free fiat money issued by the Treasury.  There might be partial gold backing, depending on availability.  Debts to the Cabal could be paid with worthless Federal Reserve digits or with trillion-dollar platinum coins issued by the Treasury.  The coins would be a sweet way to surgically screw the Cabal.  They could have Trump’s smug troll face on them. Let the Rothschilds try to get change for one of them at the farmers’ market!

The Cabal won’t take any of this lying down.  Expect inflation, a run on the banks, and general chaos.

Conclusion:  BUY GOLD.  The real stuff is artificially cheap, and by buying it, you force the Cabal to unwind much more money from their paper Ponzi.  Truly doing God’s work.  I suggest Gold Buffalos or Valcambi combi-bars.


The Clinton Foundation is going down

Hillary if that bastard wins

Looks like the noose is finally tightening around the Clinton Foundation.

It’s not a charity.  It’s the Clintons’ personal slush fund / crime syndicate.  Their main business is Pay for Play.  For just a few hundred grand, the Clintons will pimp out the US Taxpayers to you! Other profitable Clinton businesses include child trafficking, political blackmail, embezzling disaster relief funds, arms dealing, drug smuggling, uranium smuggling, warmongering, selling national secrets via a deliberately insecure email server, murder, healthcare scams, and sustainable development scams.  Business partners include ISIS, MS-13, the Rothschilds, Soros, Goldman Sachs, the CIA, the NXIVM sex cult, China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and assorted tin-pot dictators.

Rumor has it the FBI is finally going after the Clinton Foundation. Three external whistleblowers will testify to Congress today about Clinton Foundation corruption. Another whistleblower (Nate Cain) was raided by the FBI. Q says it was to protect him and protect the original documents from being stolen.  Time will tell.  Another whistleblower says he “knows where the bodies are buried“. Let’s hope he doesn’t join them in the Clinton cemetary!

I don’t expect the spectacular evil to come out all at once.  It will start with accounting irregularities:  Money laundering and co-mingling of funds, tax evasion, pay for play.   The really juicy stuff like Haiti, the contents of Anthony Weiner’s laptop, and the North Korea / WWIII plot might not be widely known until 2020.  But you can be sure that if any serious action is taken against the Clinton Foundation, many thousands of other people will be under investigation too.  Hillary is like a giant spider sitting at the center of a vast web of corruption and depravity.  She is two degrees of separation from everyone who matters, including all the shadowy secret societies and bloodline families who secretly rule the world.  Two degrees of separation is close enough for the government to get a court order to spy on people.  This shouldn’t be legal but it is.  It will boomerang on the puppetmasters.  Gitmo has had a big expansion recently.  Trump might start using military courts against corrupt government officials starting in January.

If Hillary ends up in Gitmo, there will be ways to leverage her selfishness and treachery.  If she talks, she could get any food she wants, except for babies. Otherwise she gets what pleb troublemakers get: Soylent Barf Loaf that the guards have pissed in. If she talks, she gets a widescreen TV with CNN gushing about how awesome she is. Otherwise, she gets the Rare Pepe Channel. Her friends know what she would do. This is why all the Dark Powers in America converged to protect her.

Q jail meme

The frame-ups and witch hunts against Trump were all designed to keep the Deep State traitors out of Gitmo. Mueller has nothing about Trump colluding with Russia.  He’s flailing about, throwing unrelated accusations like abuse of taxicab medallions, Trump paying off a porn star with his own money, Flynn lying to the FBI even though the interviewing agents say it wasn’t intentional, etc.  I don’t care about any of this. The average person commits three felonies a day.  The FBI can find anything if they know who to look at. The FBI can miss anything if they know who not to look at.  They’re the Bureau of Frame-ups, Coverups and Political Vendettas. Only the deep-pocketed can defend against them.  They need a purge.  If the stories about them finally going after the Clinton Foundation are true, then the purge must already be in effect, and the Clintons should be running scared.

Hillary and Huma Abedin recently cancelled a speaking tour to attend the wedding of Isha Ambani, the 19th richest man in the world.  He’s the beneficiary of a pay for play green energy scam.  The timing is suspicious.  Maybe they want to be out of the country when the whistleblowers testify.  I also hear from friends that Hillary seems to be keeping her options open in New Zealand.  The media down there act like the American media in 2016.  It’s bizarre.  It’s not in New Zealand’s interest to alienate Trump at this time, nor is it in their interest to donate to the Clinton Foundation. Unfortunately, the Cabal has New Zealand wrapped around their little finger.  They’ve been planning to use the South Island as a bugout location.  For more about Hillary, Huma and a possible NZ bugout, check out this post from about a year ago.

Hillary New Zealand

Hillary has a house next to the New Zealand Embassy.  I guarantee she has a tunnel in the basement.  Whenever a lookout spots a cop, Hillary scrambles into a rocket-sled, awaiting the knock she has feared for the last two years.

UPDATE:  It’s an Al Capone takedown.  The foundation is run like a family business, not a charity.  They’re working for foreign agents.  These things spoil their tax-exempt status and the tax deductibility of all donations (i.e. bribes) given to them.  And it was bribery, according to the testimony. Pay for play = bribery.

Congress is not amused about the whistleblowers withholding documents. The whistleblowers aren’t insiders- they are bounty hunters who did the work that the FBI and IRS wouldn’t do. They don’t want to turn over documents to Congress that they already gave to the agencies. They don’t want partisan hacks to screw it up or expose witnesses.  This is a very sensible concern when going against the Clintons. Overall it seems there’s more desire to go after the whistleblowers and Trump than there is to go after the Clintons.

The whistleblowers gave a shout-out to the Jesuits who trained them.  The Jesuits are high up in the NWO. More evidence for civil war within the NWO? If so, I would have expected them to be on the Clintons’ side.  Putting this on the back burner.  The Jesuits founded a lot of educational institutions so it might be a red herring.

Nobody Arkancided yet, but some spammer sent bomb threats everywhere, with a BitCoin ransom.  Pretty sure it’s a false flag news cycle distraction and an attempt to demonize BitCoin. Guaranteed false flag if there are any real bombs.

Good Riddance

Bush lynched

With all the duplicity and treason of the Left these days, it is easy to forget that the Right can be just as bad.  Republicans in Congress have been fighting MAGA and Drain the Swamp since before Trump even won the election. Bush was the architect of the right wing of the Swamp.

You know Bush was rotten because of the glowing eulogy he got from the media and even the left.  The left now says he was a hero because he broke his promise of no new taxes!  What a joke. Reagan lowered taxes and inflation-adjusted government revenue went UP! The left just can’t stand the idea of decent people not being robbed and micromanaged by the government.

Bush’s funeral was… interesting. Swamp rats were passing notes to each other- to avoid snooping by the NSA?  The funeral, and maybe even the death announcement, may have been timed to suppress bad news about the Clinton Foundation.  The FBI raided whistleblower Dennis Cain on Nov. 19.  He was scheduled to talk about it with Sean Hannity but it got pulled due to news about Bush.

Now for some history memory-holed by our Fake News Media and fake education:

George HW Bush Texas School Book Depository

Bush at the Texas School Book Depository?

Bush isn’t just one bad apple.  The whole barrel is bad.  The Bushes are a crime family, much like the Clintons, the Rockefellers, etc. Jeb was involved with the murder of CIA drug runner Barry Seal. Neil was a friend of the Hinckleys.  Prescott Bush aided the Nazis and tried to instigate a fascist coup in America.  Where he failed, his grandson George W. Bush succeeded.  Dubya’s conspiratorial connections would be enough for a post in and of themselves.  Thankfully, he does not seem to be up to running a crime dynasty all by himself.  He probably spends his days pickling his few remaining brain cells.  And Jeb is a loser.  The whole dynasty is on the way out- thank God.


There is a conspiracy theory that Aleister Crowley, the father of modern satanism, conceived Barbara Bush during a ritual.  This is why the puppetmasters trusted Dubya even though he wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed.

To save a boiling frog, turn up the heat

Yellow vests card

One of many prophetic cards in the Illuminati: New World Order card game, released in 1994.  The Game is based on the Illuminatus! trilogy by Robert Anton Wilson.  It is worth noting that the Illuminati and the Masons had a guiding hand in the first French revolution.  It wasn’t about liberty.  It was about getting rid of their main competitors for power: The aristocracy and the Church. This revolution seems to be more organic.  Let’s hope it stays that way.

The Yellow Jackets started as a protest over increased diesel taxes which would disproportionately hurt the rural French.  In typically out-of-touch liberal elitist style, the government dismissed it with “Stupid rednecks, this is for their own good!  We’re fighting global warming.  Let them eat Teslas.  Now let’s take their money and divide it between ourselves and our pet rapefugees!”  After the pathetic response to the rapes and Truck of Peace attacks of the past three years, I am surprised the last straw was a tax but hey… at least Europeans are finally standing up for themselves.  I am calling this as the beginning of Europe’s civil war.  Last country to leave the EU must figure out what to do with tens of millions of Muslims + Africans when the welfare state collapses.  IMHO the Germans will be the ones who will have to clean up the mess they made.  THAT will be fun.  And karmic.  It’s what they get for being natural-born busybodies and bootlickers.

The Yellow Jackets have the right idea: Leaderless resistance.  Economic sabotage, graduating to infrastructure sabotage as needed, while avoiding violence.  Interfering with transportation causes all sorts of problems for the system but it doesn’t cause permanent damage, nor does it alienate the police and the military.  In a country as disarmed as France, it is particularly important for the people to have the police and military on their side, as seems to be the case with these protests.

Note the contrast with ANTIFA. The Yellow Jackets don’t attack cops, small shops, or ordinary people (except in Paris, where anarchists and Muslims have joined). The Yellow Jackets have little organization and no institutional support. They were ignored by the usual leftist groups such as unions, because the initial protestors were mainly rural white French who the Left is contemptuous of. It’s not the typical sort of officially sanctioned protest for more freebies, more government encroachment. Those protests are a national sport in France. The Yellow Vests are different. They just want to be left alone. And they are sitting on top of a supervolcano of repressed anger about becoming second-class serfs in their own country.

This is what it’s REALLY about.  Macron is a Rothschild toady with a 19% approval rating.  He’s a consummate globalist.  He’s such a globalist that even the left hates him.  He’s only generous to cronies and migrants.  The invaders are costing France $84 billion per year.  Most of them have no intention of assimilating.  They intend to rape and pillage France for all it’s worth.  They get to commit all sorts of crimes with impunity, but French people who defend themselves will be jailed, and be forced to pay reparations.  The healthcare system is so overwhelmed that it is now necessary to get private insurance so as to not die waiting for healthcare.  Migrants get to cut in line for public housing and all sorts of social services.  The pension system is bankrupt because old people show up, get a fake job for one day, and then claim a full pension.  The UN wants to give anyone in the world the right to go wherever they want.  They say anyone who shows up should have the right to welfare too.  Complaining about being invaded will be a special category of hate crime.  Stefan Molyneux deconstructed all the treacly globalist doublespeak to show what an absolute nightmare this would lead to.  In practice, the UN plan would mean the flooding of ALL white countries and ONLY white countries.  White people would become total slaves in the cultural marxist gulag.  The French government has signed on to the UN plan.  They want to rule over people short-sighted enough to vote for Communism over and over and over again.   The Rothschilds want to rule the entire world this way.  The lower-tier elites looked around and saw that in Africa and the Middle East there is even less accountability than in the West.  They got jealous.  They decided to bring Africa and the Middle East here. Big Business wants high corruptibility and low price of labor.  Even if only 0.3% of asylum seekers get a legitimate jobs, business owners figure most of the financial and social costs can be foisted onto the general public.  The people will demand more cops, who will then be turned against the middle and working classes because that’s where the easy money is.  Then there are all the social service bureaucracies that need to justify their demands for increased funding.  Nation-wrecking is surprisingly profitable.

Guillotine yellow vest

The system is so rotten that ‘reform’ means they will stall for time while they mutate into something worse.  The choice is victory or slow, grinding death.  At some point, someone will have to cut the Gordian knot:  The NWO isn’t made of intractable bureaucracies, laws, financial obligations, etc.  The NWO is made of meat.

Some people have no loyalties beyond money.  So make them lose money.  Remind the champagne socialists and globalist middle managers that the people who built civilization can also take it away.  Get creative.  The goal is to provoke unjustified crackdowns and rapefugee crime sprees, causing the system to lose all legitimacy in the eyes of those it depends on, thus justifying flipping the tables.  Violence will be necessary, but don’t be the first to use it.  Be wary of ANTIFA and police provocateurs trying to undermine your support with violence.  Use it only when most people understand that it is collective self-defense against an illegitimate regime.  That time is coming soon.  Suspending the tax won’t stop it.  The tax was just the tipping point. Now the system must topple.  UPDATE: The Right and the Left seem to have decided they hate Macron more than they hate each other.  There is widespread talk of revolution.  The movement is spreading to neighboring countries.  It’s spreading to the European Parliament, even to the floor.  The globalists are afraid. The cops are cracking down.  This is all great news.  Time to turn up the heat!

The law has become a tool of oppression against honest and hardworking people.  But everyone says it must be respected, even though it was bought by the world’s worst crime syndicate.  It must be respected, even at the cost of turning what was once the world’s greatest civilization into a lawless slum.  It’s illegal for me to advocate doing anything illegal, so here are some illegal things to avoid doing:

See all those signs saying “Buried cable, don’t dig here”? Whatever you do, DON’T dig there. It might cost big businesses a lot of money.

DON’T flush stockings full of silica gel (crystal cat litter) down the toilets at banks and government buildings. Floods of human feces might stop the very important work of transforming Europe into an Islamo-commie shithole. French tradesmen might even make some money off the system. This is bad. The money rightfully belongs to Muslim dole bludgers.

DON’T attack banks.  Don’t repudiate your debts.  You might spook the bond market, trigger a chain-reaction derivatives meltdown, destroy the currency, destroy the welfare state, and make Europe a much less juicy steak on the table.

DON’T release aluminized Mylar balloons near airport flight paths. Don’t use potato guns to launch spuds onto airport runways. These things are harmless, but the airport operators don’t know that. There are elaborate safety protocols which must be followed. Sympathizers working at the airport will make sure the protocols are followed to the letter.  You would’t want to help them tie the system in knots, would you?  The globalists might miss important meetings about how to exterminate you.  They might do something stupid if they think the exit door is closing.

DON’T make fake calls to the police. Don’t do it from Christmas through New Years. The police are frazzled and demoralized. They have a very important job protecting Rothschild interests. But they also have the legal right to take 3 weeks’ vacation at a time of their choosing. This cannot be refused. If Macron tries to drag them back to work by executive order, they will hate him.  The elite are nothing without their enforcers so make sure they remain loyal.

DON’T spraypaint dicks on cop cars.  No cop wants to drive around in a dickmobile.

DON’T let 4chan trolls sniff your bosses’ dirty laundry.

DON’T reveal the hiding places of the elite.

DON’T use family as a fake address / maildrop / tripwire.

DON’T give your French brothers a cash/barter job.  Don’t learn trade skills which would allow you to get such a job yourself, plus give you knowledge and contacts which might prove useful during a revolution.

DON’T buy or grow organic food without the proper rubber stamps.  Don’t put yourself in a position to feed your circle. Don’t get a job as a farm hand.  Don’t befriend farmers, cops, rednecks or anyone who owns heavy  equipment.  It would be best if you don’t talk to your neighbors at all.

DON’T keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

DON’T hoard food, tools, medicines, gold, WWII weapons, illegal woodstoves, etc.

DON’T max out your credit with cash advances, buy gold, give the banks the finger and hope the system collapses before they can make you suffer.  Don’t encourage your elderly relatives to do this.  The globalists and their pets might starve if everyone knew that gold and silver are the only real money.

DON’T grow weed.

DON’T create no-go zones. That privilege is reserved for Muslims. They get a huge advantage when making money or solving problems, because they don’t have to obey any laws. Laws are for honest chumps. Laws are for those who were not born with PC Victim Points. Laws are for those who can pay a fine but can’t pay a political bribe.

DON’T make fake license plates.  Don’t keep an eye out for cars that look like yours, especially in liberal areas.

DON’T vandalize security cameras. Don’t even try a Vaseline-sopped sponge on a stick.

DON’T launch copper wire over substations, or shoot at the bottom of power transformers, or shoot at the ceramic insulators on high voltage lines. Power might go out, encouraging rapefugees to chimp out and burn and loot the property of those who welcomed them in. Don’t do it on welfare night. Don’t toss shopping carts onto electric rail lines. Don’t cut down telephone poles surrounding government offices, globalist businesses and rich liberal neighborhoods.

DON’T discreetly spray liquid LSD onto the office door handle of your favorite local journalist, lawyer, sociology professor, SJW, etc.

DON’T block off the wholesale food market in Rungis.  It feeds most of Paris.  Shelves would be empty a few hours later.  Three days later, the city would be in total anarchy.

DON’T make pipe shotguns or any other simple homemade firearm for self defense against rapefugees.  Trust the government to protect you from the people they brought in to exterminate you.

DON’T bake a weapon into a baguette.

DON’T make a spark-gap jammer.

DON’T experiment with amateur drone warfare.

DON’T put incendiaries on your drones.

DON’T attack fuel depots or secluded mansions.

DON’T light bonfires under overpasses.  High temperatures weaken concrete and iron.  Definitely don’t do this to railway bridges that are major choke points.

DON’T shut down all food and gas shipments into Paris and let the rapefugees ravage the entire city.

DON’T hijack a gas tanker Mad Max style. Don’t make homemade napalm. Don’t steal a fire engine and turn it into a Mad Max mobile fortress that spews napalm. Don’t smash your way towards the Elysee Palace while napalming snipers on surrounding rooftops (the buildings are never more than six floors high). Those who sold their souls to the globalists don’t deserve to be burned alive while wearing plastic.

DON’T lob mortars into the financial district.

DON’T deal redpills. Don’t drop your ideas into comment sections, including this one.

DON’T go on strike. Don’t drop out. Don’t mentally quit your job and see how long it takes them to figure it out.  Don’t develop a bad case of bureaucratic constipation.  Don’t monkeywrench stuff.  Don’t call in sick. Don’t go on fake disability. Millions of bankers and third world ingrates depend on you to work and pay for the New Europeans who will send you to the knackers.

DON’T complain about becoming a second-class serf in your own country. Don’t complain about being treated like the horse in Animal Farm.  Don’t complain about being used as a scapegoat / pinata to keep the burgeoning underclass away from the elites.  Don’t explain that your people are not evil, they are good- but this goodness is both a weapon against you, and the reason you are marked for extinction.

Never, ever talk about how luciferians and the synagogue of satan want to extinguish white Christians, because they would resist a worldwide financial dictatorship. Talking about this makes you a BAD BAD GOYIM!

VIVE LA RESISTANCE!  May you be an inspiration to all your European brothers.  If you pull this off, I promise not to call you surrender monkeys ever again.

What next?

Good news in the short term.  Jeff Sessions is out.  We might see some movement from the DOJ, plus there might be an end to Federal reefer madness.  It’s the right thing to do, and a good way to get some oldschool hippies on the Trump train.  The Mueller investigation might end soon, with no collusion charges against Trump.  Mueller will charge other people with minor stuff to save face.  The media will blow it out of proportion.  Trump could declassify the FISA warrant after that, revealing that the whole Russia thing was a frame-up from the beginning and most of the establishment played along.  We might get some action on the Clinton Foundation and Seth Rich.  Fingers crossed.  This would be great news if it happens.

Long term, the future looks grim.

A gun grabbing, illegal immigrant welcoming commie came within 4% of winning a statewide election in Texas.  Florida’s future is blue because they will allow 1.6 million convicted felons to vote.  A Democrat just won by 5% in Montana.  Democrats have supermajorities in the California legislature.  Even in a place like Wyoming, the next generation is being raised by trashy single moms on the dole.  Don’t expect anything good to come out of them.  This is the long-term power of social engineering.  This is why the Cabal must be exposed and defeated NOW, on Trump’s watch.  And since it is impossible to purge them completely, we need a real space program.  It’s a survival imperative.

I’m getting nervous about whether Trump will even drain the swamp.  There are 65,000 sealed indictments.  There is no shortage of dirty laundry to air, no shortage of literal skeletons to dig up- starting with Seth Rich.  Trump could have declassified the FISA warrant before the election.  He could have exposed election fraud in 2016 and 2017, rammed through voter ID by executive order, and dared Democrats to stand against it.  Blowing open any one of a vast number of scandals could have let us keep the House.  We could have gotten more state legislators ahead of the census.  Trump could have had an easier time getting his immigration agenda passed.  Now it’s going to be two years of endless subpoenas and obstruction, and possibly an impeachment vote in the House.  The end result will be that Trump will be able to blame his stalled agenda on the House, while increasing his own chances of re-election.

Trump is very good at 4D chess, but is he really playing for us, or is he playing for the neocon / Zionist / military-industrial faction of the NWO?  Are they rebelling against the ascendant Rothschild / Soros / CIA / Trotskyite faction of the NWO?  Are they just squabbling over the bloated, maggot-riddled carcass of Western civilization… or worse, is the squabble just another stage-managed Hegelian dialectic?  I could see us being herded into making a choice between the Albert Pike plan, in which we lose our souls, and the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan, in which we lose our minds.  In the end, we would lose both.  Both plans end in world domination by the luciferian elite.

I still think Trump wants to MAGA but the fact is that he is just one man surrounded by traitors and manipulators.  The Deep State is so entrenched that it can still get its way more often than not.  We have to consider the possibility that Trump will fail.  We also know that even if he succeeds, Civic Nationalism itself is doomed to fail because demographics is destiny.  A Globo-Commie will inevitably become President and throw open the borders to make sure there will never be another Trump.


At that point, future timelines will diverge into two broad skeins.

Skein 1 futures will involve total economic collapse, civil war, a purge to make Hitler jealous, a rebirth but under Fascism, and then WWIII. A victory of sorts will be possible, but at a terrible price: A racewar which leaves tens of millions dead.

America balkanized

Skein 1 futures may go through Balkanization stages in which the Republic is partially restored as a New Confederacy in the Heartland and the West.  Balkanization variants will be quite comfy in comparison to the racewar variants.  Balkanization would also allow for a neat political Judo move:  If Conservative states manage to secede, the Federal government and all its burdens would instantly evaporate.  No 50,000-page compromises.  The states would probably also end welfare due to a their lower tax rate and lack of a reserve currency.  All the useless idiots would flood into New Venezuela.  All the hard workers would flood into the New Confederacy.   Purple-haired HR Harridans would be fired if they’re lucky.  The economy would scream.  White men would flood in from all over the world.  Meanwhile, in New Venezuela, burgeoning hordes of parasites would compete for a dwindling number of hosts.  The New Confederacy would not feed them for free.   New Venezuela would not have anything good to offer.  Monopoly money?  Scrap metal?  Bottled snowflake tears?  As New Venezuela collapses, the New Confederacy might try to wall them off .  The Commies would be eaten by their own pets!  Globalist stooges would lose all value of their investments, especially city real estate!

I like this outcome.  It’s very karmic.  There are problems, though.  The Cabal will slither away.  Foreign powers will get involved.  The New Confederacy would likely face creeping corruption, a refugee crisis, and a world war, and they would have to deal with these challenges with a reduced landmass and lost infrastructure.  If the Cabal is not seriously weakened, Balkanization will just lead back into the other timelines.

Skein 1 futures may evolve into Starship Troopers, Warhammer, Firefly, Brazil, Mad Max, The Road, the Albert Pike Plan, and the Book of Revelation.

Skein 2 futures involve a slow decline into idiocracy, jihad, gang warfare, and worldwide slavery under a satanic ruling elite.  Earth would become a stagnant hell.  No space colonies, no love, no security, no free range humans.  The people would become a separate species of fully domesticated livestock.  The elite would eat babies for the rest of time. That’s their plan.  God has other plans but He helps those who help themselves.

Skein 2 futures may evolve into the Matrix, Elysium, The Hunger Games, The Walking Dead, Slaughterbots (coming soon!), Planet of the Apes, Brave New World, China takes over the world, Thralls+Quatloos, we become the Borg, we become the Dominion, we become the Greys, Coudenhove-Kalergi’s dysgenic dystopia, and the Book of Revelation.

The Star Trek future is forever cut off from us.  That dream died in 1965, when Cabal puppet LBJ gave us 3rd world mass immigration plus a welfare state.

White man myth

I do think we went to the moon.  The real question is, why didn’t we go back?  I think the puppetmasters want us stuck on their prison planet.  Space would also demand strong selection for intelligence, trustworthiness and responsibility- traits they obviously don’t want us to have.

Skein 2 futures are broadly worse, and they are nearly impossible to recover from.  The BEST Skein 2 outcome is that we would pass through a long Dark Age and re-emerge to find that all of Earth’s easy resources are gone and we lost the technology to mine poor mineral deposits.  Skein 2 becomes more likely with each business-as-usual election cycle.  If Trump doesn’t drain the swamp then in retrospect we should have voted for Hillary and hoped for a coup. Why play by the rules while the left is allowed to break them with impunity?  But we are stuck waiting, while Trump keeps a lid on right wing rebellion.

If Trump fails, we must try to steer for Skein 1 while we still can. This would require deliberately sabotaging our own economy before the puppetmasters can flood us with refugees.  This strategy is called “right-wing accelerationism”.  It will starve the Beast.  It will encourage the underclass to bite the hand that feeds them.  It will burst normal peoples’ bubbles.  It will encourage secessionist movements.  It will burn out all sorts of useless idiots and put more power back in the hands of those who actually work for a living.

Under a system of universal corruption, voting has no effect. Traitors are everywhere.  Dissident movements are nipped in the bud, or co-opted to serve the goals of the elite. The law becomes a tool of oppression, and a psyop against the honest, to lead them to the slaughter.  Normal people regurgitate propaganda as if it is profound religious truth.  The only way to change such a system is to encourage it to collapse.

Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street was the last of the Old Left protest groups.  It was also the last time I gave to leftists.  They got played.  There were a lot of expensive consultants thrown at undermining their leadership, driving “the rich” (i.e. anyone with a good job) back into the arms of the bankers, and pushing Cultural Marxism- which serves the bankers’ goals.  Now the left collectively hates the white working class enough to ally with globalist billionaires and patriarchal rape cultures.

It is possible to get the attention of the globalist technocratic middle management by causing them to lose money.  The problem is that it takes years to get through their mental bubble, they won’t willingly give up their position, any changes will not be sincere, and their cabal bosses have bigger goals than money.

Average people will never change unless they are taken far out of their comfort zone by Reality itself.  There are still white liberals in South Africa and Communists in Venezuela.  This is what we can expect from most people.  Things have to get a whole lot worse before they can get better.


What can a redpilled little guy do?  It kind of depends on where you are in life.  Here are some ideas:

Drop out.  Go on disability if you can.  Spend as little as you can.  Favor local businesses.  Pay with cash.  Work like a Mexican. Find creative ways to get the system to waste money.  Sell weed. Move to a state with no income tax and flip houses (there are big exclusions for Federal capital gains).  Get a cash business and fly under the radar. Move to a rural area.  Learn to grow your own food. Buy guns and learn how to use them.  Cultivate a network of like-minded people.  Not only will the controllers lose money, but they will lose control of people. Free Range Humans would ruin the domestication project if the system collapses completely.  This whole strategy obviously works best for single men who don’t have a lot going for them.

If you already have a good job and a good wife, then carry on.  Have kids and teach them well.   Put any savings into physical silver.  Make sure banks and lawyers can’t touch it.  The goal is to trigger runaway inflation which will collapse the banks and the welfare state.  I commented before that physical silver is like a martial arts pressure point which could bring the whole system down.  In times of chaos silver could re-emerge as the currency of choice, plus it would carry your wealth into the hopefully more honest system which might emerge later.

If you are in military or law enforcement, or you have a job involving finance, critical infrastructure or sensitive information- stay put, but have a bug-out plan.  Don’t rock the boat, but don’t be evil either.  Pray for guidance.  You will know what to do when the time comes.

external enemies, internal enemies, and the new norm in the US

Look around.  Look at the dysfunction.  See how entrenched it is.  See how it comes  from all directions.  See how each loss leads to the next.  104 years of the Federal Reserve enabling plutocrats, war, and big government.  53 years of welfare + mass immigration.  A slow degradation of morals, duty and personal responsibility, and a fear of the truth.  The cancer is everywhere.  It’s inoperable.  America as we know it is doomed.  We probably won’t survive another 20 years of this.  We certainly won’t survive another 100.  IMHO the best treatment would be to remove the healthy tissue. The sooner we do this, the sooner the cancer will consume itself- and the more healthy tissue we will have to form a new nation afterwards.  So drop out, starve the Beast, deal redpills, and prepare!

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We have, in the US, been so manipulated into fearing external enemies over the past 80 years that we have, to our serious detriment, ignored the internal enemies of our nation.  “Nazis”  “Japs”  “Russkies”  “Commies”  “Terrorists”  “Jihadists”  The use of fear of external enemies, real and imagined, has diverted our collective attention and scrutiny away from our most dangerous internal enemies.  And, make no mistake, our internal enemies are quite destructive of our culture, our social harmony and to our traditional American values.  We have spent countless trillions of dollars (along with many American casualties) in these past several decades trying to reshape the world to our liking, and this has included the total destruction of several countries in that time period along with many heinous war crimes.  Yet, the home front is now a very real battlefield, and most of us Americans really do not want it to be…

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Winter is coming

Zombies winter is coming

I don’t think manmade global warming is a complete hoax.  I think it’s real, but exaggerated.   As with all other major globocommie policy pushes, it serves multiple agendas, with social engineering being the most insidious.  There is the UN’s Agenda 21 / Agenda 2030, which is about depopulating the countryside and herding everyone into cities, where people are easier to control.  Can’t have any free range humans mucking up the domestication agenda!  There is the goal of eliminating 80% of the population, so that a few thousand puppetmasters can keep their gluttonous lifestyles without taxing Mother Nature too much.   There is the goal of establishing a corrupt and unaccountable world government, which will be funded with a global tax that will start as carbon credits.  Goldman Sachs will skim the pot.  There is the goal of getting smart, altruistic white people to “help the environment” by forgoing children.  These same types of white people make up the bulk of every environmental activist group you will meet.  They are cucking themselves out of existence, while paying a permanent underclass to breed (right up until they vote for a worldwide communist government- then the useful idiots and most of the underclass will be starved and killed).  The environment will suffer without its stewards.  There will be polluted shitholes everywhere.  I’ve been to a handful of third world countries / enclaves and there is a striking difference in even basic environmental standards like littering.  It comes down to a difference in attitudes.  Throwing money at the problem won’t fix it.

You’ve heard that the #1 greenhouse gas is carbon dioxide.  You probably haven’t heard that most of the greenhouse effect is due to water vapor.  Ever wonder why deserts get freezing cold at night, but jungles are always steamy?  Ever wonder why the talking heads don’t like to talk about this?  Maybe it’s for the same reason that they don’t like to talk about the Sun changing its brightness!


Don’t worry about the Milankovtich cycles because the video is incorrect about them.  They operate on timescales of tens to hundreds of thousands of years.  I think the sun stuff is legit but overall, the video is alarmist and a bit tinfoily.  He’s talking about a perfect storm.  A convergence of orbital cycles, fewer sunspots, more cosmic rays, magnetic reversal (i.e. shields down –> more cosmic rays hit Earth –> more nucleation  –> more clouds), solar magnetic fields out of phase, etc.  The cosmic rays are less important and less understood.  Focus on the sunspot cycles.  That’s the elephant in the room that nobody talks about.  A sustained luminosity drop of 0.2% is enough to cause crop failures.  It might be happening again.  This is the main point to take away from the video.

A hundred years of cold and hunger would be painful, but we would come out stronger.  Our system of global debt serfdom depends on an exponentially expanding economy.  Our system of racially gerrymandering Whites into second-class citizenship depends on an exponentially expanding supply of cheap food.   Combine with peak oil and gestating civil wars in multiple Western countries and you have a REAL perfect storm.

In the thousands of years before the welfare state, Nature kept asking us a few questions:  Can you tolerate cold, brave the wilderness, plan one year ahead, grow your own food, work like a maniac during the long summer days, stockpile resources instead of squandering them, band together for survival, and be on good enough terms with the neighbors that they will feed you from their own dwindling supplies if you show up half dead on their doorstep?  Scarcity and severe collapse will tip the Darwinian balance from r-selection back to K-selection, which will have many restorative long-term social effects.