Clown World bloodbaths

Sorry to drop off the face of the Earth for so long but summers are always busy.

I have been working, networking, working on my Jeep, Gonzo Gardening, preparing to leave my Commie state, and trying to write an Epstein article.  It’s in my growing backlog of impossibly long articles because the connections go everywhere, there are 2000 pages of newly released court documents for trolls to rummage through… and some rewriting will be necessary because Epstein just got Arkancided. It’s a very dark day for justice.  But I need to talk about the shooters first.

The Garlic Shooter was Iranian/Italian.  He seems to have hated everyone.  Calling him a white supremacist was a stretch.  Calling him white was a stretch.  The Fake News Media didn’t care.

El Paso shooter Patrick Crusius claimed inspiration from Christchurch mosque shooter Brenton Tarrant.  His manifesto was similar to Tarrant’s but with more socialism. He deliberately chose a gun-free zone for his rampage.  In his brief Twitter feed, Crusius talked about how gun laws are too strict, and he tried to bait David Duke into saying something stupid.  As if Duke would take bait from this false flagging retard:

Shooter twitter

A Hispanic Jew expressed admiration for David Duke and a white kid who shot up a black church.  Also loves God and baby furries.  Geez, are all Christians this depraved?  I bet he was also a Republican, a Trump campaigner, a Q supporter, and an incel. Yup. How thoughtful of him to correct the record by updating his MyLife page from jail.

There were other signs typical of false flag shootings: Reports of multiple shooters, targeting a place frequented by normal people, news reported before it happens, major story shifts, surveillance footage inconsistent with the story, and a major push for gun control in the aftermath.

The manifesto might not have even been his.  It was first posted to Instagram. It didn’t appear on 8chan until AFTER the shooting, and was not well recieved. The anons thought the manifesto poster was FBI was because the FBI had been caught false-flagging on 8chan in order to fraudulently obtain search warrants and to blame Russia for the San Diego synagogue shooting.  The boomer cubicle monkey agent outed himself with a perfect storm of retardation: Overzealous Russia nonsense, printing out and then scanning a thread because he couldn’t figure out how to take a screenshot, and he also forgot about (You)’s which shows a misunderstanding of how the Chans work. Unfortunately, none of this matters to the sheeple.  Just push a simplistic boogeyman narrative and they will support any totalitarian measure, such as red flag laws or shutting down 8chan by squeezing CloudFlare.  8chan is collateral damage in the Shadow Government civil war.  The real target was almost certainly Qresearch because Q had been going off about Epstein for weeks. Obama has called for 4chan to be shut down too.  Expect another false flag shooter to post there.  I almost wish they would shut down 4chan because then I would stop wasting time wallowing in that ocean of piss.  And a million more trolls would would invade the normies’ safe spaces, both online and perhaps even in real life.

4chan trolls found some gems in the Dayton shooter‘s social media. Turns out he was a fan of ANTIFA and satan.  He shot his tranny sister in the bar.  An ex-girlfriend became a tranny.  The shooter had cocaine, alcohol, Xanax and antidepressants in his system.  Isn’t this Jerry Springer circus just perfect for a white nationalist?  Oh wait… the Betts family is Jewish.  The shooter’s sister (who became his brother) was talking about Hanukkah. I wonder if the Jewish media will correct the record? I wonder what other juicy details the trolls will find over the next few days?  One of the people who radicalized Connor Betts claims to be a senior editor at Newsweek; let’s see if the trolls can doxx him.  His handle is dagotron.

Check out IntheMatrixxx for timely updates and strange details about the shooters, such as Betts hearing voices (from CIA mind control tech?) and Crusius’s Jewish father doing “infused being therapy” with help from some crystals he got from the Brazilian pedo cult led by John of God.  Some of IntheMatrixxx’s stuff is a bit out there.  You be the judge.  My gut feeling is that Crusius’s father didn’t brainwash his own son and intelligence agencies are not involved in the Gilroy or Dayton shootings.

Here’s some interesting stuff I recently found regarding mass shootings in general:

Shooters Jewish

Jews are less than 2% of the population.  They are clearly over-represented among the high-scoring mass shooters.  The media and the government must do something about this toxic Jewish supremacism.  Let’s take away their guns!  They don’t need assault rifles to defend themselves from a genocidal government, that’s ridiculous conspiracy talk!

Fun fact: The word “Scapegoat” comes from an ancient Jewish ritual in which the Jews would write down their sins, tie them around the neck of a goat and drive it off into the desert to die.

Shooters mostly black

Most mass shooters are people who hold their guns sideways.  They get low scores, but together they stack up most of the bodies just through sheer numbers. For some strange reason, media, government and civic organizations don’t like to talk about these shooters even though most of their victims are members of a perpetual victim group.

Fun fact: There is a Jewish legend about a magician who sculpted a clay statue called a golem, which he sent to destroy the enemies of the Jews.  There are actually many recipes for golems.  One recipe is gangsta rap, CIA crack, malt liquor and Blame Whitey.  Another recipe is false flag terrorism, the petrodollar system, neocons, and the Scofield Bible. Another recipe is the divorce-industrial complex, degenerate celebrities, consumerism, careerism, and TV talk shows. Another recipe is open borders, welfare, and a corrupt legal system with ridiculous double standards.

guns blacks

Add more guns, get slightly less shootings. Criminals will break the law to get guns, but they fear armed victims. Add more black people and shootings go up almost in proportion. Stats for Hispanics and Muslims are hard to find because they are counted as white to muddy the water.

Fun fact:  America has a single mom problem.  Single moms are cancer.  Before he got memory-holed, Heartiste had a Hate Stat of the Day about only one of the 27 worst shooters being raised by his biological father.  I don’t have time to verify this, but Heartiste was a man of great wisdom.  I do remember most of the shooters coming from broken homes.  This problem is more important than race.  A white child raised by a single mom is more likely to become a dysfunctional adult than a black child raised by married parents.  Unfortunately, welfare has destroyed the family.  Black people have been particularly susceptible to this.  73% of black people were children of single moms.

black crime town 2

Liberals love to whine that black crime is due to underlying causes such as racism, poverty, poor schools, etc.  They always conclude that whites need to throw more money at blacks. But when you make a town from some of the most self-disciplined blacks and throw gobs of money at them, they still commit more crime than the poorest white hillbillies.

Fun fact: America’s gun violence is not “the worst in the world” as liberals like to state. They cite a study by one guy who supposedly collected and translated ALL news articles going back to 1966.  He won’t share his raw data.  The truth is that our gun violence ranks 62nd. The 61 more violent countries are all third world shitholes whose citizens are currently invading the West.  Our own mass shootings won’t deter them.  They’re used to it.  And they will bring their crime with them.

Tyson gun tweet

You can’t dispute facts from Black Science Guy.  He correctly separated out the 120 suicides by gun and he seems to have separated out justified killings too, instead of lumping everything together to make the murder rate seem ~4x higher, as the media tends to do when talking about guns. Unfortunately, he will never explain the real reasons why the government and the media are whipping us into a panic over mass shootings:  Gun control is really about political control.  The establishment wants disarmed serfs.  The Jews in particular want disarmed whites, because they want us extinct.

Fun fact: Stalin disarmed his subjects and then his Jewish henchmen murdered ~100,000 – 400,000 Russians per year, depending on who you ask.  This does not include deliberate starvation. Scaled to population, direct murder by the Soviet government would be equivalent to somewhere between 14 and 56 times our murder rate by privately owned guns. Guns don’t kill people, tyrants do.  Gun confiscation is always a prelude to genocide.  But guns also allow us to fight back against tyrants.  This is the true purpose of the 2nd Amendment.


“And how we burned in the camps later, thinking:  what would things have been like if every security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family?  Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?  [They] would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt!  If . . . if . . . we didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation . . . .  We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.” -Alexander Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago

Of course, you won’t hear any of this from the Fake News Media.  They will only screech about Orange Man Bad and Evil White Nazis and how we have to take away white mens’ guns because please think of the children.

For future reference, whenever a supposed white nationalist shoots normies in a venue frequented by normies, the story is probably Fake News in some major way.  The Deep State stages false flags to further their agenda of total control.  ANTIFA and the media are giving a misfits a socially acceptable outlet for their murderous rage.  All these traitors are going to start an all-out race war.  It will end badly for them.

But enough about who is white, who shoots the most people, who controls the media, etc.  The truth about such things can be found in many places on the internet.  There are other forces at work- insidious social and genetic undertows which must be understood in order to fully address the problem of mass shootings.  There are Ugly Truths which only a maestro like Heartiste could fully elucidate.  I’ll try to reconstruct some of this lost knowledge. Let’s start by looking at the shooters’ faces.  Note their odd similarity, general unattractiveness and distinct lack of masculinity:

Children of the Soy 2

I think over-exposure to estrogen mimics in soy and bisphenol A in plastics have given these guys permanent cases of PMS.  The ubiquity of endocrine disrupters makes me think they are part of a plot to neuter all men and turn us into over-emotional, easily manipulated useful idiots, servile omega manlets, or better yet- trannies.

The soyboys’ toxic femininity will be exacerbated by female rejection.  In the good old days of The Patriarchy, guys like this would still have been able to have a family if they first got a steady, well-paying job.  Women would have stayed home and given the kids a better upbringing than modern schools and daycare, and this would have given women more fulfillment than work.  Since women weren’t competing for corporate jobs, mens’ salaries were higher, and a family could survive on a single income.  Men and women were effectively unionized against Big Business.  For this system to work, men had to know that the children were theirs and their wives weren’t going to wreck the family and steal the nest egg. The ways to ensure this were virginity at marriage, courts requiring a good reason for divorce, a culture which valued the sanctity of marriage, and tight communities which made it hard to escape a dodgy past. Under these conditions, traditional marriage put men to work, and they built a civilization.

This is why all great ancient civilizations had some form of traditional marriage.  It wasn’t because men wanted to enslave women, or because we wanted freshly starched shirts (as the brilliantly subversive Pleasantville would have us believe)- it’s because our ancestors wanted civilization and in order keep it, they had to impose standards of decency on women.  We are transitioning to a polygamist and polyandrist society in which Tinder whores all chase after the top few hundred hustlers in each city.  Most men are losing the incentive of family.  These men are expected to live an empty life working for a system that provides nothing of real value.  Even saving for a house is becoming difficult, as increasing inflation puts savers on a treadmill to nowhere.  People are falling away from God.  Real virtue is seen as a joke. Throw in the divorce-industrial complex, absent fathers, women voting for socialism and rapefugees, women having a fetish for scumbags, and a welfare state which allows women to breed with scumbags and losers and effectively cuck responsible taxpaying men, and you have a recipe for civilizational collapse.

Women Queen Victoria

History teaches us that in welfare states / feminist states, the populace devolves into r-selected vermin.  Corruption, indolence and Idiocracy become rampant. Polygamist societies (both patriarchal and matriarchal) necessarily spawn large numbers of marginalized men.  These men gather together to form gangs of bandits who wreck the civilization most ripe for the picking, i.e. the West. Muslims do this.  The left is doing this.  I could see the alt right doing it because some of them understand that wrecking civilization is the only way to save the people who create civilization.  Sooner or later the welfare state will collapse, the managerial state will collapse, people will struggle to feed themselves and it will become unsafe to go outside.  Under such conditions, feminism will die very quickly.

womens rights cycle

We are dealing with a force of Nature.  Shaming incels will fail.  Tyrannical solutions will fail (unless tyranny was the entire point to begin with).  The only way to fix these problems is by reversing all the social engineering that has corrupted the human ecosystem and allowed degeneracy to spread. Since the necessary fixes are politically repugnant to anyone left of Charles the Hammer, our most realistic hope is that the collapse will be severe enough for Darwin to purge the rot and enable a new Patriarchy to take over.  Business as usual will lead to a dysgenics-fuelled Dark Age and interminable slavery under the satanic elite.

Trump’s “solutions” will lead to worse problems.  An assault-weapons ban will only affect law abiding patriotic Americans. Mossad is telling Kushner to tell Ivanka to tell Trump “Daddy, I want Fed-backed state gun grabs.” Red flag laws are guaranteed to be abused by any triggered snowflake or disgruntled ex.  This is reminiscent of the punitive psychiatry of Soviet Russia.  At some point, being anti-semitic or anti-government will be considered a mental illness and will be grounds for gun confiscation or worse. Trump’s proposed regulations on violent video games will only set a bad precedent which will be abused by a future Democrat.

I’m already planning to register Democrat to vote for the biggest clown who might win the nomination, and I’ll vote Democrat again in the general if Trump weakens our civil war victory odds by screwing us on immigration, guns, free speech, etc. A good economy will not earn my vote (I want worldwide competitive currency devaluation, Weimar hyperinflation and a chain reaction derivatives meltdown; hopefully the last couple weeks lit the fuse). Genius trolling is not enough. Trust the Plan is not enough. I want real MAGA before it’s too late.

virgin shooter chad saboteur

This totally random meme is only here to break up a wall of text.

Our racial cold war will probably go hot shortly after the next Democrat gets elected.  I wish the great American experiment didn’t have to end this way, but I must admit that the end is coming, and since it is coming, it would be better for everything to go down sooner rather than later.  A slow bleed now will lead to a worse bloodbath later.  Trump and the Republicans are most welcome to to stop it by draining the swamp, closing the border, deporting the parasites, and rolling back the social engineering but don’t hold your breath waiting.  Even if they wanted to do all this, doing it through legal means is impossible as long as the legal system is controlled by the Pharisees.  The power of the Pharisees can only be broken by total collapse, mass secession, or a redpilled general who cuts the Gordian knot and goes Full Animal on the establishment and the entire Left.  This won’t happen under Trump.

I am guessing there will be 6 more years to prepare.  Assuming weak MAGA, 2024 will probably see a 3rd party alt right candidate who will split the vote.  Democrats will engage in vote fraud and Electoral College trickery, someone will secede, and secession will spread. I doubt the Great Ponzi can hold up much past 2024 anyway.

Now is a good time to buy more guns and silver coins and stash them somewhere other than inside your walls.  Millimeter-wave cameras can see through walls.  5G will light up the inside of your house like Times Square and give you cancer too.  Keep a few crappy guns for the cops to take. Make sure your good guns, and any guns you acquired without a background check, are elsewhere.


Questions the Globalists can’t answer

The first 30 are shamelessly pladgarized from British YouTuber Laura Towler.  Asking any one of these questions will result in doublespeak, censorship or rage:

If we’re all just the same, then how is diversity a strength?

If diversity is a strength, then how is it also a punishment for colonialism?

If immigration is our punishment for colonialism, then are you saying that the presence of immigrants here is bad?

Why is multiculturalism a good thing when it’s imposed on white people and a bad thing when it’s imposed on other indigenous peoples?

Diversity straightjacket

Why is white pride condemned but pride of any other ethnic group celebrated?

If there’s no such thing as race, then how is there such a thing as white privilege?

If race is just a social construct, then how do they know we have always been a nation of immigrants because we dug up black skeletons during the Roman occupation of Britain?

If there’s no such thing as British culture, then how is Ramadan now part of British culture?

If America belongs to the American Indians because they were there first, then does Britain belong to the Britons because they were here first?

Why are white Americans told to go back to Europe where they came from because America belongs to the American Indians, but Europeans are told that we all came from Africa so our nations aren’t ours?

If Africans are allowed to live in Britain because of the British Empire, does this mean that anybody can go live in any country that they’ve previously been invaded by, or could it just be that a falsified narrative of the British Empire is used to guilt white people into opening up their borders and is manipulated by people who want to live in a first world civilization so that they don’t have to create their own?

If we were so oppressive and awful to your ancestors, then why did you want to come and live with us?

If you demand reparations for slavery, then how much are you going to demand from the black slavers who sold your ancestors to us?

If you’re so concerned about slavery, then where’s your concern for the 40 million plus people who are slaves today, or do they not matter because they’re not held captive by white people?

If you care about the well-being of people from other nations, then why are you happy to take their best doctors, scientists and engineers?

If we needed immigrants to rebuild Britain after WWII, then why didn’t we need immigrants after WWI when more than double the amount of people died?

If it’s because Britain was damaged after the Blitz, then why didn’t Japan need immigrants after Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

If we needed immigrants to rebuild Britain after WWII, then why did our government fund the 10 pound pump scheme which encouraged one and a half million Britons to move to Australia?

If David Lammy is as British as us, then why shouldn’t he apologize for slavery and colonialism too?

If *unintelligible* is as British as us, then why did she write in her book “British” that she left Britain to leave being British?

Why do the British only exist when you are blaming us for colonialism?

Why can’t we feel proud of our ancestors but we can feel guilty for colonialism?

Why can’t I feel proud of my ancestors but you can feel victimized because of yours?

If Britons are collectively guilty for colonialism, then are Muslims collectively guilty for the Islamic invasions of Europe?

Why are all nationalists held responsible for the acts of some nationalists, but all Muslims aren’t held responsible for terrorist attacks committed by Muslims?

Why do people say “Well, if we weren’t bombing their countries” after a Muslim commits a terror attack, but they don’t say “Well, if they weren’t invading our continents” after a white person attacks a Muslim?

Why should we only carry on as normal and not look back in anger after an Islamic terror attack?

Why are the people who claim to care the most about the environment also the people who want the most immigration, which increases our population and has a negative impact on the environment?

How can you call yourself a feminist when you ignore violence towards women with different ideologies, teenage girls in Rotherham, and eight-year-old girls at pop concerts?

Why is it open borders for Europe, but not open borders for Israel?

Why are the group who claim to be the most oppressed also the group with the power to silence you?

I’ll add a few of my own:

Is it okay to be white?

Muslims, Jews, feminists, trannies, the Vatican, and old-money bluebloods make strange political bedfellows. What do they have in common (besides loving Big Government and hating straight white Christian men)?

Pedo allianceWhat group of people are the most likely to resist a global dictatorship of satan-worshipping pedophiles? What group of people are most likely to end up running it?

Why do Muslims, cops, and elites effectively get a pedophilia license in the UK but Tommy Robinson went to jail for talking about this?

Why is the media making excuses for pedophiles?

Will Muslims accept our pozzed globohomo gay cult?

Under Obama, the refugees were 99% Sunni Muslims- the group responsible for most of the bloodshed in the Middle East.  Why so few Christians, Shia and adherents of older religions, all of whom were being genocided by ISIS?

Why did ISIS apologize for that one time they accidentally attacked Israel?  Might it have something to do with Israel rescuing ISIS fighters and giving them medical treatment?  Might it have something to do with a pedo ring?

Why do all our wars benefit Israel? What is the Yinon Plan for Greater Israel? What is the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan for Europe?

How many refugees did you welcome into YOUR neighborhood?

Most of the refugees in Europe are African and North African men in their 20s-30s.  Why do we pretend that they are Syrian women and children and not an invading army?

Why does the UN plan to resettle a quarter BILLION mostly African refugees in Western countries by 2030?

Would they come if they had to organize the journey by themselves?

Would they come if there was no welfare?

If whites are so horrible to blacks, why don’t blacks move to Africa?

What would happen to American blacks if there was no law enforcement by whites?

When there is an interracial couple on TV, why is it always black male + white female?

How does the welfare state affect human evolution?

Why is the intelligence of the average person declining in the West?  How will this affect our voting patterns, economy, lifestyle, and our ability to throw off an evil government?

Why do top puppetmasters like the Rothschilds fastidiously maintain the purity of their own bloodlines, even to the point of inbreeding? Don’t they know Diversity is Strength?

It seems like Somalis are their favorite pets.  They seem to have more rights than any other immigrant group- certainly more rights than locals.  I don’t have a license to rape.  I’m not even allowed to look at women funny.  I don’t have the right to funnel welfare money to terrorists.  I probably can’t even get on the dole in the first place (I am expected to work to pay for the Somalis’ dole).  I don’t get to smash random cars and beat up random people.  What makes Somalis so special?

Why do the super-rich promote Socialism? Have these sociopaths turned humanitarian?

If Socialism is a utopia, why do people from socialist countries flee to America, and why do people from blue states flee to red states?

Does the financial system mostly benefit responsible people, or irresponsible people?

Does the legal system mostly benefit honest people, or dishonest people?

The government of Guyana has strict voter ID laws and citizenship requirements, and even goes so far as to visit voters at their homes to make sure they really live there. Are Guyanans racist?  Hint: Only 3% of them are white.

Do feminists have rape fantasies?

Lesbian bishop

Does God punish people by giving them what they want?

Is the Catholic Church involved with human trafficking?

Why does there seem to be a policy of getting people to spiritually contaminate themselves, i.e. Obama making abortion funding a separate line-item on mandatory health insurance, and putting aborted fetus tissue in vaccines?  Why does it seem that Jews have an easier time legally exempting themselves from such contamination?  Might there be other reasons do this in the case of vaccines?  Now that states are starting do deny religious exemptions for vaccines, will Jews be forcibly vaccinated? I doubt it.

Why is everyone trying to bring down Trump for the slightest offense, including made-up crimes that they framed him for, while the entire system lauded Obama and Hillary and covered up their very real crimes, which were far worse than anything Trump did?

Did Trump have a falling-out with Jeffrey Epstein after flying on his jet a few times?

Why did the Clintons (BOTH of them) fly Epstein’s Lolita Express 26 times?

How do the puppetmasters know they can trust a politician to betray his own people?

Is Hillary Clinton connected to a sex cult?

How much does Obama love hot dogs?

Obama hot dogs

Clown World and the fragility of the Left

Sorry to be an aggregator of stale news again, but I have been busy.  The news has mostly been good, because the wheels are falling off Consensus Reality.  THEY can’t keep the clownshow going for much longer.

Imagine a world run by evil clowns who push drugs, child trannies, Communism, Muslim invasions, Idiocracy, and the genocide of the people most likely to have a problem with such things. Imagine that the clowns have hypnotized most people through their TVs.  Imagine that one of the few good guys fighting them is the brain hacker known as 4chan. He’s kind of like Beetlejuice.  He can’t harm the clowns directly, but he can smear himself with Nazi memes, teleport into the Clowns’ heads, roll around in their favorite ego-garments and even wear them in  public.  There is nothing the clowns can do about this.  They wail about Nazi Beetlejuice constantly but their tears only make him stronger, and fuel his desire to contaminate every part of their identity simply by touching it. He spooks the clowns out of their mental safe spaces with the mere whiff of his presence. Meanwhile, in the basement of the collective unconscious, Beetlejuice is feeding an Id Monster that will burst forth into the real world and devour the clowns.  Welcome to the culture war post-2015.  Welcome to Clown World.


This is Honkler.  IMHO the other memes are better, but as often happens with Chan memes, the Left’s angry reaction to Honkler temporarily bloated him up to enormous size. He’s already deflating.  The choice of surrounding memes tells a deeper story: The Nazi stuff is just for trolling. Take the Honk Pill and you will laugh as the world burns. Roasties and NPCs fear this ability. Doomers envy it.

The Loony Left believes that anything touched by a racist becomes racist. 4chan trolls encourage this belief, because it is very useful to them.  They have used it to seize memetic control of Pepe the Frog, the OK sign, milk, and now they’re working on clowns, the rainbow flag, and the # symbol.  If you think none of this matters, check this out– one of the enemy’s footsoldiers has been driven to madness by a rainbow-haired cartoon frog.  This is one reason why patriotic Americans are guaranteed to win any real fight against the Left, if the fight happens in the next few years. Karl Marx was right when he said “History repeats itself, first as tragedy, then as farce”.

Another reason we are guaranteed to win is because the Left is an unstable agglomeration of tribalists and assorted useless parasites who all secretly hate each other. The things holding them together are (1) the Jews, who manipulate the diverse tribes into hating white males more than the tribes hate each other, (2) They don’t have to live with each other, (3) They don’t have to suffer the consequences of their actions, (4) White males still have something worth stealing via the government and the financial system, which means the parasites don’t have to physically steal from each other, (5) Despite the propaganda, most white males are honest chumps who play by the rules, and (6) The civilization we built is still creaking along, which means the left can get away with valuing ideological conformity more than competence, at least in the short term.  Take away any one of these six things and the entire rotten edifice will collapse under the weight of its own contradictions.

Look at Trump’s proposal to drop off illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities.

Trump troll

The Troll in Chief created another masterpiece, but it will take more than trolling to win this war.  I don’t want migrants in sanctuary cities.  I want them out of the country.  We are almost two and a half years into Trump’s presidency and illegal immigration is the worst it has been in decades.

For years, Democrats have chanted the Diversity Mantra: Open borders, nobody is illegal, immigrants do the jobs we won’t, it’s racist to say they commit crimes, they just need more of your money, please think of the children, etc, etc, ad nauseum.

An activist judge said we have to keep letting in endless caravans from Latin America until Congress fixes the asylum law- which will never happen.  Congress deliberately created the loophole in order to turn America into even more of a dysfunctional third world kleptocracy than it already is.

So Trump said he was going to give the Democrats exactly what they have been begging for, by sending busloads of invaders to sanctuary cities, particularly those with powerful Democrats like Nancy Pelosi. The response was predictable:

“WAAAAAH! Its racist to shuffle poor people around for political gain!  The white plebs are supposed to be the ones to babysit the Diversity!  Please think of the children!”

Nancy pelosi sanctuary cities

The next day, the 9th Circuit Court issued a stay on the asylum order.  It might not have been due to string-pulling.  The court has become increasingly conservative due to Trump’s appointments.  It was formerly known as the 9th Circus due to its large number of Loony Left activist judges.

More Democratic fragility was on display when William Barr triggered them by saying “spying” instead of “surveillance”. They were outraged that Barr would dare to claim that Trump was spied on. But this is exactly what the Democrats did. Obama and Hillary orchestrated the fake Steele dossier smear.  The CIA and British intelligence framed Trump with the Russia collusion hoax so they could lie to the FISA court to get a warrant to spy on Trump and his associates. The FBI lied to the FISA court about the credibility of the Steele dossier. Trump said he will soon declassify all documents related to the origin of the Russia investigation.  They will reveal that the Democrats and the Deep State essentially attempted a coup, and failed.  If Trump doesn’t respond with a Stalin-sized purge then he’s part of the problem.

Julian Assange might present corroborating evidence in court. The timing of his arrest makes me think it’s all for show, and he will be used to expose Hillary and the Russia hoax. Assuming he doesn’t get Arkancided, he will testify in court that he didn’t get the DNC emails from the Russians- he got them from DNC staffer Seth Rich, right before Seth was shot by MS-13 and then finished off in the hospital by a friend of John Podesta.  And here comes Sweden, cucked as always, saying they want Assange back so they can prosecute him for “regret rape” while Muslims get a license to rape because it’s part of their culture but white males also have a rape culture, therefore they need to be raped in prison by Muslims.  Sweden might end up delaying justice for Seth Rich.  Bill Binney says the NSA has 32 pages of communications between Rich and Assange but this won’t come out in court.


General good news from Clown World:

The California zombie outbreak continues to spread.  The zombies are spreading third world diseases via fleas and human feces.  Old diseases like typhus, shigella, and hepatitis A are making a comeback.  Homeless people are sleeping on the lawns of rich liberals, leaving trash and needles everywhere.  Obviously, the solution is to invite more 3rd world immigrants and provide more drug money for homeless people. This will buy enough votes for Democrats to ram through big-government “fixes”.

Ebola-Chan is growing stronger.

Swamp Rats are turning on each other.

Rod Rosenstein is out.

Thousands of Fake News media hacks are being fired.

Biden’s slogan is Make America Moral Again (MAMA = Suck in Spanish).  That’s rich.

Kamala Harris wants illegal immigrants to work in Congress.

Bernie Sanders wants all convicted felons to be able to vote from jail. Desperation.

Elizabeth Warren has called on the House to begin impeachment proceedings against Trump for obstruction of the investigation into a crime which the Democrats framed him for.  This will only benefit Trump if they try it. He didn’t obstruct the first witch hunt; he shouldn’t obstruct this one either.

Let’s face it, all the Democratic candidates are terrible and Trump is going to win in a landslide if he half fixes immigration (or is at least seen as making it not as bad as the Dems want it), and if he locks up 0.1% of the swamp creatures.

Trump is moving to cut off housing benefits for some immigrants.  He has talked about deporting those who have become public charges.  He understands that the invasion will continue as long as incentives remain, but is he serious about stopping it?  Maybe.  Steven Miller is purging the DHS of the migrant-welcoming Trump-haters installed by Kirstjen Nielsen and Obama.

Trump signed an executive order to harden the power grid against EMPs. It’s a sign that patriots are in control.  Obama sabotaged efforts to protect the grid because the Cabal intended to use a nuclear EMP to destroy America and bury the evidence of their crimes. The Sun can also fire off a different kind of EMP which fries the grid and satellites but doesn’t affect personal electronics.  The solar EMP which fried the telegraph network in 1859 would have caused a cascading civilizational disaster if it hit us today.  A smaller magnetic storm shut down part of Canada’s power grid in 1989.  I think it’s a genuine concern and I am glad Trump is addressing it.

Trump has put tariffs on more Chinese products.  China is running out of American products to retaliate on because the trade imbalance is so bad, LOL.

The collapsing bond yield curve is an omen of recession.  Let’s hope it leads to the collapse of the welfare state.

Yield curve

The DOD has cut ties with the Jason Group.  I try to avoid commenting on UFO-related stories due to the massive amount of disinformation out there, but one way or another, I am pretty sure the Jasons are up to no good. They have some very high-level connections.

YouTube gets woke, loses $70 billion in market cap.

Facebook’s Big Brother behavior is bleeding into normie space and backfiring. Advertisers are quitting due to Facebook’s “despicable business model”.

There is a proposed law banning social media censorship in America.  I don’t expect it to get through Congress but if it does, trolls will take over Facebook and Twitter.

Time is racist. We white males created the entire concept of time just to be racist.  We also created gravity to oppress landwhales.

SJWs got triggered when an AI “incorrectly” classified Michelle Obama and Serena Williams as men.  The insidious secret society of the White Male Patriarchy must have slipped their prejudices into the code!  Therefore we need more government regulations and more diversity.

The Midwest floods have been a total disaster. Food prices will rise significantly, in addition to inflation.  This is actually good for us. Anything to collapse the system and return the Darwinian advantage to people who aren’t useless eaters.  Now is a good time to stock up on a few years of non-perishable food and also start growing your own.  There are so many little ‘knacks’ that take years to learn.  You won’t be able to start growing when hunger comes.  Make sure you have suitable land and soil.  You will need at least half a cultivated acre per person, more if you are on marginal land or in a cold climate.  I live in a cold state and my gardens are not doing well this year.

Here’s more about food shortages due to cold, rainy weather plus millions of diseased pigs slaughtered in China.  Australia is having a bad year.  Europe has huge crop losses due to late frost. Denver just had record low temperatures plus a few inches of snow.

400 African illegal immigrants shut down a French airport terminal demanding permanent residency, open borders and no deportations, saying “France doesn’t belong to the French!  Everyone has a right to be here!” Right before EU elections. Perfect.

Euroskeptic parties are looking to surge from 10% to 35% in European parlaiment.

Theresa May has resigned.  She was secretly working for the EU, and she took a lot of flak for the recent no-Brexit vote.  The plan was to keep delaying and backstabbing until Britain didn’t even get to vote in the EU, but still remained as a vassal state and a dumping ground for rapefugees.  Her husband runs a $2.4 Trillion hedge fund which is great for kickbacks. Charles the First lost his head for less treachery.  The Brexit backlash was so bad that the Brexit Party sprung up overnight and now looks to gain more votes than any other party.


Now the bad news (If you’re a fully clown-pilled accelerationist, it’s all good news):

Facebook purged Italian political pages on the eve of EU elections in which Salvini’s party is poised to become the largest party in the European Parliament.

Australia wants five years in jail for trolling.

The EU has voted to ban memes under the guise of protecting copyright.

EU memes ban

The Neocons are banging the war drums against Iran. Trump seems to be playing both sides. Israel knows that people are getting sick of their shit and they might not get another chance for war with Iran once Zion Don is out of office.  Watch for false flags.

The Pope has donated $500,000 to help migrants reach America. This is probably an experiment and/or a shot across the bow.

Racist Democrats in Illinois want to mandate one woman, one black, and one latino on the Board of Directors of each company or they will be fined $300,000.

Clown World Economics:  Illegal immigrants can work in construction for $15/hr under the table, and get welfare, free health care, and a rent subsidy.  They will have $31,200 of spending money per year.  Legal construction workers could make $25/hr but only have $8,800 of spending money per year because they have to pay for the illegal immigrants’ welfare, rent and health care.  The illegal immigrants’ children will be able to get free college educations and advantages in applying for cushy jobs, all at the expense of legal citizens. It’s invasion and plunder in all but name.

Armed criminal gangs are escorting illegal immigrants into the U.S.  The FBI has warned that ANTIFA is working with the cartels to stage an armed rebellion at the border.  Trump needs to crush them with military force.

Militia leader Larry Hopkins has been arrested on an old firearms charge from 2017.  The real reason is that he dared to do the job that the government won’t do.  The governor of New Mexico is a Democrat and she wants open borders even though that’s the main reason her state has gone down the toilet in the last few decades.

A judge who helped an illegal immigrant escape has raised $30,000 via GoFundMe.

Multiple judges have ruled that a census question about citizenship would “threaten the Foundation of US democracy”, i.e. it would threaten the Democrats’ ability to rob citizens to pay for millions of votes from invaders who are turning America into a shithole. There is talk that the Supreme Court will rule in favor of the question but I think Roberts is compromised.

The EU is giving free anonymous bank cards to rapefugees. Just another way in which our Jew-puppet governments give invaders more rights than the natives. Almost makes me want to convert to Islam and put on blackface so I can get paid to rape and pillage.

SAT scores will be adjusted by adversity fudge factors to boost “underprivileged” college applicants.  Poverty, crime rates, single motherhood, and English as a second language will be among the inputs.  The algorithm and its SAT fudge factors will be secret. Something tells me that the children of West Virginia coal miners will be considered privileged.

There was another false rape accusation. Some slut was drunk and flung herself at a guy who said no, and recorded it.  Columbia still revoked his degree.  Some years ago Emma Sulkowicz got to use her false rape accusation as course credit at Columbia.  There have been other false rape accusations there, IIRC.  It’s a problem at all universities but Columbia seems to be particularly bad.  There’s a silver lining in this case:  One less Jew with an ivy-league journalism degree.  What goes around comes around, honk honk!

The slow burn of the Library of Alexandria continues.  WordPress has memory-holed Chateau Heartiste.  His last posts were about a “Corporate conspiracy to silence and impoverish political dissidents”.

YouTuber Sargon of Akkad is running for office under UKIP.  After he got on the ballot, he was investigated for an 2016 comment in which he said he WOUDN’T rape Labour MP Jess Phillips.  YouTube has since demonetized him, along with Paul Joseph Watson and some others.  These guys are not extreme.  They are libertarians.

Monsanto has been busted for having a black-bag dirty tricks department to destroy anyone who criticizes them.  Kind of like their own private CIA.  Included in bad news because this department probably also handles political blackmail and corruption of the legal system, so the case will stagnate while business continues as usual.

Doctors who found cancer-causing enzymes in vaccines have been found murdered.

The FBI says it ‘lost’ notes about the investigation into Hillary’s private server AND the backup CD was cracked.  Their crack computer forensic investigators were unable to recover the data from the CD.  For better results, the CD should have been labeled ‘Trump Russia collusion’. Also Democrats are trying to have William Barr impeached or even locked up for not releasing the unredacted Mueller report, which it would be illegal for him to do.  They already held him in contempt for NOT violating the law.

The same Fake News networks that wanted to crucify the MAGA Kid for smiling have ignored Muslim schoolkids chanting about chopping infidels’ heads off.

Nancy Pelosi got triggered by the House’s In God We Trust sign; had it removed.

Muslims murdered 258 Sri Lankan Christians on Easter.  They said it was revenge for Christchurch but I doubt a month was long enough to plan such a big attack.  The media gave it weak coverage, so Trump tweeted that 138 million people were killed, knowing that the media would think his Twitter mistake was a bigger story than the attacks themselves.  “LOL Orange Hitler is such a retard, Muslims ONLY massacred 258 Christians on Easter.” Link shoah’d (it was Heartiste).

Easter worshippers

What would happen if Hillary and Obama spoke Christ’s Name, even indirectly?  Would their faces melt off like in Raiders of the Lost Ark?  If they said Radical Islam, would Alwaleed Bin Talal release the blackmail tapes?


Where is all of this going?

It’s obvious.  We are in a cold civil war / race war.  It will eventually go hot.  The longer the cold phase drags on, the worse the outcome will be, because time will not favor our demographics when the war goes hot.  The Constitution won’t save us because the shadow government and their invading hordes don’t value the Constitution. Cuckservatives won’t save us because they refuse to face reality. Civic Nationalism will not save us as long as the welfare state keeps funneling our money to people who only take, with no intention of giving anything back. Full socialism will make things infinitely worse, but it might be a blessing in disguise because the invaders will stop coming if the economy is destroyed.

The puppetmasters want a racial holy war. The left wants it. The alt right wants it. The gangs want it. Foreign rivals want it. Civic nationalists, cuckservatives and most libertarians don’t want it, but they cling to the illusion of magic dirt.  They can’t accept that the whole culture and incentive structure needs to go back to about 1900 in order to stop what is coming, and changing the race changes the culture, so it might already be too late.  Normies don’t want war but they are so clueless they don’t even see it coming.  They will count on the government to fix things right up until the power goes out and gangs bash in their skulls.

When the war comes, it will be horrible.  Starvation, gangs, poverty, disease, suicides.  Absolute chaos. The Left thinks they can win but as with everything else, they have gone insane.  We will win.  We have guns, food, practical skills, the truth, the military, and our backs against the wall.  Most importantly, we have Divine Purpose.  We are meant to be more than sacrificial livestock.

The left has soyboys, trannies, feminists, a tangle of problem glasses, a depraved and out of touch elite, Gender Studies commissars who have never done real work, Blacks and Muslims who secretly hate them, a permanent underclass that must be babysat and fed  and medicated OR ELSE, and a civilization so fragile it could be brought down by a single omniscient squirrel.  We got this.  Many will die but the survivors who pass through the fire will emerge stronger and wiser.


Lefties: If you don’t like this future, then DON’T WORK TOWARDS IT.  STAND DOWN.

Some people did something

Notre Dame meme


Notre Dame has been burned so badly that the entire roof has melted, but the vaulted ceiling held in most places.  The destruction could have been much worse.  It will be much worse, if the West doesn’t collectively repent its sins and leave the PC suicide cult.

This iconic cathedral is 856 years old.  It was a 6-generation labor of love, with skilled craftsmanship handed down from father to son, and it was a center of religious life in Paris during the 633 years when Jesus actually meant something to them. It survived innumerable wars, and looting and vandalism by the Cult of Reason during the French Revolution, but will it survive the Cult of PC Globalism and their marauding hordes?

The ashes still smouder and already there are questions:

Have Muslims been trying to one-up each other after it became clear that the French will not prosecute all but the most serious attacks on churches? There have been an average of three church attacks PER DAY– fires, burglaries, statues demolished, excrement smeared, a priest killed, the Cross desecrated, etc. Notre Dame has been targeted just recently.  Bet you didn’t hear about any of this from the media.

Did Muslims increase church attacks after Macron diverted police to the Yellow Vests?

The cathedral was being renovated.  A large amount of art and sculpture was removed over the last few days.  Father Frederic says that most of the art and religious relics were saved.  This is great news, but is it standard practice to clear everything out before renovating the roof of a cathedral?  If not, who ordered the removal?  Was any gold removed from the basement?  Unfortunately, carvings and stained glass windows will be lost.  Notre Dame was an art museum in and of itself.

Notre Dame rose window

Some of the Rose Windows were lost.

Notre Dame Ornate

The entire cathedral was full of ornate carvings.  Some of them must have been lost.

Notre Dame cross 2

The Cross is still there.  The structure is still there.  A lot of renovation will be necessary to restore the cathedral to its former beauty.  This is a metaphor for Western civilization.

The firefighters took an hour to show up.  Did they need sensitivity training so that Muslim firefighters would not get triggered by the crosses in the cathedral?

The chief architect says it’s hard to set fire to huge oak beams. So how did the fire start?

Did a diversity hire “accidentally” leave a cigarette near a pile of thinner-soaked rags? Or slip a delayed incendiary device up in the rafters? There are no cameras up there.

NPC News had an article about two separate fires . This is consistent with other reports that there were two separate fire alarms, with the first fire failing to spread.  So why did Paris prosecutor Remy Heitz come out and say there was no reason to suspect arson? Did he fail to prosecute arson at other churches? This has got to be the most politicized job in the world right now.  I wonder what kind of dirt THEY have on him.

Was there a secret plan to turn Notre Dame into a mosque? It is standard practice for Muslims to destroy and take over holy sites in all lands they invade.  Leftist media is already gloating about this possibility.

Was it really necessary to blowtorch the heads off the statues of the Twelve Apostles?

Is it good news that billionaire are pitching in hundreds of millions of dollars each to help restore Notre Dame?  How often has billionaire humanitarianism turned out to be a facade?  Will there be strings attached, like tranny bathrooms, altars facing Mecca, or Gucci bags sold from the alcoves?

There was a fire at the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem at the same time. Was it children playing, or SOMEONE trying to start a holy war?

Is it a coincidence that Macron was scheduled to unveil “profound changes” in a long-awaited response to the Yellow Vests?

What was this guy doing?

false-flag-suspect-notre-dame 2

Someone who looks like a bearded Black Muslim in a yellow vest was spotted walking around the upper structure during the fire.  You know what that means. Time to lock up all the evil cathedral-burning Nazis!

Everything listed thus far is either circumstantial evidence or speculation.  But the well is so poisoned that it’s hard not to jump to conclusions.  Even if it was a genuine accident, nobody will believe the official story because Macron is a traitorous sellout and Rothschild toady who welcomes the rape of his own country at the hands of Muslim invaders.  Therefore he deserves all the blame he will get for this.  I’m surprised that worm still draws breath.  His Pretorian Guard must hate him.  At this point, anyone who kills him after covertly signaling the attack in advance would be able to collect a fortune in donated cryptocurrency.

The underlying cause is the cultural rot which grew from the hundreds of years of general faggotry that were the inevitable result of the French losing all their real men in war. In the sneering postmodern dystopia which emerged from the vacuum, they think they need to snuff out masculinity, Christianity, whiteness, etc, but they need these things more than ever.  They need Charles the Hammer. Pray that he can still be raised from the genetic cesspool. God Save France.  But God will abandon them to their sins and their pet head-choppers if they don’t return to Him.

UPDATE:  Expect copycat attacks from Muslims and the Loony Left.  A philosophy teacher was just arrested for trying to burn down St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

The feast of moloch

moloch is an ancient demon-god who promises wealth and power in exchange for first-born baby boys (although, in a pinch, he also takes aborted fetuses and children in general).  The Old Testament history books sometimes sound like an inter-dimensional proxy war against moloch.  His cult was a recurring problem among the leadership of ancient Israel.  Why did they worship moloch even though they knew that God commanded them to kill those who do it?  It turns out moloch’s promise is real because, at the very least, the cult of moloch lets ambitious people prove that they are evil enough and compromised enough to wield power ruthlessly.  It’s satanically inverted virtue signaling.  And it’s still going on today.  moloch is one of the major gods in the Illuminati pantheon.

Bohemian grove owl

The Cremation of Care ceremony in Bohemian Grove, site of much depravity.  In ancient times, moloch would have been a giant bull-headed statue with a belly furnace for babies.

The Feast of Moloch occurs on April 19-20.  Sacrifices are most effective if performed on these days, especially if the sacrifice can be done as a false flag which increases the power of the Illuminati.  Here are suspicious tragedies which might fit the bill:

Ludlow massacre, April 20, 1914.  John D. Rockefeller got the National Guard to attack 1200 of his striking workers and their families, shooting them and burning their tents.  55 women and children died by fire.  The men retaliated with the Colorado Coal Field War which killed approximately 75 people and was used as an excuse to restrict gun rights.

The Holocaust.  This is a huge can of worms which I have not had the time to disentangle.  Suffice to say that I think that much like global warming, the truth has been twisted and exaggerated to serve an agenda.  Consider that Hitler might have rebelled against the rest of the NWO (see comments below).  The moloch angle is that Hitler was born on April 20 and this might be one of the reasons why occultists had an early interest in him.  Not the overhyped Thule Society- they were a flash in the pan, and moloch wasn’t their thing (even though they drew heavily on the ideas of Helena Blavatsky, who was a luciferian). Prime suspect occult puppetmasters are the Jesuits and the Rothschilds.  Pick and choose information from these sources- they’re a bit dodgy.

CSA siege, April 19, 1985.  300 Feds were prepared to attack them but the CSA surrendered.  Was this supposed to end like Waco?  Some of the same people were involved.

Waco massacre, April 19, 1993.  The Branch Davidians only acted in self-defense.  The Feds deliberately started the fire which killed 76 people.  The two-month siege and media spectacle (with its carefully chosen end date) was used to justify tighter Federal restrictions on assault rifles.

Oklahoma City bombing, April 19, 1995. Supposedly a revenge attack for Waco, this false flag led to a dead baby on the cover of Time magazine.  The militia movement was crippled for a generation.

Columbine school shooting, April 20, 1999.  They intended to blow up the school, and the aftermath led to schools being used to condition people to the prison/police state, and the cops might have had a dark involvement in this, but I am going to leave moloch out of it.  The victims were too old for his taste.

Deepwater Horizon explosion, April 20, 2010.  This is on the conspiracy radar due to Rothschild and Royal Family ownership plus Halliburton’s tangential involvement.  However, none of these things are unusual, there were no children present (that we know of), and the incident doesn’t fit the pattern of the others.  The date is a coincidence IMHO.

The Feast of Moloch is part of a larger spring season of sacrifice and fortuitous dates.  For example, the wiccan / pagan holiday of Beltane (May 1) is also Commie Day, the birthday of the modern Illuminati, the day the Nazis were defeated, and the day most of Eastern Europe joined the EU.

moloch season of sacrifice

If there are any major happenings over the next month, the first question (as always) should be “who benefits?”  The Commie faction of the cabal is on the ropes right now so it would be a good time for a false flag.

Chaos strategies for 2020

Joker money

I love Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar. I want 50 more of them.

During their three months in the House, I have heard more gripes about the Loony Left than I heard all last year.  Redpill receptivity has increased.  Someone who used to extoll the wonders of Brown Socialism has not mentioned it recently. I thank AOC and Ilhan Omar for this.

AOC is a narcissistic, out of touch millenial who thinks her BU economics degree makes her a genius.  They taught her that money printing solves everything, so she might as well print $93 trillion for socialist boondoggles.  She says illegal immigrants are her constituents.  She is under four separate ethics investigations.  She scared Amazon away from her state.  The New York Democrats are talking about gerrymandering her out of her district.  It won’t matter.  She’s a replaceable puppet.

Ilhan Omar causes pearl-clutching on both sides of the aisle simply by telling the truth about Israel’s rampant bribery and war-hypnosis and Obama‘s warmongering.  Other politicians have a hard time challenging her because she has a whopping THREE victim points. It’s amazing that they can break through the PC programming enough to challenge her at all.  They never challenge her about having more sympathy for ISIS terrorists than Americans, and they never say anything about her district being America’s #1 spot for welfare fraud being used to fund terrorism, because anyone who complains about such things is a bigot.  The only reason Omar gets called out is because she triggers the (((Special People))).

Trump Israel

Our government will give Israel at least $38 billion for security, including a wall.  The (((media))) has not complained about this.  However, spending $5 billion on our own wall was so controversial that it provoked a month-long government shutdown plus extra shrieks of racism.

AOC and Ilhan Omar aren’t even real politicians- they are actressesThey auditioned for the role.  They are joined by five others like them in Congress, including one who is a literal actress.  Their campaigns were managed by a bunch of very media-savvy Communist revolutionaries and Bernie veterans called the Justice Democrats.  When AOC appears to be as dumb as a bag of hammers, it’s because she’s talking off-script.  When she proposes a communist monstrosity like the Green New Deal, someone else wrote it.  She’s just an actress.  The Justice Democrats are the director.  Soros is the producer.  The UN is the executive producer.  This site breaks it all down.

The Communists want to use the primaries to purge the last vestiges of quasi-sanity from the Democratic Party and turn America into a totalitarian dictatorship with open borders and race-based reparations for the entire world. They have a disproportionate fondness for Muslims.

muslim welfare

Here’s an accelerationist Chaos Strategy for 2020:

If you’re a conservative in a consistently blue district or a red district without a close RINO/MAGA battle, then register as a Democrat and vote for the biggest lunatic who might win the primary, especially if that lunatic is endorsed by the Justice Democrats.  Their candidates will get the rocket boost that comes from having a puppetmaster.  You won’t need to give any money.  Soros will have great data analytics which will tell him exactly how much money it will take to get his puppets into office.  Let him spend his money.  You provide your vote and maybe some votes from your conservative friends.

Would you rather have an establishment Democrat who acts sane but votes with the crazies 80% of the time?  Would you rather have a phony like Mitt Romney who pretends to be on your side but votes with the globalists every time his vote matters?  These are the other options in a blue district.  IMHO it would be better to have a loony commie who wakes people up.  Who knows, you might get lucky and have a patriot beat the commie.  A safe blue district might have 40% red thrown in to reduce the number of red districts elsewhere.  That 40% could push a patriot over the top if the Democrats run a lunatic in a year that will see a backlash against lunatics if Trump actually drains the swamp.

I want daily ANTIFA chimpouts on the floor of the House. I want daily foaming-at-the-mouth hatred against white people, and against America in general, from those sworn to uphold our values.  I want close votes decided by Muslim vs. Jew gladiator battles on the floor of the House.  I want C-SPAN to be funnier than the Jerry Springer Show. I want demands for 110% taxation, reparations, open borders, child trannies, and jail for microaggressions against protected classes. I want normies to be terrified. I want business owners to fear losing everything. I want virtue signalers to realize that the time is soon coming when they won’t be able to cuck anymore, won’t be able to hide in their gated communities, won’t have the protection of the system, etc. I want Jews and Democrats to fear that their pet underclass will rip them from their positions of privilege and devour them. I want money grubbers to realize that their bank accounts are just digits on a screen that will go blank if they keep pushing PC insanity.

The puppetmasters depend on millions of useful idiots and middle managers to do their dirty work for them.  They set up social and institutional incentives which lead to inertia.  It’s hard to change anything until some bean counter somewhere realizes that his gravy train might get derailed.  We must bait the left into inspiring this fear.  They have great institutional power but they lack self-awareness, common decency, restraint, and even a basic understanding of reality.  These weaknesses will be their undoing, one way or another.


If you don’t like this, you’re a racist.

Here are Chaos Strategies planned by Democrats. I endorse the first two:

  • A new legal witch hunt over Trump’s taxes. This will work as well as Mueller.
  • Register as Republicans to vote for Mitt Romney in the primary.  This won’t work, but it will make it easier for us to vote for the craziest Dems.
  • Remove Trump from the ballot (supposedly over taxes).
  • Allow felons, 16 year olds, and illegals to vote legally.
  • Do an end run around the Electoral College by getting states to bind electors to the popular vote. Then the swingiest swing states might as well be blue, cities would have increased influence and increased vote fraud, and if the election is close enough for a national recount there might be enough chaos to start a civil war.
  • Pass state laws to grab the guns of law-abiding people so they will be unable to resist the Left’s enforcers (including MS-13). Make sure violent illegal aliens are not deported when they try to buy guns.  This shows the Democrats’ priorities.
  • Stop Trump from making citizenship a census question.  This would give blue states more electoral votes and more representatives in later elections.
  • Invite in as much of the third world as they can.
Caravan transported by Mexican govt

The Mexican government is escorting caravans to the border. 100,000 people crossed in March alone.  This is higher than at any time during the Obama administration.

I’m getting off the Trump train.

He just cucked on immigration again.  He gave Mexico 1 year to get its act together or he will start taxing cars.  What a joke.  He should send the Army to close the border right now.  This would also be a great way to renegotiate NAFTA, as he promised to do.  Over the last few months I have become increasingly blackpilled about Trump. It looks more and more like his whole Law Cuck thing is an act to cover up his allegiance to the Neocon/Zionist faction of the NWO.  He’s had multiple chances to pull an Andrew Jackson, i.e. send the Army and challenge the Court to send its own army to stop him.  Trump is no Andrew Jackson.  He’s Obama for white people. Larryzb and Pale Buffalo deserve credit for saying it first.

Trump said he wants plenty of immigration as long as it’s legal. Right now the biggest legal scam is that if they claim asylum, then we release them into the country to work and collect welfare while they wait for a distant court date that they will never show up for. Asylum seekers don’t even show up in the illegal immigration totals because the process is technically legal.  This is one of many ways in which white people are lulled to sleep with fake statistics so we don’t realize we are becoming hated minorities in the countries our ancestors built.

It’s a system made to be abused.  Trump complains about it, but he allows himself to be cucked by any judge with an axe to grind.  This is probably because he listens to Jared Kushner, the Neocons, and assorted Chamber of Commerce Cuckservatives. A Guatemalan human trafficker claims it has never been easier to smuggle people into America, especially if they have children in tow (often as props / trafficking victims).

There will be 30,000 extra “seasonal” guest worker visas because the economy is improving. Business leaders are clamoring for more H1b’s and Trump seems to be listening. Meanwhile, Straight White Males go to the back of the bus when applying for good jobs. Why should we care about Trump’s economy when it’s not really for us? We would be better off with a collapsed economy, because the invasion would stop and we would have a chance to purge all our civilizational rot. We are going to have to fight Trump’s economy. Varg has the right idea. White people should find creative ways to go on welfare if possible and use the money to prepare for the collapse.  Just be careful not to let welfare drain your soul. We are not content to be human yeast.

I’m tentatively endorsing Andrew Yang. I have no illusions about Universal Basic Income being a good thing, in fact I am counting on it being a disaster, but once it’s established it will be popular enough that the technocrats will have a financial incentive to end mass immigration.  I think Yang would surround himself with people who would  figure this out.  He hasn’t gone off the deep end with the social justice cult.  He does support the Green New Deal, but so do I, for accelerationist reasons.  He proposes geoengineering which would exacerbate cooling from the grand solar minimum and cause food shortages. His VAT tax and carbon tax are bad ideas that won’t go away until the system collapses, but that’s the entire point, so who cares?

Virgin Trump Chad Yang

Screenshot (350)

Here’s the Asian Capitalists’ take on Yang and why he has more of 4chan’s mental market share than Trump. Note that some of the memes are a shill campaign, some of them are organic.  Here’s another good video where these guys explain the looming choice between the Four Corners of political dystopias: Absolutism (Communism or Fascism) vs. Anarchy (welfare-fuelled Zombie Apocalypse or BitCoin-fuelled killer robots).

I will switch to Kamala Harris if she goes crazy enough to drive the last working-class white people out of the Democratic Party and inspire a long-overdue military coup in the unlikely event that she actually wins.  I will get back on the Trump train if he stops Law Cucking to activist judges, Mexicans, Guatemalans, the migrant welfare mafia, the endless anti-white inquisition, Javanka, and the rest of the swamp. Now that trust is low, he will have to work harder to prove he’s not a cuckservative. Firing Kirstjen Nielsen was a hopeful step, as is shifting the balance of the 9th Circuit Court and purging the government’s HR department, plus a flurry of small victories like stopping taxpayer funded mortgages for illegal aliens (WTF- this program was Sweden tier cuckery).  These reforms are a small fraction of what is needed.

Barring a spectacular purge from Trump, we need to find creative ways to pour gasoline on the funeral pyre of Western civilization, because burning it down looks like the only way to save it. The entire establishment hates us and wants to replace us with third world ingrates who are easier to manipulate. Arm yourselves. The Second Civil War could be a horrible slaughter to echo through the ages.

nuke clown

Heads must roll

Trump V My Turn

Robert Mueller has finally given up his witch hunt.  He had his report nearly finished eight months ago, but he wanted to drag it out so the Democrats could win the mid-term elections.  He used the extra time to harass Trump’s family, bust Michael Cohen for hoarding taxicab medallions, pretend it’s illegal to pay blackmail to a porn star, send more muscle to grab Roger Stone for BS process crimes than they supposedly sent to capture Bin Laden, etc.  Everyone hoped that the constant dunning and subpoenas and foaming hatred would cripple Trump politically and crush his spirit.  They underestimated him.  Attacks make him stronger.  It’s well past time for him to get revenge.  The kid gloves must come off.  Restraint will not gain him any political points with anyone who matters.  The left and the Deep State will try to destroy him no matter what he does.  The right would see restraint as proof that he is a puppet of the neocon/zionist faction of the NWO.  The independents would see restraint as just another double standard of a hopelessly corrupt system.  Anyone with any power would see restraint as proof that Trump is a mere speed bump in front of the Cabal steamroller so it’s foolish to stand with him.

Trump needs to bring down a purge worthy of Stalin. He can start by declassifying the FISA warrant and the OIG report. These will reveal that the Democrats and the Deep State manufactured fake evidence of collusion to submit to the FISA court in hopes that spying on Trump and his campaign would yield some kind of viable dirt. When that failed, they trotted out the fake Steele dossier right before the 2016 election. When that failed, they started the Russia investigation in hopes of tricking Trump into ‘obstructing’ their investigation into the hoax crime which they framed him for. Investigating Russian collusion was never the purpose because everyone knew it was a hoax. Some of Mueller’s own crew are connected to Joseph Mifsud, the fake Russian agent who tried to frame Trump with the help of the CIA and British intelligence.

Mueller himself was to deliver a sample of American uranium to the Russians so that Hillary could collude with Russia to take 20% of our uranium, in exchange for kickbacks, and possibly as a pass-through to Iran and North Korea.  The FBI and DOJ looked the other way while Hillary and Obama committed many serious crimes of this magnitude.  That’s why the entire establishment says Orange Man Bad.  They don’t want any of this stuff coming out.  They really, really don’t want the pedo stuff and the WWIII plot coming out or they will be more reviled than the Nazis.  Trump could make it a slow drip over six years, with hundreds of thousands of arrests.  If we don’t get disclosure and justice on this scale then I will consider Trump to be a failure regardless of anything else he might do.

16 year plan to destroy America

Every day they walk free is a national disgrace.

If we do get disclosure and justice, imagine all the kegs full of delicious liberal tears!  They cannot ever admit their deranged crusade is flawed in any way. Look how they handled the Mueller news in the only way they know:  They doubled down on stupid. “Orange Man cheats at golf! Mueller must be compromised by Russia!  Barr is owned by Trump, and therefore Russia!  He’s going to spend the next two weeks redacting all the most damaging stuff from the Mueller report!  It’s all a big conspiracy!  It must be true because a Russian hooker promised a collusion tape if Mueller pulled strings to get her out of jail in Thailand!”

Pencil-Neck Adam Schiff seems to think they can still get Trump for obstructing investigations of his associates.  This is a lie.  Trump asked to know about any illegal dealings by his associates, and he can’t obstruct investigations which even the FBI admits he didn’t know about at the time.  Schiff might soon be out due to his constant leaks and lies.  Black Conservative Patriot has a good video about this, plus imminent perp walks for Comey, Lynch, Brennan, Strzok, Page, and other officials who organized the frame-up on behalf of Obama and Hillary.

Rachel Maddow broke down in tears. She was the main talking head pushing Trump-Russia. She devoted over half her show to this conspiracy theory. Now her ratings have plummeted, along with MSNBC and CNN in general. Sean Hannity is calling down fire and brimstone on them. How times change. I’m old enough to remember when Fox blamed Saddam for 9/11 and MSNBC was a voice of (relative) sanity.


Some on the left are saying “It’s time to move on”. NO. You don’t get to attempt a coup, lie to Congress and the courts, ruin two years of a presidency, incite invaders and rampaging mobs, and increase tensions with a nuclear power and expect to walk away because “mistakes were made, get over it Bad Orange Baby”. This is treason. HEADS MUST ROLL.  The purge must extend throughout the institutions, including media, justice, Big Tech, Wall Street, NGOs, and big-city DA offices.

There has not been true rule of law in America for generations. A lawless parasitic elite, their enforcers, and a lawless parasitic underclass plunder law-abiding Middle America with impunity. They use the law as a weapon to oppress honest, hardworking people, and destroy those who try to change the system. Anyone who obeys the letter of the law is a cuck who is destroying the country. Disobedience is a patriotic duty. If Trump doesn’t disprove this, all hell will break loose in 2020.