Christchurch looks like a false flag

New Zealand is back in the news again.  They punch above their weight.

A week ago, Brenton Tarrant massacred 50 Muslims at a mosque in Christchurch.  He livestreamed it on Facebook and left behind a manifesto that was a mixture of white nationalism and troll memes. His stated goals were to pour gasoline on the West’s slow-burning race war, avenge European deaths at the hands of Muslims, and trigger a gun crackdown and subsequent civil war in America.  He triggered a worldwide feeding frenzy.

The official story smells like a Gladio-style false flag.  I don’t know the full story, and we may never know the full story, because there have been many very suspicious shootings where the whole truth has never come out:  Parkland, Vegas, Sandy Hook, the Pulse nightclub shooting, the Bataclan nightclub shooting, the Batman shooting, and Presidential shootings all the way back to JFK.  These are just the ones that come to mind.  There are many others.

To keep up with this story as it evolves, watch the Vinny Eastwood Show.  He’s New Zealand’s #1 alternative reporter. He has been censored in the middle of his livestream so he must be on to something.  Here he interviews false flag expert Ole Dammergard, who traced the Cabal slug trails weaving through some of the major Islamic terror attacks in Europe.  Here he interviews Kurt Haskell, who deconstructed the underwear bomber false flag.  Kurt has a list of 41 red flags to look for in association with false flag attacks.  Real attacks should have few if any of these red flags.  The Christchurch shooting has 18 of Kurt’s red flags.

Here are the suspicious things I have collected thus far:

Deep State background activity:

  • John Podesta went to NZ and met with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern 5 days before the shooting.  He called NZ “A big juicy target” for election hacking and “weaponized fake news” from hacked information.
  • Jacinda is a commie with ties to the UN and other globalists and commies. She got a scholarship from the Masons. She helped cover up a masonic / police child abuse scandal in the UK.
Screenshot (346)

Jacinda Ardern’s five-year plan.

  • The Strzok transcripts were just released, showing how the DOJ let Hillary off for running a secret documents yard sale disguised as a deliberately insecure email server.  A distraction was needed.
  • Last week was a very bad news week for the Democrats.  There were TWELVE happenings, any one of which might have been Scandal of the Year in a more civilized era.
  • Q says this week will be even worse for them.  If so, it will be Spygate related.  We could see the end of the Russia investigation, declassification of the FISA warrant or the OIG report, and indictments of McCabe, Comey, Brennan, Lynch, Yates, and Clapper. Fingers crossed.  Q really needs to deliver something big, or people will start saying REEEEEE! THERE IS NO REVOLUTION, IT’S JUST A TURF WAR WITHIN THE NWO, AND Q IS A PSYOP TO STOP WHITE PEOPLE FROM CHIMPING OUT WHILE THE INVASION RAMPS UP.  [UPDATE:  REEEEEE!]
  • Israel did 100 airstrikes on Gaza during the media frenzy.
  • Students from Parkland visited Christchurch 8 months ago for discussions on how to keep a youth movement going. Expect an astroturfed anti-gun / pro-socialism / pro-immigration movement to pop up.
  • NZ is a member of the Five Eyes intelligence-sharing network but they are so infested with Illuminati and Chinese that there is talk of kicking them out of the network.  Q has been calling out Five Eyes recently. They aided the Deep State coup attempt against Trump.
  • NZ is the favored bug-out location for those who want to ride out WWIII aboveground.  It’s a suspected bug-out location for Hillary and perhaps Obama if Trump ever tries to bring them to justice.  The Rothschilds already have a presence there.  This is why it is important to disarm Kiwis.
  • The previous prime minister, John Key, was a puppet who sold out New Zealand to Wall Street and China.  He resigned after a suspicious meeting with John Kerry.  The meeting was right after Kerry went to Antarctica as the 2016 exit polls started coming in, and right before NZ’s last big earthquake.
  • NZ continues to give money to the Clinton Foundation.
  • NZ is often a guinea pig for NWO social engineering.
  • NZ PAYS to import pet refugees, and puts them straight on the dole.
  • NZ’s main newspaper is a clone of the Washington Compost.
  • Two years ago, Benjamin Netanyahu threatened war with New Zealand if they voted in favor of sanctions against them.
  • NZ has a vibrant criminal underworld.  Polynesian gangs run the cities, Masons run the small towns, Triads do huge meth deals in the casino in the middle of Auckland.  Auckland is a drugged-out multicultural dystopia known as Sodom of the South Seas.

Tarrant’s Manifesto:

  • Tarrant spent two years with the 8chan Nazis, he wrote a 74-page manifesto about mass immigration and white genocide, and he somehow forgot to mention the Jews’ leading role in it.

Jews mass immigration

  • He mostly blamed conservatives and capitalists. They are part of the problem, but they’re not the top of the pyramid.
  • He claimed to be an eco-fascist whose values were best reflected by China (a polluted neoliberal dystopia, but hey, at least they harvest the organs of their religious minorities)
  • “Hurrr durrr I’m just an average working class unedumacated white guy who can’t spell even in Microsoft Werd.”  This is a meme in and of itself.
  • Still smart enough to make money from Bitconnect before it imploded
  • He gave a shout-out to Candace Owens, a black Trump supporter.  He said she was even more violent and extreme than he is.  This is not true at all.  I think he was trying to give her a Kiss of Death.  Same thing for PewDiePie, who he mentioned at the beginning of his video.
  • He gave Trump a quasi Kiss of Death.  The media took the bait.  Don’t expect them to report that real fascists hate Trump even though this has been obvious for years.
  • I’m surprised he didn’t give Christians a Kiss of Death. (OK, maybe a peck on the cheek)


  • Streamed on Facebook a day after Facebook was down for a day and everyone was fiending for a fix.  Maybe the weaponized Fake News hacking was Facebook making sure they could protect the livestream and trace its viewers?
  • Why don’t we see blood, bullet holes and spent shell casings everywhere?
  • Why did he throw a gun on the ground outside his car?
  • Why didn’t he check the back area or the the rooms branching off the hallway?
  • Why didn’t the Muslims try to escape out the back?
  • Tarrant was strangely unemotional, as if he had done it before.  His victims were strangely unemotional.  They just piled up in the corners waiting to die.  The few pedestrians were unemotional.  The survivors were unemotional.  Was this a drill?  Was it a hoax? The question must be asked.  I don’t know the answer at this point.


  • Visits to Pakistan, North Korea and Israel.
  • Possibly associated with the group that raided the North Korean embassy in Spain? Was that a CIA attempt to derail the peace process?
NZ shooter pakistan

Just an average white nationalist who loves Pakistan, North Korea, Israel and China. Nothing to see here.


  • It’s hard to get guns in New Zealand. It would be even harder for a tourist to get guns. There’s a long process. The police do a thorough check and interview.
  • Unless of course you are one of their favored underworld criminals, then the police will give you guns with the serial numbers shaved off, so that the political criminals can whine about all the guns.  Remember Fast and Furious?
  • Buying that many guns should have raised suspicions.
  • He had police issue guns and armor.  No serial numbers.
  • I suspect the police (many of them Masons) expedited the process for Tarrant and maybe supplied him to make it appear that the problem is that guns are technically legal. The NWO wants decent law-abiding people to be helpless.
  • The police had shooter training nearby at the same time.  Classic false flag sign.
  • Cops were just a few blocks away but it took them 20 minutes to arrive.  It didn’t take them much longer than that to lock down the entire city.
  • The man they brought to court does not look like the man in the video.

NZ shooting police

Look at these disgusting cucks.  Look at the pristine carpet and walls.  WTF.


  • Jacinda said “New Zealand gun laws will change”.  She was more interested in talking about all the guns than about the victims.  Parlaiment had hundreds of pages of anti-gun laws ready to go, much like the Patriot Act after 9/11.
  • American media are acting like it happened here.  Commie News Newtork has nonstop coverage blaming Trump, and their already abysmal ratings are down by double digits.  AOC blamed the NRA, which isn’t even in New Zealand.
  • No mention about an armed guard stopping an attempted shooting at another mosque. Multiple shooters?
  • Police are threatening up to 10 years in jail for anyone who downloads or shares the video.  One person has already been arrested.  There must be important clues in the video.
  • Q implies Tarrant got MK-ULTRA’d by a shrink, and someone paid for his travel to the Middle East (Bitconnect would have been a good way to do that). Turns out the Sandy Hook shooter’s shrink, Dr. Paul Fox, escaped to New Zealand to dodge charges of sexually abusing his zombified patients.  He also destroyed Adam Lanza’s psychiatric records.  [UPDATE:  I no longer think Tarrant was controlled by anyone.  See comment below.  It is still possible that intelligence agencies learned of Tarrant’s plan and decided to exploit it.]
  • There is a push to censor 8chan, 4chan, Voat, and ZeroHedge. New Zealand and Australia are already censoring them; the UK will likely follow. These four sites have been leading the people-powered efforts to expose the Cabal. Q currently lives on 8chan. The media says that automatically makes him a Nazi. They don’t tell us that anyone can make his own board on 8chan, and Q got trolled off 4chan for NOT being a Nazi. ZeroHedge is mostly libertarians. They are targeted because of their history of exposing systemic financial corruption. Voat is like Reddit but with less censorship. They are targeted because they have a major pedo-ring research center and a normie-friendly Q board full of Reddit refugees. 4chan is targeted because it is the trolls’ home planet.
  • JIDF has been busy.  Good thing someone archived this.
  • I think THEY are trying to keep everyone off the Q boards because he is about to be proven right about Spygate. There is no talk of censoring Facebook.
  • White Nationalism is starting to feel like Islamic Terrorism before the PC Left started making excuses for it.
  • Expect New Zealand to be the next country to be ruined by Muslims.

New Zealand momo muslim suicide challenge

This is just the beginning.

Muslims are talking about revenge attacks on whites.  This shows another goal of the Cabal: Divide and conquer.  The neocon / masonic / MIC factions of the Cabal would like to kick off WWIII with a European civil war against Muslims.  We are going to see more attacks, both real and manufactured on both sides, and with most of the real ones by Muslims.

Ebba Ackerlund 2

This is what happens if you try to become a “humanitarian superpower”, or if you let feminists run your government.

There is no reasoning with them, there is only jihad. Jihad by fighting, by taking over institutions or by having babies at our expense. They call it the infidel tax.  We call it welfare.  They think we owe it to them just because they’re Muslims and we’re not.  They will never admit that the shooting (if done by a real white nationalist) is revenge for all the shootings and Truck of Peace attacks in Europe. They invade, they kill, they act like victims if the locals defend themselves or are insufficiently generous. This has happened many times throughout history.  And before anyone says this is revenge for them being bombed in their own lands: Most of the rapefugees in Europe aren’t even from Syria, they are from Africa, most of them wouldn’t be in Europe if there was no welfare, and the Swedes never bombed anyone.  They have been more benevolent than any other people in Europe. To Muslims, benevolence is blood in the water.

The media will never admit any of this because they are controlled by the same tribe that is using Muslims as shock troops of the New World Order.  At the time of the Christchurch shooting, Muslims were busy slaughtering 120 Christians in Nigeria, including 37 in a church.  There was no reporting on this.  There was no reporting on any of the 70 other Muslim attacks in March.

NZ shooter march madness

2 thoughts on “Christchurch looks like a false flag

  1. Yes, there are already false flag articles on this NZ attack. Who benefits is what I asked in my post the other day. The gun grabbers, the folks who seek to limit free speech as regards immigration, and those who wish to demoralize further ethnic Europeans around the world. The Jews are beneficiaries here as they desire the 3 items i just mentioned. This shooter may be a product of intelligence service (Mossad) brainwashing and programming. We’ll never get the whole truth, that is for sure.

    Liked by 2 people

    • You beat me to it. Haven’t seen your article until now because I’ve been busy. Here’s a link for those interested.

      One of the links I had collected was 14 reasons why it looks like Mossad did it. That one got shoah’d.

      I keep seeing stuff about pedo rings in Christchurch and Tarrant being a Jew and/or a Mason and co-conspirators escaped to Israel. All unreliable sources though. Waiting to see if something better pops up.

      [UPDATE: Nothing has popped up except for the Mossad stuff being continually shilled. This, and growing doubts about whether Trump (and therefore Q) are really working for us, have increased the odds of this attack being genuine. If so, Tarrant still might have had tacit help from the NZ police. UPDATE 2: Tarrant managed to send a letter from jail. It’s real because it showed up on 4chan and afterwards there was a story about the NZ government being angry about it. Nothing super revealing, but I am now almost certain that Tarrant is real.]

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