short book review: Satan in Hollywood

Larry has a good article about how Hollywood is controlled by Jewish satanists who are driving our culture into the gutter.

It bears repeating that the problem is much bigger than Hollywood. These same people control the media, education, the legal system, Wall Street, social services, the CIA, the Federal bureaucracy… indeed pretty much any Western institution that matters is controlled at the top by a shadowy cabal of elite satanists who are very disproportionately Jewish. They are deliberately trying to flush our countries, our gene pool, and even our very souls down a toilet to hell.


Why review such a book?  Because very few will do so.

Title:  Satan in Hollywood: Anti-Christian Propaganda in Film

Author: Herve Ryssen (first published 2016)

This short book in pamphlet form tells of the worsening attacks on Christian faith and morals in films both domestic in the US, and in Europe.  This has been a trend now for decades as gradually the consuming public has accepted mockeries of the Christian religion from the entertainment industries.  With such acceptance, the movie producers have become emboldened to make more offensive attacks on Christianity.  The book cites many examples and you can read of these yourself by reading the book.

What many readers may find most objectionable and distasteful about this politically incorrect book is that it calls to the readers’ attention that the US movie industry has been controlled by Jews since its inception in the time of silent movies during the…

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