Live by the honk, die by the honk

Honkler laughs at you

Last month in London, Pakistani terrorist Usman Khan stabbed five people while in an early release program run by lefty academics.  The stated purpose of the program was to “bring together people in criminal justice and higher education institutions to study alongside each other in inclusive and transformative learning communities.”  Two Cambridge University graduate students died while trying to teach creative writing to their murderous pets.  Very transformative.  The most hilarious death was that of Jack Merritt, whose masters’ thesis in criminology was titled “A Critical Analysis of the Over-Representation of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Males Aged 18-21 in the British Prison System”.  ‘Asian’ is British Newspeak for Pakistani.  The point of Merritt’s thesis was that minority over-representation in prison was due to systemic racism and therefore nonwhite prisoners should be released.

Jack’s father David has been virtue signaling on Twitter about what a good little cuck his son was, how terrorists should still be eligible for early release, what we really need is more rehabilitative creative writing programs, and Boris Johnson is bad.  This sniveling worm wins a Darwin Award by proxy.  Darryn Frost, the guy who fought off the killer with a narwhal tusk, recently wrote a posthumous (i.e virtue-signaling) letter to killer saying that he was a pawn, and this is all Orange Man’s fault.  Frost does propaganda for the Ministry of Justice.  It’s a shame he didn’t die too.

Maybe Britain should ban narwhal tusks.


Meanwhile, yet another Pakistani gang was pimping out young white girls and the cops covered it up because they didn’t want to appear racist.  They were told to investigate white people on tenuous charges to make up for the fact that Muslims make up 84% of those charged with pimping out minors.  That’s charges.  The real numbers are surely higher due to political correctness.  It’s going to take a lot of white people to balance out the Muslims.  It should be easy to find white pedophiles by looking at the police, city councils, Child Protective Services, Parliament, and the Royal Family.  Of course none of these people will ever be arrested.  The police would rather arrest those who report on the grooming gangs.

Britain police diversity awards

Can someone please just nuke London already?

[UPDATE: (((Boris Johnson))) is bad because he campaigned on reducing mass immigration, and now that he’s Prime Minister he has says what Britain really needs is more Africans.]


The Democrats continue to shoot themselves in the foot. Nancy Pelosi gives the impression that she never wanted the impeachment farce but she was railroaded into it by extremists in her own party. She tried to avoid sending the official paperwork to the Senate. That didn’t work. Now witnesses could be called with testimony which is damaging to Joe Biden, and Senators Sanders and Warren are stuck in impeachment hearings for over a month, right at the beginning of primary season.

Pocahontas’s prospects are fading so she has accused Bernie of sexism.  CNN is spreading Fake News in support of this smear.  Bernie is a loser whose only saving grace is that he’s the best accelerationist candidate in the running, but I think he has a slim chance of beating Trump, whereas the other Democrats have no chance IMHO.  Once again, establishment Democrats are tearing down Bernie to put up a corrupt, senile, globalist pedophile as their candidate.  If they get Biden, their tears will be delicious.  Again.

democratic primary prediction market

Over the past month, Bernie’s chances have risen 5% (mainly at the expense of Buttigieg) while Biden has remained steady. I’ll trust prediction markets more than polls.

Project Veritas caught one [UPDATE: TWO] of Bernie’s campaign staffers ranting about how leftists need to burn down cities and throw Trump supporters in gulags.  I don’t hold this against Bernie [UPDATE 2: Now I do.  A bunch more ANTIFA types have been found in his campaign].  These jokers are representative of the regressive left.  There is no reasoning with such people.  The most realistic way to deal with an infestation of such insane clowns is to buy guns, accelerate the collapse, quarantine the cities, and encourage the left to eat itself.  Give them exactly what they want.  Give them what they deserve. Don’t let them escape from the hellholes they will create, and be sure to send mop-up crews later, so that we can have defensible borders after the boogaloo.

In other schadenfreude-related news, Blacks have been attacking Orthodox Jews in New York City.  The proximate cause is Mayor DeBlasio eliminating bail for assaults, but this fight has been brewing since the 1960s.  Black-Jewish relations have slowly deteriorated in NY due to decades of Jewish real estate scams, slumlording, payday loans, general arrogance, and fewer white targets for the Jews’ favorite biological weapon.  I am working on a longer post about this.


The stage is set for a gun battle in Virginia.  Democrats have recently taken over the state government (thanks to mass immigration and huge donations from Michael Bloomberg) and they are exercising their power by ramming through dozens of blatantly unconstitutional gun laws plus measures that will make it easier for Democrats to game future elections.  Most counties have declared themselves “second amendment sanctuaries” where the laws will not be enforced.  West Virginia has offered to take in any such county that decides to secede from Virginia.

There will be a big protest on Monday.  The media is preparing the narrative.  Several white nationalists, including a Canadian soldier on the lam, have been arrested. Governor Northam has declared a state of emergency and threatened to call in the National Guard.  There was an advertisement for crisis actors in Virginia- a sign of an imminent false flag.  ANTIFA operatives are in place.  It looks like they are colluding with the establishment to turn this thing into Charlottesville on steroids.  Both sides know it’s a trap and neither side cares.  This will get interesting.  Godspeed to anyone going.  Record everything on high resolution digital cameras and team up with friends to hide the video on multiple chips.  Phones will be jammed and tracked. Make sure the truth gets out.  The left seems willing to risk a civil war just to get rid of Orange Man.

Virginia guns

This jackass thinks he’s the only one who can play this game because It’s The Law.

In a civil war, the side that doesn’t shoot first usually gains the advantage of starting on the perceived moral high ground, but when both sides become belligerent enough, the trigger doesn’t matter.  We don’t know or care who fired the first shots of the first Revolutionary War.  The decades of overbearing government were justification enough, even though by modern standards, the pre-revolutionary colonies were tradcon utopia.

Here’s what I think will happen:  People will die, hundreds will be arrested, the media will cry crocodile tears over all the gun-toting deplorables, faceless state troopers will slowly pick off people one by one with arrests and gun confiscations, and other states will try to use Virginia as a model.  There are already five red flag confiscations per day in Florida and nothing has happened. Trump will make a few tweets but will otherwise do nothing because he wants states to “Take the guns first, go through due process second“.  There will be escalating shootings and civil disturbances running up through the election, all blamed on Trump and his supporters, and the real perpetrators will not be brought to justice.

The legal system is worse than useless.  Protests are useless.  Voting will soon be useless due to mass immigration.  Fighting isn’t useless but it’s likely to backfire as long as people are comfortable and/or brainwashed.  Look at the shrieking millenial NPCs.  Look at the glassy cow-like stare of the average boomer or welfare recipient.   They are putty in the hands of the establishment.  Plus, history shows that most police will enforce any injustice as long as they think they will get their pensions and there will be no personal risk.  This is why the best option is to accelerate the collapse.  If it happens soon, we will win.

civil war scorecard

Here’s the video source of this graphic. Definitely worth a watch. I would have given the Blue Team an advantage with cops, and big advantages in the unlisted categories of organization, psychopathy, and weaponization of the legal system. I think sabotage and chaos will be important enough to be worth three categories and there, we will have a big advantage. The Blue Team should be careful what it wishes for.

[UPDATE: The FBI is using eminent domain to seize night vision tubes from suppliers.  They obviously expect something big is coming and there will be a run on night vision goggles.  The military is doing an exercise which involves jamming GPS signals over half the South.  No jamming scheduled for the 20th but that could change.

I am guessing 30+ bodies should be enough to start the boogaloo and demonstrate the true purpose of the 2nd Amendment:  to enable resistance to tyranny!

…And nothing happened.  Nothing ever happens.  It was a propaganda victory for us in the eyes of the normies but at what cost?  Now the establishment can go back to picking us off one by one. The red flag law moves forward.] 

3 thoughts on “Live by the honk, die by the honk

  1. “There are already five red flag confiscations per day in Florida and nothing has happened.”

    In Maryland, the cops showed up to confiscate a man’s gun and ended up killing him because he was armed in his own home, and they said that that justified the red flag laws in Maryland. The cops will do anything they are told to do. Thus, sorry to say, they are part of the problem.

    I like your comments on the relations between the blacks and the Jews in Jew York City. The Jews have been exploiting and abusing the blacks for a long time.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah. Jews have been abusing blacks for a LONG time. They were heavily involved in the slave trade. They used media and education to scapegoat 100% of it on us and they used blacks to agitate for reparations (which would be skimmed by Jews). EVIL.

      BTW, remember Eric Garner, the black man who the NYPD choked to death for selling individual cigarettes on the street corner?

      Shortly after the cops were acquitted, another black man, Ismaaiyl Brinsley, shot his girlfriend and then decided that since his life was basically over he might as well give it to his people. He drove from Georgia and shot two random NYPD officers. NYPD publicly blamed Bill DeBlasio for being soft on crime, rather than admit that two random officers were dead because other officers had callously killed a man for something that shouldn’t even be illegal. The NYPD then decided that it wasn’t worth risking their lives to enforce the Jews’ little rackets. They rolled back some longstanding policies of petty harassment and revenue shakedowns.

      One man with nothing to lose. Two dead cops, i.e. ~4% of the average annual body count of cops killed by criminals. Gangtsta cop policies died as quickly as a golden retriever in a wrong-address weed raid. And the entire city could breathe again.

      There is a lesson in here somewhere, but I can’t quite say what it is.

      P.S. I’m not suggesting that whites start shooting random cops. I think it would be better to go to a rural shooting range and try to redpill the local sheriff. No Jew pill though. Call them communists, globalists, satanists, Nephilim-bloodline crime families, etc. Know your audience. Stay paranoid. Go slowly. If you let a cop OD on your pills, you’ll regret it.

      P.P.S. Most city cops are no better than mercenaries. NYPD still serves the establishment even though they lost people in the obvious false flag of 9/11 and cops who saw Anthony Weiner’s blackmail files are being suicided. Since they won’t even protect themselves against the worst criminals, we can be sure they will never protect us.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah, the whole damn system is rotten to the core and cannot be reformed. The cops are now using military tactics and weapons to evict the homeless from their encampments in various cities. It sucks.

        Liked by 1 person

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