School sucks

In the comments following the last post, I found myself writing down the redpills that I found to be the most educational.  The comment is worth a post in itself.  Here it is:

For curious surfers, here’s my list of Dank Pills, in approximate order in which I took them. These pills can lead to Philip K. Dick reality shifts, or vast rabbit warrens full of other pills. I didn’t realize how many there were until I tried to write them down.

1 9/11. Not that dank but it popped my cherry. Nukes added later.
2 Edward Abbey, desert wanderings, vagabonding
3 LSD (Dank at first, but turned into a suppository pill- STAY AWAY)
4 Crash of ’08, bailouts and how the banking system really works*
5 Pedophilia blackmail rings*
6 Satanic ritual abuse, split personality mind control, Illuminati, etc.
7 Archons, egregores, hive minds, synchronicity
8 Why the ‘Jews’ are so liberal
9 Running a house full of druggies (suppository pill)
10 Hypergamy, weaponized toxic femininity, and inevitable collapse
11 Barbarian invasion of Europe and the pathetic response to it
12 the Chans, meme magic is real, accelerationism
13 Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory (work in progress)
14 Qanon, Orange Man Bad, mind controlled zombies everywhere*
15 ‘Rofschild’ disclosure*
16 The Holographic Universe, multiverse, E8 lattice, God’s substrate
17 Atlantis, giants, elongated skulls, ancient technology

My Dank Pill grok rate is approximately one per year. This rate has not tapered off. If anything, it has increased slightly. This means that a very large number of pills are still waiting out there. Scary. My Cthulhu Mythos skill rating probably hasn’t reached double digits but the corresponding loss of sanity points has been screwing up my life for years.

The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its content
. – H.P. Lovecraft

* These pills are discussed in depth in at least one article on this site.


It just hit me. My formal education is conspicuous by its absence.  I have a Ph.D. from a great school.  The subject was fascinating, my colleagues were some of the best people I have met, my advisor was a celebrity and a great man, and it was a good time in my life.  But overall, it was a waste of time.  My thesis was never published, for reasons that are pointless to get into here.  It sits gathering dust in the stacks.  This post will have more readers in its first hour than my thesis will have until the end of time.  At least I got a ticket to a nice job where I never used anything beyond my 2nd year of undergraduate schooling.  The rest of it didn’t matter at all.

I helped my employer bring in millions of dollars’ worth of contracts.  I was valuable enough to survive a layoff after the crash of ’08.  I worked four years before pill #6 woke me up, screaming, in a cubicle full of pink goo.

Neo waking up

I lost all motivation after that.  Knowing I was a battery for diabolical people.  Not my employers- they were great.  The company was great.  But they were part of the fake reality that I had to escape from.  The corporate world was dead to me.  It took them a year and a half to figure out that I had mentally quit my job.  I ate out of dumpsters for a year after that. I didn’t care. I just wanted to watch the world burn.  I figured it would happen any day.

The years dragged on. Things got worse. Obama trampled the Constitution. He killed Andrew Breitbart. He supplied ISIS. Tranny bathrooms became America’s most pressing issue. Opioids were everywhere. All of Western Europe joined a suicide cult. I got old. I realized that women were not maturing with age, they were getting worse, and I would rather stick my dick in a dumpster fire than deal with most of them. My last reason to even pretend to care about social status or nice things was gone. Even if I could get a real job after so many years out of the loop, what would be the point? To pay for the destruction of my people, so that satanists will have an easier time ruling the world? It would be better to scrape by on part time menial work and spend my ample free time undermining the collective consent which they try so hard to manufacture.


I wasted DECADES. I shouldn’t have even gone to school.  I should have been a plumber.  Those guys must be able to write their own ticket, because people keep asking if I know a good plumber.  It’s a job that can’t be robotized, globalized, outsourced, or AI’d.  Get a trades job like that. A couple years for an apprenticeship, a couple years establishing your own business, then marry a farm girl before she gets corrupted and have a big family.  Grow your own food.  Prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse.  That would be the life.  Don’t follow in my footsteps.

Professorships and R&D are the only jobs that should require an advanced degree.  Most other employers who want one just want an excuse to hire an H1b with a fake degree, or they want to know you are smarter than sawdust and you can sit in a cubicle and hash over minutiae of your TPS reports without chimping out.  It shouldn’t take ~7 years to prove this.  Credentalism has got to be a conspiracy to stop smart people from having kids.  It’s especially effective against white women. I guarantee, every white woman with a masters in psychology is going to look down though her nose at the “dumb redneck” HVAC guy. She will outplay herself without even knowing it until it’s too late.

The only undergraduate degrees that might be worth getting are STEM degrees in  employer-friendly, no-nonsense fields such as biochemistry, geology, statistics, and materials science.  Engineering and computer science are flooded with H1b’s. [UPDATE:  Chemistry and Biology have far more graduates than demand, and computer science isn’t as flooded as I thought.] Try to get humanities requirements out of the way at a community college and then transfer to a state school.  Most humanities courses are worse than useless these days so there is no sense paying for them.


It’s best to spend as little time as possible at university.  They are glorified daycare centers. They are cesspools of degeneracy and indoctrination. Humanities majors come out dumber than when they entered, but they have $100,000 of debt and marginal work prospects.  It would be better to have four years of work experience, savings instead of debt, and less brain rot.   If you’re going to rot your brain at least do it with psychedelics.  They are a cheap education.  You can be a backpacking bum at the same time- that is also cheaper than university, more educational, and you won’t lose years of effort due to a PC witch hunt.

Loans don’t make college affordable.  That’s a Big Lie.  They made it expensive.  Student loans are the reason why half the university budget is for the Assistant Vice Provost to the Adjunct Dean of Tranny Bathrooms.  The administration gets away with splurging on themselves because dumb 18 year olds think they can get Victim Studies degrees and become Commissars after they graduate.  Most will spend a decade working at StarCucks with no money to spare.  They can’t declare bankruptcy because the loans are non-dischargeable.

I remember reading a thread where a business owner said he capped his ambitions at 49 employees due to multiple regulatory reasons.  One of the reasons is that he gets to discriminate against PC retards.  He said he ran all resumés through a filter.  He kept an ever-growing list of words that would send resumés straight to the circular file. It was all PC buzzwords, PC majors and universities that had gone Full Retard. On this day he added Mizzou to the list. Who can blame him? Snowflakes are a lawsuit risk. They know nothing about how the world really works. They think the world runs on tantrums.

To show how deep the rot goes- here’s a sampling of facts which, if admitted, would require entire fields of study to be rewritten:

History: Most major conflicts and social movements have been manufactured by a cabal of elite occultists who are trying to bring about the worldwide financial dictatorship described in the Book of Revelation.  Most academic historians can’t see the forest because of the trees.  Also, diversity isn’t strength. Diversity is war.

Political science: Communism sucks. It will always suck. It has by far the highest body count of any ideology. Most of its citizens live in misery and abject poverty, while a tiny elite gets to do whatever it wants. Communism isn’t for the little people, it’s for the elite. Democratic Socialism sucks because it inevitably turns into Communism, zombie apocalypse or political Islam (which also sucks).  America hasn’t been a free country since the bankers took over in 1913.


Is this Venezuela or San Francisco?  At this point, what difference does it make?  Coming soon to a progressive utopia near you!

Economics: Keynesian economics is a false religion designed to fund big government and generally transfer wealth from the people to the elites. It’s socialism for the rich.  Austrian economics is the heretical truth. Gold, silver, and some privacy-oriented cryptocurrencies are the only real forms of money.  Everything else is counterfeit. The entire financial system is a giant Ponzi scheme which is doomed to collapse.

Journalism: Journalists are all-purpose carney barkers for the ruling class. The talking heads get their talking points from the CIA each morning at 4am. Their job is to promote bad people and policies, and demonize good people and policies. Hillary Good. Orange Man Bad. When that fails they say “look, squirrel!”  They lie every time they open their mouths. Basement-dwelling autists can run circles around them.

Business: It’s all globalism, stupid management fads, how to run up debt to squeeze out an extra 1% profit margin from “synergy”.  The more useful lessons would be how to be a complete sociopath, how to blackmail politicians into regulating your competitors out of business, and how to stop HR from running your company into the ground.

Sociology: Race is more than a social construct. The races experienced thousands of years of selection for different traits. They have behavioral tendencies which reflect their past selection. This doesn’t mean any one individual is automatically better than any other.  It doesn’t mean we should oppress anyone. It does mean we shouldn’t let in millions of people from countries with a history of failure. Welfare and special legal coddling will only make things worse.

Gender studies: There are only two natural genders and they are different due to millions of years of natural selection. The recent genderbending is due to hormone-mimicking chemicals in food. Gender dysphoria is real, but transgenderism isn’t rainbows and butterflies. 40% of M to F’s will kill themselves. F to M is easier but they will be shocked to find that male privilege is a myth.  Larry has pointed to an article by Camille Paglia about the perils of ignoring biology. She pops up on my radar occasionally and I always appreciate her rare intellectual honesty.

Womens’ studies: White women aren’t oppressed.  They are spoiled children.  That’s why they think everything is oppression. The wage gap is a myth. Single moms are cancer.  They breed with scumbags, then marry the government and use it to cuck decent men.  Responsibility is an alien concept to them.  Their children will be losers.  Women will drag a great civilization into the gutter if you let them do whatever they want for a few generations.  They are natural born nation wreckers.  They are easy to manipulate.  Giving them the vote was an evil genius move by the puppetmasters, as was breaking the family’s ‘unionization’ against Big Business. Having a career is more stressful and ultimately less fulfilling than being a housewife, and it also reduces the pool of eligible men, both individually and collectively.

Womens education

Psychology: Carl Jung had a lot of great insights: Collective unconscious, archetypes, autonomous complexes, synchronicity, etc. There are also interesting experiments in parapsychology by people like Darryl Bem and the CIA.  We are part of something greater than ourselves. Psychology sweeps this under the rug.  There is more money to be made by toadying up to advertisers, pharmaceutical quacks, transhumanists and government control freaks.

Art: Most modern art isn’t sophisticated. It’s ugly garbage. It is designed to promote stupidity, ugliness, and subversion. It’s only expensive because it’s used for money laundering and inflation protection.

Archaeology: There was a worldwide advanced civilization at the end of the last ice age. It was destroyed by a comet and subsequent flooding. Refugees from this civilization influenced the cultures and religious beliefs of the hunter-gatherers who developed into us. The elite cover this up because they don’t want us to realize that they are descended from this empire and they are trying to re-establish it, while turning us into dumb cattle. They are quietly looting time capsules under the Sphinx and inside the Great Pyramid.

Paleontology: They paid more attention to a single Denisovan pinky bone than they did to hundreds of giant skeletons and thousands of human skeletons which didn’t fit the narrative. Those skeletons were either destroyed or they got the Indiana Jones Ark of the Covenant treatment.

Medicine: Modern medicine is designed to keep people sick, because that’s where the money is.  Most pharmaceuticals have serious long-term side effects.  Treating these side effects with other pharmaceuticals is a spiraling road to Hell. Vaccines are giving people auto-immune disorders, severe food allergies, and autism. Giving opioids to terminally ill people is compassionate.

Education: No Child Left Behind dumbs everyone down to the lowest common denominator.  Standardized tests prevent real learning.  A teacher’s job is to crush childrens’ natural curiosity and turn them into NPCs.  Girls are groomed to be clerks, HR Harridans, career grrrrls or single moms. Boys are groomed for labor or soul sucking office jobs.  Boys who have too much Tarzan in them are turned into Ritalin zombies.  Boys who have too much Tesla in them are sent into the GATE program for psychometric testing and brainwashing.  If the brainwashing sticks, they will be destined for the technocracy.  If they resist the brainwashing, they will find their lives derailed at every turn.  The Rockefellers talked about this kind of stuff over 100 years ago.  Charlotte Iserbyt talked about it 20 years ago.  /pol/ talks about it now.

Rockefeller education meme


Law: A quick way to lose any court case is to talk about Natural Rights, God-Given Rights, and what the Constitution actually says.  George W. Bush said the Constitution is just a goddamn piece of paper.  That’s the smartest thing he ever said. Almost everything the government does is unconstitutional and nobody cares.  The law is a tool of oppression bought by the worst criminals.  Even good laws can be twisted by judges to punish goodness and reward evil. This creates “precedents”, which are laws so bad they couldn’t even pass a legislature.  The law is a psyop.  It’s a psyop against cops, to make them think they are heroes.  It’s a psyop against the people, to make them think paying taxes isn’t a crime against humanity.   The only legal restraints on the Establishment are (1) Whenever they ignore the law or commit evil while pretending to do good, Journalists must perform rituals of zombification, and (2) Sociologists and teachers must slowly dumb down the populace enough for the zombification to stick.  Failure to adhere to these protocols may result in Law of the Jungle, i.e. a challenge to the Establishment’s legal monopolies on murder and robbery.  This would be bad for business.

Here are some fields that are less subverted but still have serious problems:

Philosophy: The least subverted of the humanities. The most likely department to lead a charge against the zombie hordes.  You might actually learn something from them. But Philosophy suffers from a severe compulsion to crawl up its own butt. Also no jobs.

Astronomy: They get it mostly right: The Earth is 4.6 billion years old, it’s round, we did go to the moon, Immanuel Velakovsky was a crackpot, etc. Academic astronomers channel Aliens Guy often enough that if they had solid proof, they wouldn’t keep it secret. NASA and the military are doing the coverup. The problems with Astronomy are that there are no jobs, and they have to spend most of their time chasing after government grants / telescope time. Get into data analysis as a backup plan.

Math:  Math is the hardest of the sciences. It’s highly esoteric and 0% subverted. The problem is that if you hang around the math department for more than a few years, you will stumble into one of many deep holes. Your job will be to dig deeper using a teaspoon. If you have a friend in the hole, consider yourself lucky. You can avoid this fate with applied math, which will get you a job in the real world.

E8 lattice

Here’s a Dank Pill: Matter, energy, space, time, separation, and death do not exist. They are illusions generated by the interconnections within an eternal mathematical structure projected by the E8 Lattice. Everything we experience is a projection of our own fragment of consciousness within this structure. Consciousness is fractal, extending up to the entire multiverse.   The highest-level consciousness (8th density) is an emergent mind called God.  Check out the links, then smoke DMT and stare at this God’s eye.   It will all make perfect sense.

Physics: Almost as esoteric as math, and very specialized. If you’re a lucky, you might discover something interesting and get sucked into a classified black hole. The main problem with physics is that the theorists have gotten so far ahead of the experimentalists that most of the theory work is wasted. All of string theory might turn out to be wrong. To advance the field of physics, focus on the experimental side. Pick up marketable skills from doing simulations, computer interfacing, and data analysis.

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