Two months of Fake News

Smollett drugs

Update: Jussie Smollett has been fired.  He has been arrested and released on $100,000 bond.  He’s preparing an insanity defense.  He must have been out of his mind.  He paid his attackers with a check.

The Mockingbird Media is worse than it has ever been.  It’s worse than in the fall of 2016.  It’s worse than in the lead-up to the Iraq War.  Those were focused propaganda campaigns.  Now it’s just shameless sloppy lies all over the place.  The lies of omission are just as bad.  Any one of these stories could be worth a post of its own but I have to catch up with this crazy news cycle.  Here it goes:

CNN had to retract the Journalist of the Year Award which it gave to Claas Relotius.  He wrote 14 fake articles, including a few about evil racist Trump voters.

In January, Buzzfeed (which first published the fake Trump dossier) claimed Trump told Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about a Moscow hotel deal. The entire Fake News Media jumped on the story without checking basic facts.  Robert Mueller had to publicly state that the story was not true.  The TV networks retracted it.  BuzzFeed didn’t.  Advertisers left.  BuzzFeed had to lay off a bunch of employees who then turned around and sued, because most of them were useless millennials with degrees in PC victimology.   Never hire such people.  They will screw you twice.  Trolls triggered them with “learn to code” memes.

Michael Cohen is now in the hotseat again for being a tax cheat and a lying conman.  Mueller could send him away for a long time, but Trump is the one he really wants.  So Mueller is tightening the screws.  He offers Cohen immunity for lying to Congress, including immunity from future prosecution!  Cohen squeals louder and louder.  Attorney-client privilege only works for Deep State toadies.  Cohen blames everything on Trump, because he could have gotten away with everything if he had not been close to Trump. Really he’s just spewing.  He says Trump didn’t want to win, but he colluded with Russia to win.  Cohen doesn’t have anything on Trump beyond tropes about Russia, the Moscow hotel (sort of), racism, Wikileaks and Stormy Daniels.  The Russia meeting was a setup by Hillary and the Deep State so they could manufacture fake evidence for their FISA warrant.  The Stormy Daniels story can’t bring down Trump even if it’s true (let’s see what happens if they try to impeach him for paying her with his own money), but the alternative media has long suspected that Don Jr. is the one who actually had the affair with her.  You won’t hear any of this from the mainstream media.

You certainly won’t hear that the Senate intelligence committee report stated there was no collusion. You won’t hear that the real colluders are Democrats.  You won’t hear that Mueller has nothing so now all hopes are shifting to Cohen and Adam Schiff.  Schiff is a CIA tool, leaker, and traitor with disturbing ties to Standard Hotels and the deaths of those who know what happened there.  The media won’t talk about any of this.  They’re still going with TRUMP RUSSIA TRUMP RUSSIA TRUMP RUSSIA.

Screenshot (345)

Qanon has been on fire recently.  The establishment’s response has been hit pieces and a purge of social media accounts.  A Facebook insider has leaked Facebook’s methods of censoring conservatives and influencing elections.  Facebook has 7500 snowflake moderators who have sex and smoke weed at work to fend off PTSD from gore, conspiracy redpills and dank Pepe memes.  We’re winning.  The technocrats are trying to juggle beachballs underwater.

There is now a browser plugin to shield sensitive minds from accidental exposure to Fake News.  It considers CNN to be Real News.

CNN tried to cover up Virginia governor Ralph Northam’s infanticide comments.  When that didn’t work, they tried to pretend he’s a Republican.  Someone released his blackmail material:  A yearbook photo of him in blackface with someone dressed as a Klansman.  The scandal has since spread to Justin Fairfax (for sexual assault), Mike Herring (for blackface), the editor of USA Today (for blackface), and Tommy Norment (racism by association, and he’s a Republican).  The media treated these people very differently than they treated Brett Kavanaugh or Hillary Clinton (who was mentored by Klansman Robert C. Byrd).

The Senate failed to pass a bill banning post-birth abortions. Presidential candidates Kamala Harris, Corey Booker, Elizabeth Warren, Kirsten Gillibrand and Bernie Sanders voted against the bill. Lefty news outlets flipped the script with variants of “Mean old white men failed to take away abortion rights”. The left always does this. It’s never about their own insanity. It’s about us being deplorable people for opposing it.

The media tried to pretend that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez never intended to pay people who are unwilling to work.  Twitter gave her thousands of fake likes to get the zombie herd to support her.

There were stories claiming that Trump screwed the middle class with a tax cut that turned out to be a tax increase.  The truth is that Trump’s tax deal reduced income taxes for everyone, but put a $10,000 cap on deductions of state and local taxes and cut some other deductions such as mortgage interest and alimony.  Most of the people with a tax increase either live off capital gains, or earn a high salary in a liberal state, or have a huge mortgage, or live in an expensive house in a liberal town.  In other words, the complainers are mostly well-off virtue signalers who don’t like to pay for the consequences of their virtue signaling. Such people deserve to be screwed.

Old news resurfaced:  It turns out the Syria gas attack footage was fake.  This is not a surprise, because the attack was a false flag, as discussed previously.

EA Games is crashing, again, because nobody wants to buy a game about strong independent crippled womyn battling the Nazis.  The developers (Swedes, it figures) are congratulating themselves for wrecking a once-great company for the sake of PC revisionism. Similar things are happening elsewhere in the nerd-o-verse.  Disney has thoroughly ruined Star Wars, and Marvel is ruining some of its comics.  Good.  Stuff like this spawns trolls.

The Gilets Jaunes protests are still drawing huge crowds after four months. Hundreds were wounded, and a few were killed. There is no media coverage.

Everyone jumped on the Jussie Smollett hoax. Now they are making excuses for Smollett because the whole thing makes them look terrible and it might affect the candidacies of Kamala Harris and Corey Booker.  It was a false flag to pass a social justice Patriot Act. This is just the latest of 616 documented fake hate crimes.  1/3 of them are from the past three years, i.e. the era of Trump Derangement Syndrome.  I suspect hoaxes are a small fraction of hate crimes but it’s hard to put a number on this.  It’s like asking what percentage of UFO sightings are hoaxes.  The answer will depend on real UFO activity, how thorough the investigations are, how much swamp gas is floating around, and how many overeager UFO watchers there are.  For example, prison fights and “It’s Okay to be White” posters inflate the statistics.  We might see more fake hate crimes exposed now that there is an awareness of them.  This transgender activist might have burned his house and five pets.

A much bigger problem is that the left gets to commit real hate crimes and twist them around with impunity.  The most disturbing fake news story of the last two months was the Covington incident. There’s a whole lot of nastiness here.


Is Nicholas Sandmann this generation’s Rosa Parks?

A group of white high school kids were harassed at the National Right to Life Rally.  First, a bunch of Black Hebrew Israelites called them faggots and incest kids.  This particular group (House of Israel) is so racist that the notoriously anti-white SPLC considers them to be a hate group.  The media called them upstanding Bible believers.

Native American commie activist (1:46:00) and fake Vietnam Vet Nathan Phillips went and banged his drum in Nicholas Sandmann’s face… and Sandmann didn’t back down.  He didn’t even avert his eyes from his melanin-enriched superiors.  He only smiled.  This became the Smirkocaust.  Someone used a shill farm to pump up the SJW outrage machine on Twitter.  The shills deliberately left out everything but the smirk.  It was the Worst Hate Crime Ever.  The cuckservative National Review compared it to spitting on the cross.  The Smirkocaust was worse than four blacks kidnapping and torturing a retarded white kid because of Trump.

If this was just another case of leftists being racist bullies with egos as vast as they are fragile, and a legally enforced monopoly on smugness, it would barely be news these days.  The big news is the aftermath. AFTER the full video came out, it was obvious that Sandmann’s only crime was standing his ground. But the media didn’t retract the story.  The Twitterati didn’t change their tweets.  The feeding frenzy continued. The Washington Post, CNN, the New York Times and Buzzfeed were major instigators.

Sarah Beatty said “I will blow whoever manages to punch that MAGA kid in the face”.

Disney producer Jack Morrisey tweeted about putting the MAGA kids into a woodchipper.

Jack Morrisey MAGA kids meme

This guy is brainwashing your kids for the Magic Kingdom.

An LA DJ called for the Covington Catholic High School to be burned down with kids locked inside. Twitter said he didn’t violate the rules.

There were bomb threats and a suspicious package at the school.

The media tried to rope them into the blackface scandal with a photo of kids wearing jester paint at a blackout game in 2011. This isn’t racist. But feelings trump facts.

The school rolled over.  The diocese rolled over.  They talked about having the whole class expelled, college admissions revoked, careers destroyed.  They only backed off after an independent investigation confirmed that the MAGA kids did nothing wrong.

Reporter Dan Levin announced he’s working on an exposé of Christian schools for his muckraking tabloid, the New York Times.

Democrat John Yarmuth tried to ban teens from wearing MAGA hats.  Elizabeth Warren scored cheap virtue sniveling lies in support of her fellow Native American.

Nathan Phillips and his commie friends tried to disrupt a Mass at DC’s National Shrine.  They said the the land is theirs so they can go in and bang their drums if they want to. Very disrespectful.

“We’re still gonna come on this property, it’s all our ours anyway. We came, said our part. You know, because what them boys did, you know, Trump supporters, and you know, being disrespectful. We didn’t bother them. They came over and bothered us, saying stuff, being disrespectful. You know what, we’re still here. We’ll be back.”

All of this was AFTER the whole story was proven to be a lie.  Everyone involved in the witch hunt still has a blue checkmark from Twitter.  The MSM stories have still not been retracted.

Sandmann has sued the Washington Post for $250 million.  50 celebrities, professional victims, and political opportunists are included in the lawsuit.  In a sane world, a fat settlement would be guaranteed.  We don’t live in a sane world.  The Washington Post and many judges are controlled by the CIA.

The incident itself was a setup to push a wider agenda. National March for Life is a regularly scheduled event known to attract a very white / conservative crowd. Someone scheduled the indigenous peoples’ march and the HoI protest to collide with National March for Life. Someone had the shills ready to go.  Maybe it’s an attempt to keep Amy Coney Barrett off the Supreme Court. Maybe George Soros is opening a new front in his race war. Maybe Obama’s bureaucratic moles want to stuff Catholic schools with bussed-in Muslims. 99% white Catholic schools are an affront to Diversity.  They must be destroyed.

Speaking of which, here’s a pic from the Women’s March one day later.  The leaders caused some controversy by toadying up to Louis Farrakhan, the Nation of Islam leader and noted antisemite.  White Genocide is fine though. In fact, one of the California marches was cancelled for being “too white”.

Womens march white genocide

Now listen up, all you brainwashed minions. I know economics and history were never your strong subjects, but there are things you need to understand.

Smollett, Covington, and even Charlottesville are what happens when the demand for racism exceeds the supply. Counterfeits pop up. If the imbalance persists, the supply of the REAL product will rise to meet the demand. Also, words are like money. For money to have value, it must be rare. Printing money to fund your social engineering will lead to hyperinflation. Likewise, if you print ‘racist’ frivolously, the value of the word will decline towards zero.

Understand that legal justice works best when it resembles “You took something from me by violence or fraud and I can prove it, therefore you owe me”.  Social Justice means “A long time ago, someone who looks like you took something from someone who looks like me, therefore you and all those who look like you owe me a living.  You must also bow and scrape before me, or I will ruin your life.”  That’s not justice, that’s tyranny.  And your idea of equality is equally tyrannical.  The best kind of equality we can hope for is some semblance of equality under the law.  Equality of outcome is impossible.  People have different abilities, therefore achieving equal outcomes is impossible without a totalitarian dictatorship, but that implies an all-powerful ruling class.  Your string-pullers know this.  A totalitarian dictatorship is their ultimate goal.

Some of you snowflakes think you will be Commissars because you have degrees in victimology, but someone has to be the body in the ditch and Communist history says YOU will be that body.  Maybe Muslims will kill you.  They are not your friends.  They are just pretending to be your friends until they have enough numbers and political power to toss you disgusting freaks off a building. Even if you escape execution you won’t escape starvation, gangs and tribal warfare. You are guaranteed to lose.

Understand that most of us on the right never genocided, enslaved, or plundered anyone. YOU are bigger oppressors than we are, both as individuals and as groups, past and present.  Your team killed ~6x more people than our team did.  This is a conservative estimate. The starvation numbers are low due to commies in academia.  I didn’t count abortion against your team. I threw in the Neocon mad bombers as our guys even though they’re not. I took the Nazis’ body count entirely against us even though it’s exaggerated here, and they were a rebellious faction of the Cabal.

The vast majority of conservatives leave you alone. We leave you alone because we tend to see you as individuals who have the right to be left alone.  The only thing we expect of you is that you leave other people alone.  But this is impossible for you.  You are nitwit micromanagers.  You are insufferable parasites.  You abuse the system in uncountable ways.  You are nation wreckers.  You are always pushing a scam. You expect our lives to revolve around your whims.  You demand that we treat you like a sacred cow while you trample everything we have built.  You do not respect any of our rights. You don’t even respect our right to exist. Therefore, we have the collective right to defend ourselves against you.

White identity politics is self-defense at this point. You pushed us into a corner with your own poisonous identity politics.  We have shown great restraint thus far.  You see our forbearance as a weakness, and maybe it is, but remember this:  White people have a long fuse, but we do chimp out.  When we do, we don’t burn the nearest convenience store.  We burn the whole damn continent.

In your sadomasochistic quest for both dominance and victimhood, you will manifest your darkest desires.  Be careful what you wish for.

Have a nice day.

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