The Clinton Foundation is going down

Hillary if that bastard wins

Looks like the noose is finally tightening around the Clinton Foundation.

It’s not a charity.  It’s the Clintons’ personal slush fund / crime syndicate.  Their main business is Pay for Play.  For just a few hundred grand, the Clintons will pimp out the US Taxpayers to you! Other profitable Clinton businesses include child trafficking, political blackmail, embezzling disaster relief funds, arms dealing, drug smuggling, uranium smuggling, warmongering, selling national secrets via a deliberately insecure email server, murder, healthcare scams, and sustainable development scams.  Business partners include ISIS, MS-13, the Rothschilds, Soros, Goldman Sachs, the CIA, the NXIVM sex cult, China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and assorted tin-pot dictators.

Rumor has it the FBI is finally going after the Clinton Foundation. Three external whistleblowers will testify to Congress today about Clinton Foundation corruption. Another whistleblower (Nate Cain) was raided by the FBI. Q says it was to protect him and protect the original documents from being stolen.  Time will tell.  The Clinton Foundation CFO says he “knows where the bodies are buried“. Let’s hope he doesn’t join them in the Clinton cemetary!

I don’t expect the spectacular evil to come out all at once.  It will start with accounting irregularities:  Money laundering and co-mingling of funds, tax evasion, pay for play.   The really juicy stuff like Haiti, the contents of Anthony Weiner’s laptop, and the North Korea / WWIII plot might not be widely known until 2020.  But you can be sure that if any serious action is taken against the Clinton Foundation, many thousands of other people will be under investigation too.  Hillary is like a giant spider sitting at the center of a vast web of corruption and depravity.  She is two degrees of separation from everyone who matters, including all the shadowy secret societies and bloodline families who secretly rule the world.  Two degrees of separation is close enough for the government to get a court order to spy on people.  This shouldn’t be legal but it is.  It will boomerang on the puppetmasters.  Gitmo has had a big expansion recently.

If Hillary ends up in Gitmo, there will be ways to leverage her selfishness and treachery.  If she talks, she could get any food she wants, except for babies. Otherwise she gets what pleb troublemakers get: Soylent Barf Loaf that the guards have pissed in. If she talks, she gets a widescreen TV with CNN gushing about how awesome she is. Otherwise, she gets the Rare Pepe Channel. Her friends know what she would do. This is why all the Dark Powers in America converged to protect her.

Q jail meme

The frame-ups and witch hunts against Trump were all designed to keep the Deep State traitors out of Gitmo. Mueller has nothing about Trump colluding with Russia.  He’s flailing about, throwing unrelated accusations such as Cohen hoarding taxicab medallions, Trump paying off a porn star with his own money, Flynn lying to the FBI even though the interviewing agents say it wasn’t intentional, etc.  I don’t care about any of this. The average person commits three felonies a day.  The FBI can find anything if they know who to look at. The FBI can miss anything if they know who not to look at.  They’re the Bureau of Frame-ups, Coverups and Political Vendettas. Only the deep-pocketed can defend against them.  They need a purge.  If the stories about them finally going after the Clinton Foundation are true, then the purge must already be in effect, and the Clintons should be running scared.

Hillary and Huma Abedin recently cancelled a speaking tour to attend the wedding of Isha Ambani, the 19th richest man in the world.  He’s the beneficiary of a pay for play green energy scam.  The timing is suspicious.  Maybe they want to be out of the country when the whistleblowers testify.  I also hear from friends that Hillary seems to be keeping her options open in New Zealand.  The media down there act like the American media in 2016.  It’s bizarre.  It’s not in New Zealand’s interest to alienate Trump at this time, nor is it in their interest to donate to the Clinton Foundation. Unfortunately, the Cabal has New Zealand wrapped around their little finger.  They’ve been planning to use the South Island as a bugout location.  For more about Hillary, Huma and a possible NZ bugout, check out this post from about a year ago.

Hillary New Zealand

Hillary has a house next to the New Zealand Embassy.  I guarantee she has a tunnel in the basement.  Whenever a lookout spots a cop, Hillary scrambles to her rocket sled and awaits the knock she has feared for two years.

UPDATE:  It’s an Al Capone takedown.  The foundation is run like a family business, not a charity.  They’re working for foreign agents.  These things spoil their tax-exempt status and the tax deductibility of all donations (i.e. bribes) given to them.  And it was bribery, according to the testimony. Pay for play = bribery.

Congress is not amused about the whistleblowers withholding documents. The whistleblowers aren’t insiders- they are bounty hunters who did the work that the FBI and IRS wouldn’t do. They don’t want to turn over documents to Congress that they already gave to the agencies. They don’t want partisan hacks to screw it up or expose witnesses.  This is a very sensible concern when going against the Clintons. Overall it seems there’s more desire to go after the whistleblowers and Trump than there is to go after the Clintons.

The whistleblowers gave a shout-out to the Jesuits who trained them.  The Jesuits are supposedly high up in the NWO. More evidence for civil war within the NWO?  Putting this on the back burner.  The Jesuits founded a lot of educational institutions so it might be a red herring.

Nobody Arkancided yet, but some spammer sent bomb threats everywhere, with a BitCoin ransom.  Pretty sure it’s a false flag news cycle distraction and an attempt to demonize BitCoin. Guaranteed false flag if there are any real bombs.

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